Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:827
What:Hockessin Hash #827
When:July 21, 2010
Where:1117 Kelly Drive, Newark, DE
Hares:Circle Jerk
Do Me On the Beach
What: Hockessin Hash #827
When: Wednesday July 21, 2010 at 6:30pm HST
Where: 1117 Kelly Dr., Newark, DE
Who: Do Me on the Beach and Circle Jerk
Why: it's Wednesday and Do Me's Birthday is on Thursday
D'erections: From I-95, take exit for Rt. 7 North. Go through Stanton staying
on Rt. 7 North (that means turning left). Cross Kirkwood Hwy (Rt. 2). Turn
left on Little Baltimore Rd. (2nd light after intersection with Rt. 72). Go
through one 4-way stopTurn left at next 4-way stop (Doe Run Rd) After 0.7 mi.
turn Right on Yeatman's Mill Rd. Turn Right on Kelly Dr. Proceed to end of
street, park, and hash.
Bunion Butt
Circle Jerk
Cousin It
Dead End
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Fish Lips
Larry the Unstable Guy
Lick It Clean
Lick Stick
Mary Fucking Poppins
Mount Me
Pickle Dick
Poo Fucker
Prom Queen
Sir Jacks A Lot
The Wetter the Better
Tinsel Tits
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
Wet Lay
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
So we had another hash, Wednesday, July the 21st 2010, AD. The slobbering pack met up at the Cul de sack of Kelly Drive in front of the residence of our great Gm, and his partner in crime.
Hashers present before, during and after the hash, included: Weird Al, Dead End, Crib Snatcher, Lick it Clean, Butthead, The Wetter the Better, Asshopper, Gomez, Just Karen, Just Jay, Just Amy, Just Erin, Just Megan, Just Kim, Fish Lips, Lick and Stick, Sir Jacks a Lot, Wish Boner, Woody, Pedalfile, Portaho, Dirty Wet Pussy, SlutMaster, Mary Fucking Poppins, Poo Fucker, Larry the Unstable Guy, Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Cousin It, Mount Me, Pickle Dick, Tinsle Tits, Prom Queen, and many, many others.
Circle Jerk and Do me on the Beach were the hares. The Jerk needed a few extra minutes to finish laying the trail, so we circled up earlier than usual, then went back to drinking, then circled up again, then went on trail.
On! On!
We ran through the driveway and out through the back yard of 1117 Kelly Drive, and out into the woods for a bit.
On! On!
We cross a small creek and then go out onto some black top and then up and down a lot of hills for a while.
On! On!
We see a check. True trail ends up going past another sign that said "No Trespassing"
We encounter a double arrow, that pointed in apparently the wrong direction, or we were wrong to keep running in this direction for as long as we did.
On! On!
We run through a neighborhood for a bit, than cross over a historical bridge that was built in 1907 or something, then through a farm and into the woods.
On! On!
Trail goes to the great white clay creek, and we march straight down the middle of it. Woody disappears for the better part of an hour trying to find a way around. We come across Circle Jerk, who goes from haring to sweeping.
On! On!
Trail goes out onto a road then up a steep, steep hill, and we find the Beer Near. Beer near, well, beer actually set in a patch of poison Ivy. Ah, what keeps the hash so interesting is all the danger. We enjoy some cold brews out of a mini-keg and also some lemonade as we hang out on the hill for a bit.
On! On!
Trail goes all the way up the hill, then down the hill, then around in the woods in White Clay Creek State Park and down a path for a long, long while. The FRB's actually start to get winded from this thing.
On! On!
We cross the great creek again and go up and down trails and hills until we come out to the end of the road and find Dead End with Circle Jerks truck offering rides to anybody who didn't have the stamina, or did have the common sense not to hoof it back a mile and a half to point A. Portaho arrives with her car shortly after taking this weeks snapshots. Yours truly is the first one who didn't bum a ride to make it back, but he allows Poo Fucker to get blamed for it later in circle. Hashers straggle back one by one, some on foot and some not.
We circle up; awards and penalties get dished out. And a lot of them there were, since we had a least 7 hashers there that we haven't seen for a while and it was Do Me's birthday. Our RA, DWP, for some reason declined, to use the megaphone she recently purchased. After circle we enjoy some hot roast beef sandwiches and some 3-bean salad among other things and another shitty good time is had.
Stay tuned for the next shitty trail this Wednesday.
On! On!