Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:817
What:Hockessin Hash #817
When:May 12, 2010
Where:31 N Reads Way, New Castle, DE
Hares:Perfect Woman
Pickle Dick
What: Hockessin Hash #817
Who: Pickel D, Perfect Woman
Where: Behind Wilmington College @ 31 N Reads Way New Castle De 19720
When: Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 6:30 hash time
D'erections: from I-95 take Rt 141 exit SOUTH follow RT. 141 south and then turn right on Commons Blvd, (Traffic light at News Journal bldg ) follow commons blvd to first right after traffic light. Follow to back of reads way. Turn left into Wilmington college to back parking lot. Look for hashers
Bee Orgy
Choco Taco
Circle Jerk
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Gaydar The Penetrator
Gives It Away
Mary Fucking Poppins
Perfect Woman
Pickle Dick
Piping Hot Vagina
Seen Your Panties
Up the Rear
White Trash
Hash Trash
So we had our second Wednesday hash of the year, May the 12th 2010. The slobbering pack met up in the shadow of a government building in the Common blvd/ Reads way industrial complex in outer new castle. And shadowed over we were by several curious government workers, but amazingly we avoided the cops for the first time this month.
Hashers Present included: Groper, Seen Your Panties, Dirty Wet Pussy, Crib Snatcher, Piping Hot Vagina, Gaydar, Gomez, White Trash, Wickwacker, Gives it Away, Circle Jerk, Up the Rear, Choco Taco, Do Me on the Beach, Portaho, Pedalfile, Mary Fucking Poppins, Bee Orgy, Butthead, Just Mike, Just Hannah, and many, many others.
Perfect Woman and Pickle Dick were the hares.
So the pack waits around long enough for the temperature to drop another few degrees, on this windy, wet, cold ass, summers eve evening before heading off in the direction of the first mark, which leads us to several other marks, that lead us back in the direction we came.
On! On!
We run down a path along side that big government building and find a check back that sends us back again.
On! On!
Trail is discovered in a parking lot along Rt. 13, and we run through a neighborhood of manufactured homes. The manufactured kids run along with us for a little while.
On! On!
Trail leads down a road, which leads down another rd, and a lot of asphalt is covered. We find a check at a fireman's training center or something and the FRB's discover that the walkers have mysteriously appeared in from of them.
On! On!
Down a road we go, and we find Cribsnatcher's car with the beer along side of the never opened hotel along 1-95. As we enjoy our brews, Cribsnatcher gives us the brief history of the scandal involving the never opened hotel and the Capano building company's tendency of ignoring building permits. We sit along side the road for a while being thankful that it hasn't started raining and that were not being hassled by any law enforcement, for a change. Beers are drank down, and back on trail we go.
On! On!
We run down a field for a little while, and then find another back check. Oh, great, another mile or two of Asphalt.
On! On!
We run past a black pickup with German crosses stuck on the back, driven by some yokel who’s out looking for snakes. He didn't find any, and fortunately neither did we. Up the Rear stops to see if he had any bodies in the back of his truck.
On! On!
Trail finally takes a turn off the asphalt and into the woods and swamp we run. Past the New Castle speed way and back into the industrial complex.
Gomez and MFP run out of marks but end up being first in anyhow. We’re joined by auto hashers Portaho and Pedalfile, as we wait for the very last of the last DFL's to get back in.
We circle up and awards and penalties are dished out. Pickle Dick disappeared for a while, so our new GM, Circle Jerk, does a down-down in his place.
As par for the course our two virgins, Just Mike and Just Hannah, have to the have the down-down concept explained to them more than once.
Our new RA, DWP, lets the circle fall apart a couple of times, but rallies and brings it back together, not unlike the Philly Flyboys.
We oprey at McClarens on Churchman’s Rd, with some pizza, some brews, and the Flyers game and a fine time is had. Choco Taco, who still has a bug in his gut from his recent trip to Africa, stinks up the men's room in our honor. And, yours truly, your new Beer Meister, thanks the god of hashing that nothing too stupid happened on this shitty trail.
Stay Tuned for the Next Hash this Wednesday,
On! On!