Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:824
What:Hockessin Hash #824 - Luau Hash!!
When:June 30, 2010
Where:6 Warner Road, Elkton, MD
Hares:Gives It Away
Takes it Anywhere
Who: Takes It Anywhere (T I A) and Gives it Away ( G I A )'s Luau Hash!!
When: Wednesday June 30th at 6:30. Temperatures in the low 80's. Woo Hoo!
Why: Really?!! Why would two virgin hares agree to hare together?!! They were impressed with each other's initial, TIA and GIA. Cute, huh?
What: Please bring chairs, and your Hawaiian attire. Just Andy and Just Jay: clothes are optional.
Where: (see below) The hash will be past the storage center, but we are giving you the address for those of you that use GPS. The street is a dead end where we will meet to hash. C U there!
Belle Hill Self Storage
6 Warner Rd
Elkton, MD 21921
From Newark, take Newark Ave/Elkton Rd/279 South towards Elkton.
After you go under 95, go to the first light and make a Left.
There is a McDonalds on one corner and a Taco Bell/KCF on the another corner
Go to the "T" in the road and make a right. Follow to the end.
From Elkton, take 40 to Newark Ave/Elkton Rd/279.
Head North towards Newark.
Turn right at the last light before you go under 95.
There is a McDonalds on one corner and a Taco Bell/KCF on the another corner
Go to the "T" in the road and make a right. Follow to the end.
For Chesty Peak
Take 95N and take the last exit before the toll towards Elkton.
After you go under 95, go to the first light and make a Left.
There is a McDonalds on one corner and a Taco Bell/KCF on the another corner
Go to the "T" in the road and make a right. Follow to the end.
Bunion Butt
Choco Taco
Circle Jerk
Cousin It
Dead End
Devil Woman
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Gaydar The Penetrator
Gives It Away
Larry the Unstable Guy
Lick Stick
Mary Fucking Poppins
Perfect Woman
Piping Hot Vagina
Rug Burn
Seen Your Panties
Stun Gun
Takes it Anywhere
The Wetter the Better
Two Buck Fuck
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
Wet Lay
Hash Trash
So we had another hash, Wednesday, June the 30th 2010 AD. The slobbering pack met up at a dead end off of a side road off of Elkton Rd, for a Hawaii themed hash in good old Cecil County Maryland around 6:30 pm HST.
Hashers present included: Beeper, Dead End,Stungun, Seen Your Panties, Two Buck Fuck, Just Katie, Just Bobbie, Just Lani, Just Jason, Just Drew, Just Andy, Just some other guy, Asshopper, Rugburn, Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Mary Fucking Poppins, Choco Taco, Devil Woman, Butthead, Dirty Wet Pussy, Portabo, Cousin It, Wickwacker, Larry the Unstable Guy, Lick and Stick, Gomez, Gaydar, Piping Hot Vagina, Perfect Woman, Groper, Weird Al, Himalaya,
Slutmaster, Circle Jerk, Do Me on the Beach, and many, many others.
Gives it Away and Takes it Anywhere were the hares, and first time hares they were. But, cut them some slack, we didn’t.
On! On!
The hares point us out to general direction of the first mark, and then tell us to bang a left into the woods. About 20 minutes later we find another mark. Then we have to ask ones of the hares, Gives it Away for help again.
On! On!
Trail crosses a stream, goes up by the Amtrak tracks, but lucky for us, doesn't go across them.
On! On!
We follow marks here and there, then Beeper spots two coolers sitting out in the woods by themselves and we have our first beer stop. We enjoy some cold brews and some waters in the mysterious absence of the other hare that dropped off the coolers. Where did they go?, I wonder, "how are we gonna get these coolers back?" I wonder further. Turns out that Takes it
Anywhere was preoccupied with getting the Oprey and the drinks ready back at point A for the auto-hashing gimps that couldn’t even go on this short-ass trail.
On! On!
We go in the general direction of East for a few minutes until we run out of marks, and have to ask Gives it Away for help again. We find a tree with the words "Blow Me!", and Portaho takes several pictures of hashers sitting next to it. Half of us get the instructions from the
hare to take a sharp left turn, and half of us run almost all the way to Newark. We find ourselves going on a horseshoe shaped trail in between Elkton road and the tracks.
On! On!
We actually find marks again that lead us to a clearing that according to Gives it Away was supposed to be our second beer stop. "But where is the beer?", We wonder. Well turns out that the beer was still back at the first beer stop, and since it was being stored in coolers that couldn't walk by themselves, MFP and Just Drew had to walk the whole 60 yards and bring
them back over. We enjoy our brews again, while waiting for half the pack, who seemed to
be half confused, to get back.
On! On!
We follow a trail of flour, and discarded paper flowers through the woods, down a path, across a creek, and back to point A, where we joined back up with the mysterious disappearing Hare, Gives it Away, and the auto-hashing wankers, some of the usual variety, and some not.
We circle up; awards and penalties are dished out. Pumping Pumper Pimple Pinokcle Pumpkin Puffer, or whatever his name is, runs around hosing people down with his super soaker 12,000 that MFP made the mistake of returning to him from the following week. Even though H4 didn’t have any kind of official permission to party at Point A, we were far enough away from any
civilization that we didn't get the 5-0 called on us, and a shitty great time is had. We enjoy some cold subs, along with some cold brews, and some of the usual summer BBQ fare. And the Beer Meister got his cooler back a few days later, amazingly, with some beer still left in it. Stay Tuned for the next Shitty Trail this Wednesday,
On! On!