Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:806
What:Hockessin Hash #806
When:Feb. 13, 2010
Where:5005 Edgemont Ave, Brookhaven, PA
Hares:-Mystery Hare-
WHAT: Hockessin Hash #806
LOCATION: KMart parking lot on Rt 352 in Brookhaven 5005 Edgmont Ave
TIME: 3:00 PM
REASON: It will not be snowing and there will be BEER
HARES: Gomez and some Mystery Hares!!!!!!
DIRECTIONS: You can map quest using the above address which will provide you with a different route then I am about to provide, either way you will get there because there is BEER.
APRES: No dogs.
1) from DE take I-95 north to exit 5 Kerlin St.
2) slight left onto W. 12th St. 0.1 mi
3) turn left onto Kerlin St 0.4 mi
4) turn left onto Upland Ave 0.2 mi
5) turn right onto 6th St 0.6 mi
6) 6th St becomes Bridgewater Rd 0.5 mi
7) Bridgewater Rd becomes W. Brookhaven Rd 0.7 mi you will pass the house of Gomez
8) turn left on Edgmont Ave 0.7 mi KMart will be on your right
Buyon we will need beer, Crib we will need paper products.
Bunion Butt
Circle Jerk
Dancing Fool
Dirty Wet Pussy
Fish Stick
Lick It Clean
Lost Penis
Prom Queen
Rug Burn
Toxic Shock
Wet Lay
White Trash
Hash Trash
Hash Trash for Run #806, from Gomez
It was a cold cloudy day in Brookhaven, PA where Gomez, Deadhead and White Trash came up with a very accommodating trail. Short, safe with good food.
The Hashers in attendance were Groper, Rug Burn, Toxic, Lick it Clean, Dirty Wet, Nina ( sorry cannot remember Hash name), Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Skid Marks, Wing Nuts,Dancing Fool, Jubal, Prom Queen, Cribsnatcher, Circle Jerk and the late cummers Pedalphile & Fish Dick.
We started at the Kay Mart with a quick CB#7 around the back then across the street through the back of another shopping center crossing over Edgmont Ave which was the longest part of the Trail not in distance but it took some Hashers 5 minutes to cross. We were all fooled by the Hare who told us there would be an option Polar Bear plunge but the only Polar Bear we saw was on the back porch where we had Cherry Vodka with Gator Aide , Blackberry Brandy (where was Plunge-n-Puke) and beer. The beer stop was both the Beer near and ON IN.
During the beer stop on the back porch Benji (little Cujo) tried to attack the much bigger Toby. This was soon stopped and the circle then got on the way. There were a number of down downs and for some reason Groper likes to drink with her hat on and todat she was a two fisted drinker (beer and vodka). The circle ended and then we went inside for the Apre where Gomez was showing off his newly completed bar (don't give up your day job). Anybody that was at the Blizzard Hash in December knows that Groper likes to bounce on chairs. It must have been all the eating on her recent Cruise because when she sat down in a chair all of a sudden the chair broke in several parts and Groper was on her _ss pictures of the chair to follow (no Hash Flash on Trail).
The Apre ended way to early but all of the women and Prom Queen left with a Red Rose for Valentines Day.