Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:807
What:Hockessin Hash #807 - 4th Annual Mardi Gras Hash
When:Feb. 20, 2010
Where:Christiana Town Center, Newark, DE
Hares:Bunion Butt
Wet Lay
WHAT: Hockessin Hash # 807 - 4th Annual Mardi Gras Hash
WHEN: Saturday February 20, 2010
WHEN.002: 3:00 pm
WHERE: Outlands of Colonial Christiana, Delaware
WHERE.002: Christiana Town Center. Meet at the rear of the shopping center near the Boscov's Department Store
WHO HARE: Wet Lay & Bunion Butt
WHY: 'Though we will be four days beyond Fat Tuesday, the Bacchanalian highpoint of the Mardi
Gras, and well into the Lenten Season of Deprivation, any chance to tramp through crusty mounds of snow and soggy flats of mud should not be missed.
Take Exit 3 (Rt. 273) eastbound toward Dover. After leaving the Interstate you will pass the University Plaza on your right and a Delmarva Power facility on your left. At the 2nd traffic light turn left into the Christiana Town Center. Go to the back end of the shopping center and meet near the Boscov's Department Store. Park. Hurricane. Hash.
ESPECÏÆLLĔ NOTICĔ # 1– A small quantity of Limited Edition Tee shirts will be available.
ESPECÏÆLLĔ NOTICĔ # 2– Parking will be somewhat scarce at the Après due to the snowy conditions. Please consider car pooling.
Call Bunion Butt
Amber Alert
Bee Orgy
Bunion Butt
Devil Woman
Fish Stick
Hanna Job
Itchy and Scratchy
Larry the Unstable Guy
Lick Stick
Lost Boy
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Poo Fucker
Rug Burn
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
Wet Lay
Hash Trash
So we had our annual Mardi Gras hash, Saturday February the 20th, 2010 AD.
The slobbering pack met up in the back part of the Christiana towne center parking lot. For a few minutes we enjoyed some hurricane drinks, kept cold by the snow in the back of our Beer Meister’s truck.
Hashers Present: Cribsnatcher, Skidmarks, Lost Boy, Portaho, Bee Orgy, Itchy and Scratchy, Just Larry, Rug Burn, Lost Penis, Devil Woman, Mary Fucking Poppins, Wickwacker, Mouthful, Amber Alert, Gomez, Weird Al, Dead Head, Hannah Job, Poo Fucker, Fish Dick, Lick and Stick, and many, many others. Wet Lay and Bunion Butt were the hares.
The hares thus explain to us, that this being a Mardi Gras themed hash, there were beads to be found. And in a very complicated way, he explained that it would be nice if everybody got a few beads to wear, so those who had many, he suggested, give something to those who have few or none. The hare pointed us in the general direction of the first mark, towards a JB hunt freight truck, and……
On! On!
The first mark is nowhere in sight of the truck but eventually somebody finds it, and across the frozen tundra of the yet to be developed section of the Christiana Towne Center.
On! On!
Trail goes down a hill, into some shiggy, and unsurprisingly into some muck. FRB’s Hannah Job, Skidmarks, and Amber Alert pick up just about all the beads in sight.
On! On!
Trail heads through some marshlands and into some water crossings. Many hashers almost fall of a log into a creek, but the only one who does is one of the hares, Wet Lay, who re-earns her hash name.
On! On!
Trail comes out of the wetlands and up a hill and onto what I think used to be a field before 8 feet of snow got dropped onto it. A few silly FRB’s stubbornly try to keep running through this crap, I mean snow, and eventually find a beer stop at the literal end of Old Baltimore Pike, a place referred to by street signs as “Faith City.” We enjoy a cold brew or two and enjoy the fact that the sun has not yet gone down yet for the first time during a beer stop in a while. The hare points us back in the direction of the next mark, which is back in the direction of where we came and….
On! On!
We go back into some woods and some more water crossings. We go back behind the other side of Christiana Towne center nearing the end of a 1.2 mile long trail that seemed like four miles. The footing on this terrain is less than likable, and Lost Penis does a cartwheel before
crashing when she hits the unstable barrier between snow and asphalt. Many hashers are wet and cold, and the pack decides to go back to the Oprey at Wet Lay’s place to circle up around a cozy, warm fire, burning chemically treated wood.
Penalties and awards are dished out. A bunch of people got to drink for hash crash and for bleeding on trail. Just Larry gets named “Larry the Unstable Guy” because apparently he likes to challenge people to fisticuffs after drinking too much. Drinking too much? Is it proper for a hasher to hold such a concept? Lets hope not. After circle, we enjoyed New Orleans style fair of shrimp ettoufee’, redbeans, jambalaya, and King Cake.
Pedal File shows up again after the hash is over just for the food. So does Licks it Clean, . Who tells some of us a story, while we’re eating our food, about how some patient at where ever she works had huge tape worms coming out of some orfice.
Portaho tried unjaming a plastic pellet gun while pointing it at everybody and………
All and all it was another shitty trail! Stay tuned for another hash next week.
On! On!