Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:826
What:Hockessin Hash #826 - the Bee Orgy Hash
When:July 14, 2010
Where:Talley Middle School, Wilmington, DE
Hares:Bee Orgy
White Trash
What: Hockessin Hash #826, the Bee Orgy Hash
When: Wednesday July 14, 2010 at 6:30pm
Where: Talley Middle School (you can use 1198 Cypress Road Wilmington, DE 19810 for GPS)
Who: Bee Orgy, Gomez, and White Trash
D'erections: From I-495 S: to Naamans Road West. At the 3rd light, make a
right (Merribrook), make your first left (Cypress/School), find hashers.
From I-95 N: to Naamans Road West. At the 4th light, make a right
(Merribrook), make your first left (Cypress/School), find hashers.
From Rt. 202: to Naamans Road East. At some light far down, make a left
(Merribrook), make your first left (Cypress/School), find hashers.
What else: Bring dry bag, and a chair. Large tent in case of rain, or
slip-n-slide. A to A trail. Who: Questions, concerns, ideas - contact Bee
Orgy, or theoriginalbk@...
Nerd Note: If it is not too late, weather permitting, around 9pm, Bee Orgy will
point out the International Space Station as it flies by over head.
Bee Orgy
Bunion Butt
Choco Taco
Circle Jerk
Dead End
Devil Woman
Dirty Wet Pussy
Lick It Clean
Lick Stick
Mary Fucking Poppins
Mount Me
Perfect Woman
Poo Fucker
Prom Queen
Seen Your Panties
Spit Bucket
Stitched Up Tight
Stun Gun
The Wetter the Better
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
Wet Lay
White Trash
Hash Trash
So we had a hash Wednesday July the 14th, 2010 AD.
The slobbering pack met up at the parking lot of Talley Middle school north of
Wilmington and south of Pennsylvania some where's
Hashers present included: Stungun, Circle Jerk, Lick it Clean, Seen Your Panties, Lick Stick, Himilaya, Roadkill, Butthead, Spit Bucket, Mary Fucking Poppins, Dirty Wet Pussy, Perfect Woman, Prom Queen, Stitched Up Tight, Dead End, Devil Woman, Just Andrew, Just Jason, Just Karen, Mount Me, Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Weird Al, Poo Fucker, Asshopper, Beeper, The Wetter the Better, Choco Taco, and many, many others.
Bee Orgy was the hare on his virgin lay, with help from Gomez and White Trash, who seemed like they needed help at times.
A few minutes after 6:30, Bee Orgy appears covered in flour after a hasty, last minute laying of the trail, since the rain waited until the last minute to stop for us. The hares point us in direction of the first mark, and off we go.
On! On!
Trail goes out of the parking lot and down a street or two. We notice that the marks occasionally change direction with no warning whatsoever.
On! On!
Trail turns suddenly into the woods and across a raging river, raging from the last couple days of rain.
On! On!
Trail also goes across a boulder or two, and goes up a hill for a bit.
On! On!
Trail goes onto a trail and then out to a park where we find Bee Orgy and Spit Bucket with the cold beverages. In addition to beer the hare brought some lemonade, spiced up with a little vodka. We enjoyed our beverages while playing with the playground equipment and wondering where the hell White Trash and Lick it Clean, among other people had disappeared to.
We wait around for a bit and then go off on trail, onto asphalt, through the adjacent neighborhood.
On! On!
We cross good old Naaman's Rd. And follow trail. Trail that appears to be going the exact opposite direction of the cars.
On! On!
Through a park and a baseball field we go, out onto a road we find Gomez who leads us on an unplanned Circle Jerk. Unplanned that is, because while Gomez and White Trash may havehelped scout the trail, they didn't actually lay it. So us FRB's go around in circles for a while looking for this park that Gomez claims the trail is supposed to go towards, but where he's not exactly sure. Meanwhile White Trash leads some of the walkers all the way out to the freaking Wawa by the Steel factory and almost into Marcus Hook - The moral of the story, is as always, follow the trail and not the hares, especially not the hares who didn't lay the trail! HA!
Eventually those of us dumb enough to follow Gomez find the park, which leads to some woods and through another creek.
On! On!
We are back in a neighborhood some where’s that leads us back to Naaman’s Road, and back to point A.About an hour later, Bee Orgy shows up with the stragglers in the back who got
lost in his car, however, Wet Lay decides to hoof it back to point A. We circle up. Awards and penalties are dished out. The slobbering pack tries to come up with a name for Just Jason, who got about 15 down-downs for various other reasons, but the inspiration just wasn't there. We go back to Bee Orgy's pad for the Oprey. Where his woman was busy getting the grub ready for us. Those of us, who made it there by 9:00pm, did actually get to see the space station fly by.
We enjoyed some hot dogs and a few different types of pasta salad, with the meat products on the side, and a shitty good time is had.
Stay tuned for the next shitty trail this Wednesday.
On! On!