Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:816
What:Hockessin Hash #816 - Red Dress Run
When:May 5, 2010
Where:108 West Main Street, Newark, DE
What: H4 Red Dress Run/Cinco de Mayo .
When: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 6:30 PM
Where: Deer Park Tavern, on W. Main St. In Newark, DE
Why: Its our first Wednesday, a traditional date for the H4 red dress run, it's Cinco de Mayo,
What Should You Do: Wear a sombrero or other Mexican Independence Day regalia, in honor of our brethren below the Rio Grande ... along with the standard issueRed Dress, accouterments, bling, swag, and outsized lingerie.
Who: Port-a-Ho and Cribsnatcher, plus anyone who wants to help
Bee Orgy
Bunion Butt
Cause for Blindness
Dead End
Dirty Wet Pussy
Gives It Away
Itchy and Scratchy
Larry the Unstable Guy
Lick It Clean
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Miss Pissylvania
Night Deposit
Perfect Woman
Pickle Dick
Rug Burn
Seen Your Panties
Spit Bucket
Stitched Up Tight
Stun Gun
Tinsel Tits
Two Buck Fuck
Up the Rear
Wet Lay
Hash Trash
So, once again we had our annual red dress hash, the first Wednesday hash of the year, on Wednesday May the 5th, also known as Cinco De Mayo, but not to be confused with Stinko de Mayo, 2010, AD.
The slobbering pack met at the ye old Deer Park tavern, since the usual venue for this event is, at the present, closed, pending renovations, a license transfer, and a new name.
Hashers showed up from far and wide, some having to drive in circles for a while, looking for a rare commodity in this part of town known as a legal parking space.
Hashers who made it out included: Dead End, Skidmarks, Itchy and Scratchy, Groper, Rug Burn, Lick it Clean, Beeper, Seen Your Panties, Stun Gun, Miss Pissilvania, Perfect Woman, Larry the Unstable Guy, Wickwacker, Mouthful, Just Matt, Stitched Up Tight, Mary Fucking Poppins, Dirty Wet Pussy, Cause for Blindness, Lost Penis, Night Deposit, Spit Bucket, Up the Rear, Two
Buck Fuck, Gives it Away, Pickle Dick, Tinsle Tits, Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Bee Orgy, and many, many others.
Cribsnatcher and Portaho were the hares.
So people enjoy a few cold ones before embarking on this annual shitty trail, where once again we get to shock and confuse the U of D crowd, who all think they know how to party, until they meet us, that is. The pack has to pose for more pictures for more people’s different cameras than at a family reunion, until Portaho, does the chalk talk and tells everybody there might be a mark nearby in some direction and…
On! On!
Most people run up main street, somebody at some point sees a mark next to the parking garage across the street and we all run though U of D’s Trabant center soon enough. We find a check laid in red tape, I think, down the hall from the ticket box office and somebody points us to the right and we run through the food court, disturbing students who were busy pretending to be
studying for finals.
On! On!
We ran up to the pedestrian bridge that crosses S. College Avenue and found a canvas bag full of Jell-O shooters and the “PO” mark that stands for, yep a photo opt. We suck down some Jell-O shots and pose for a few pictures before we’re on our way again.
On! On!
Trail goes across the bridge and we get a check that holds everybody back for a while. Then we find marks going out behind the some body some body hall and eventually find another “PO” mark with more Jell-O shooters.
On! On!
We run through U of D campus some more, and through the Perkins student center. We run into a check for a little while at Chapel Street, and Skidmarks tries to score everybody a double secret beer check at some party at some college kids house. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough Natty Ice around.
On! On!
We run down Chapel some more and cut across to Delaware Ave, through the city of Newark’s bus terminal we go, and out onto East Main street and then finally to the On! In!, point B, the place formerly known as the East End Café, to be known in the future as another bar, but what is at the moment closed. Yes, a great idea to circle up behind the closed bar that the red dress run has been hosted at many times in the past. Lost Penis was there doing the beer stop, your new beer meister got out of doing his duties for the first, but defiantly not the last time. Yep it was a great idea to circle up behind that bar, well it would have been, if people didn’t hang out for a while in plain view of traffic, taking pictures in the front, had the circle been a little less long, or if people had been a little less loud…….
But never mind about that, for now. Awards and penalties are dished out. Portoho, who hopefully found her car keys later that evening, brings two tubs of frozen margaritas so we can celebrate the cinco of May in style. We set up the piñata that hashers took turns carrying during the run, and we even had a baseball bat to go with it, but no blindfold. In the middle of circle, the new owners of the bar formerly known as the East End make a surprise visit, and surprised they were, to find a group of mostly middle aged people in red dresses hanging out and drinking behind their bar instead of a bunch of twenty something heroin addicts in skater punk gear shooting up. They had a few drinks with us, as the circle dragged on and on and got louder and louder, until inevitably three squad cars of Newark’s finest pull up. Great job H4! That’s two hashes in a row you managed to get yourself in cahoots with the 5-0! Circle of course, ends prematurely, or ends about 15 minutes too late, depending on your opinion about how the hash should be run. And we head back to the Deer Park, where we enjoy some nacho’s and quesadillas, to go along with our draft brews as we crowd out the smallest room the ancient tavern had to offer. All in all, it was another shitty trail.
Stay tuned for the next Shitty trail this Wednesday!
On! On!