Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:808
What:Hockessin Hash #808
When:Feb. 27, 2010
Where:Bonsall Park, Wilmington, DE
What: Hockessin Hash #808
When: Saturday, February 27, 2010, at 3pm
Where: Bonsall Park, Talleyville, DE
Who: Glownads
D'erections: From I-95, take the Rt. 202 North exit. Go ~2 miles, after the road divides, look for Silverside Road on your right, take a right onto Silverside. Go one mile, Bonsall Park is on your right. Look for degenerates -- that's the hash.
Amber Alert
Bunion Butt
Devil Woman
Dirty Wet Pussy
Fish Stick
Happy Ending
Mary Fucking Poppins
Rug Burn
Senior Sex Toy
Toby's Bitch
Wet Lay
White Trash
Hash Trash
So we had a hash, Saturday Febuary the 27th, 2010 AD.
The slobbering pack met in the bitter cold at Bonsall Park in the area north of Wilmington referred to as Talleyville.
Hashers I remember being present:
Groper, Happy Ending, Slutmaster, Senior Sex Toy, Cribsnatcher, Rug Burn, Portaho, Fish Dick, Toby's Bitch, Wet Lay, Bunion Butt, Mary Fucking Poppins, Dirty Wet Pussy, Wickwacker, Amber Alert, Dead Head, Devil Woman, Butthead, White Trash, Gomez, and many, many others.
Glow Nads and Skidmarks were the hares. Trail was laid in purple flour, thus we were told, and there were going to be several checkbacks and back checks and such, thus we were told.
Skidmarks jumps in his truck with Happy Ending to do a mobile beer stop for us. Glownads, jumps in her car to get the food ready at the Oprey which leaves the pack without a sweeper, which may have been useful for the first part of trail, anyway.
On! On!
We run around the mostly fenced in park looking for several marks in a row that might lead in a specific direction. We find a check, with one mark going one way and a few going another way, which lead to a nonlegible mark, that had been trampled on and turned out to be a false. We run around in circles in the park for a while, then go down the road, on a hunch that trail might be found that way, and ...
On! On!
Someone finds a mark in the neighborhood to the left, and then another, and then the ...
Beer Near. Which was about 50 yards away from point A, but took a full half hour to locate. Good Job hares. We down a few brews and off we go.
On! On!
Trail goes through the neighbor hood for a while and then to a clearing near some cellphone towers and a whole buttload of snow. There are plenty of hashers throwing snowballs and then DWP and Rugburn get into a wrestling match in the snow. We follow marks through the snow for a while, and then find a check back to a check.
On! On!
We hike through some shiggy and across a few water crossings. Several hashers take turns trying to knock Toby's Bitch off of the wood plank he was walking on with snowballs. The marks lead out to another neighborhood and then the second beer near. We enjoy some more brews and some more snowball fights.
On! On!
Trail leads out to Shipley road an to another check. Which leads us on another wild goose chase through the back of some small office complex. DWP tries to play Queen of the Mountain on a snow bank and then gets stuck for a while.
On! On!
True trail leads us back down Shipley road and onto Silverside and back to point A. Hashers gradually straggle back and run to their cars for dry shoes and socks. We circle up. Penalties and Awards are dished out. Some woman named Louis who just showed up to the park for a walk, takes an interest in the Ceromonies, and gets pulled into circle. She does a couple of headstands and a down-down or two, but gets momentarily offended by the saying; "during a down down, what doesn't go in you, goes on you, just like sucking cock!" Well whatever.
We all drive over to the Oprey, at Mclarens Irish Pub on 202, and our RA, in his great wisdom, drives right past the Oprey, after forgetting to tell anybody that he was headed over to a wine tasting instead, and forgetting to fork over the hash cash to the remaining hare, and after forgetting to charge his cell phone. (Additional comment from Gomez: Can you please add that Skid Marks is not allowed to collect Hash Cash? On Saturday Skid Marks was a Hare and collected the Hash Cash and did not come to the Apre, instead he went to a Wine tasting. The Apre ended early because of no Hash Cash)
At the bar, we enjoy some type of stew that seemed to be part, chili and part Vegtable soup. We also enjoyed some delicious birthday cake in honor of Slutmaster and Glow Nads birthdays. This cake was good but not shitty. Unlike that trail we just went on.
Stay tuned for another hash next week.
On! On!