Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:818
What:Hockessin Hash #818
When:May 19, 2010
Where:500 Duncan Road, Wilmington, DE
Up the Rear
What (from Butthead): Roadarific and Shigadellic retro hash. Come romp through River road's finest neighborhoods and forgotten oasis. Bring your finest leggings to prevent poison ivy, wild rose, and any bugs you might encounter
from ruining your day. Since it promises to rain from now to then,
bring a dry bag and hash in gear you don't mind getting wet and muddy, or not.
What: Hockessin Hash #818
Where (from Butthead): Hash this week is to start at the Edgemoor Cumunity Center, home of the friendly scooter rider (Just say hi). It's off of Philadelphia Pikeacross
from Dunbars,
Where: Edgemoor Community Center
When: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 6:30pm
Who: Butthead and Up The Rear
D'erections (from Butthead): Take I95 to the Route 3 exit (Marsh Road). Head south on DE-3
S/Marsh Rd toward Washington St 0.4 mi Turn left at Washington St 0.4 mi. Turn left at Philadelphia Pike/US-13 BUS N 0.3 mi. Turn right at Schoolhouse Ln, park in the big parking lot just past Happy Harry's but on the other side, or wherever you see fellow hashers. 500
Duncan Road, Wilmington, DE. If you don't like my directions, take theirs:
Behave yourselves in the parking lot, its govt. property.
D'erections: see "where"
Bee Orgy
Bunion Butt
Circle Jerk
Dancing Fool
Dead End
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Family Jules
Lick It Clean
Lick Stick
Lost Boy
Mary Fucking Poppins
Mount Me
Perfect Woman
Rug Burn
Runner Girl
Seen Your Panties
Senior Sex Toy
Stun Gun
Toxic Shock
Up the Rear
Wet Lay
White Trash
Hash Trash
So we had another hash Wednesday, May the 19th, 2010 AD. The slobbering pack met up at the Edgemore community senior center located just slightly north of the city to beat somebody around half past six pm.
Hashers present included: Roadkill, Dead End,Lost Boy,Family Jewels, Rug Burn, Perfect Woman, Dirty Wet Pussy, Slut Master,Senior Sex Toy, Lick and Stick, Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Jew Balls, Wish Boner, Stun Gun, Seen Your Panties, Bee Orgy, Mount Me, Lick it Clean, Circle Jerk, Do Me on the Beach, Gomez, White Trash, Wick Wacker, Toxic Shock, Runner Girl, Mary Fucking
Poppins, Dancing Fool, Just Somebody, and many, many others.
Butt Head and Up the Rear were the hares.
So the pack gathers cautiously around one of our blue coolers of beer, thinking, "yeah I’d like to have one, but is that a good idea? here?, now?" For a few minutes we wait for sir Butthead to get back from hiding a bag of beverages for us at the scheduled beer stop. Eventually the other hare, Up the Rear, finally shows up, and we give the chalk talk to the new guy, Just Somebody, whose name I forgot.
On! On!
Trail goes out the parking lot and down the street for a while. Every mark we come across is on a corner, and gives the FRBs a little confusion about what direction exactly we are supposed to go in.
On! On!
Trail goes out to Philadelphia Pike, or at least the FRBs do anyway, and then back down a hill to the neighborhood we were just in. Up
the Rear leads the majority of the walkers, who are dragging ass big time, through every short cut.
On! On!
Trail goes into Bellview, Belmont or Bellfont park, and there is Sir Butthead holding a bag of what is left of the flour he had and into the woods we go, where we find the bag of the beer. We enjoy our brews in a small clearing amongst the thorns and lucky for us, Dancing Fool has appeared so no one has to worry about where we put the trash. The pack gets going and
On! On!
We come out the other side of the park and out onto good old Governor Prince Blvd. When exactly was Prince the governor of Delaware anyway?
On! On!
Trail goes up a big bad hill for a bit and there we come across Runner Girl from the Whores of Jersey hash and his leash mate.
On! On!
Trail goes into the woods for a little bit, and follows a creek, but by this point only about 3 or 4 FRBs have avoided the temptation of short cutting. We go up another big bad hill and spend the rest of this shitty trail on some asphalt. And at the end, big surprise, about half the pack has already made it back before the FRBs did. Cautious as we have been lately, it is decided that we not circle up in the parking lot this time, so the pack speeds away to Mc Murphy’s Pub down the road on Philly Pike, and in a hurry we are to beat each other
there for the 8 parking spots that are available. We get ready to circle up inside the bar, but. The hares aren’t there. Then Up the Rear appears and we get ready to circle up, and then Butthead appears, then Up the Rear disappears. We begin circling up, then Up the Rear appears and Butthead disappears again, and then. Well at some point we got both the hares in the circle at the same time, I think. Penalties and awards are dished out, and the hash got a piece.
We enjoy some rigatoni with sausage and then several orders of nacho’s come out. By some miracle, the hares actually got to eat some of the food they bought. Which was almost good enough for people to forget about this latest shitty trail.
Stay tuned for the next hash this Wednesday.
On! On!MFP