Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:825
What:Hockessin Hash #825 - Annual Red, White and Blue Hash
When:July 7, 2010
Where:Smedley Park, Media, PA
What: Hockessin's Annual Red, White and Blue Hash
It will be a hot one but after the trail you will be able to cool down, bring a dry bag and swim suit. Wear your Red, White and Blue the 4th is over but we will still shows our colors.
Where: This weeks Hash will again be out of State, but this time we are traveling north of the Mason-Dixon Line to the state of Pennsylvania. Smedley Park
When: Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 6:30pm
Who: Port-a-hoe, Himalaya and a Mystery hare.
D’erections: Take I-95 north to exit 7 which is I-476 (Blue Route) you will be on this road for 3 miles getting off at Exit 3 Swarthmore/Springfield, merge onto E.Baltimore Pike (that would mean bare right) immediately get into the left lane because (0.2 mi) you will turn left on to Paper Mill Rd. (For those of you that do not leave the Newark area this is not the same Paper Mill Rd remember you are in a different state.) Once you make the left you will be in the park. Find the Hashers.
Bee Orgy
Cause for Blindness
Circle Jerk
Dancing Fool
Dirty Wet Pussy
Itchy and Scratchy
Larry the Unstable Guy
Lick Stick
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Perfect Woman
Pickle Dick
Poo Fucker
Prom Queen
Rug Burn
Seen Your Panties
Stun Gun
Takes it Anywhere
The Wetter the Better
Tinsel Tits
White Trash
Hash Trash
So we had our anal red white and blue hash, Wednesday, July the 7th 2010 AD. The
slobbering pack met up at Smelly Park, off of Papermill Rd, in Springfield
Township, Delaware County, PA, I think. Hashers got another chance to amuse
themselves with water balloons.
Hashers Present included: Stungun, Seen Your Panties, Itchy and Scratchy, Mary Fucking Poppins, Dirty Wet Pussy, Lick and Stick, Rug Burn, Prom Queen, Perfect Woman, White Trash, Just Chris, Circle Jerk, Bee Orgy, Takes it Anywhere, Asshopper, Just Lani, Poo Fucker, Pickle Dick, Tinsle Tits, Larry the Unstable Guy, Cause for Blindness, Dancing Fool, and many, many others.
We also got a cameo appearance by Lost Penis at the Beginning and Butthead at the end.
Portaho, Himalaya, and the not so mysterious mystery hare Gomez were responsible for the trail, which was supposedly on the hottest hash day this decade so far. So after drinking about 1 cooler full of beer the hares point us in the general direction of the first mark and off we go.
On! On!
We run across the park for a little bit, then cross a creek, then go up a steep ass hill, encountering a check back that sends the FRB's back down.
On! On!
We run through the woods a little bit, in the shade, find a check than go up another big hill, then all the way to I-476. Larry the Unstable One, perches himself on top of the hill, with water balloon in hand, with the intention of getting revenge on somebody who hit him with a balloon earlier, but misses by a mile. Trail is picked up going back down the hill.
On! On!
We run through the woods a little while more than cross the creek again then go out to a parking lot where we find Portaho parked with the beers and the waters hidden behind the column support for I-476. Hashers enjoy their beverages while watching real runners go by, real homosexuals cruising the parking lot, and real Peco employees hanging out on extended break. We are pointed in another direction and off we go.
On! On!
Off we go on a .477 mile horseshoe up a hill, across a creek, through the woods and back to the first beer stop which is also the second beer stop. But this time we are greeted by printed out pictures of ourselves on previous hashes laid down on the ground on the way back to the beer. Portaho sets up her I-pod boom box and a picnic blanket with a table to play quarters on. We enjoy our brews again, and this time the slobbering pack manages to convince a paranoid Peco employees to let them take a picture of them posing in back of his truck. After all the beers are drank up, we go back on trail and ...
On! On!
Out of the parking lot we go. Crossing the railroad tracks and back onto Papermill Rd., and a few feet later back to point A. Hashers straggle in more exhausted by heavy beer drinking than by heavy running.We circle up. Awards and penalties are dished out. But the RA forgets to call into to circle whoever was first in. HA! I get away with another one, you
incompetents! After a short debate it is decided that Just Lani should get a name. I think we decided on "Better when Wetter", or something like that, while she gets a bunch of beer, flour and water dumped upon her person. If it had been any warmer she would have been able to make pancakes on her shirt.
After circle we head back to Himilaya's pad, who was busy getting all the food ready for us, and who this time, took the time to remove all the dead vegetation out of his pool. So more than 2 people got in it. We enjoy the usual summer BBQ fare of burgers and dogs along with some veggie snacks prepared by Gomez, and another shitty good time is had.
Stay tuned for the next shitty trail this Wednesday.
On! On!