Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:805
What:Hockessin Hash #805
When:Feb. 6, 2010
Where:Park & Ride Rt. 896 and Rt. 4, Newark, DE
Hares:Dead End
Mary Fucking Poppins
Well, what Superbowl weekend would be complete without at least one audible called?
Some hashers are convinced that the weather man is right about the amount of snowfall tonight, and since I can't get a hold of DelDot in order to bribe....er...um....persuade them to guarantee the plowing of West Chestnut Hill Road, note the following:
<insert trumpet fanfare here>
This Saturday's hash will start at the Park and ride at the corner of Rt.4 and Rt. 896.
From I 95, take rt 896 North. Turn right at the "ticket light" on Rt 4 (feel free to smile at, or moon the cameras), the Park n Ride will be on your right!
What: Hockessin Hash #805: Beer, Booze, Broads, & Birthdays.....actually, I couldn't afford chorus girls this year, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad!
When: Saturday,
February 6, 2010 at 3:00pm
Where: Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
Who: Dead End, Lost Boy, & ???
Why: What else have you to do in a snowstorm?
D'erections: From the North, take I-95 South, get off at the 273 West exit. Get on Rt4 West, then make a left onto 896 South. Turn right on West Chestnut Hill Road, and the park will be on your right. From the South, do everything I said from I-95 North. (Editor's suggestion. Well if it snows like predicted or otherwise, probably better to stay on I-95 until you get the Rt. 896 north exit, just past the 2nd light, take the jug handle, no left turns allowed, or just do a u-turn at 3rd light)
Special note: If I were you, I'd bring more than just a dry bag, because if the Weather Man is right (First time ever?), you'll need a sled, and a team of Labrador Huskies to boot! Seriously though, trail length will be weather & sobriety dependent.
Editor's special note: May I suggest that folks who are hashing in the snow and have a good high clearance SUV .... or want to hash but their cars will not let them, join delawarehasher@yahoogroups.com,** and coordinate some car pooling.
**I try to keep hockessinhash@yahoogroups.com limited to announcements. delawarehasher@yahoogroups.com is a more open forum so that hashers can post whatever they want
Circle Jerk
Crusty Calves
Dead End
Hot Pants
Mary Fucking Poppins
Hash Trash
So, we had a hash! (YES, the streak does NOT hit a Dead End) Trash for H4 Hash #805
The brave attendees who didn't give a DAMN about the State of Emergency:
1) Dead End (HARE)
2) Mary Fukin' Poppins (CO-HARE)
3) Crusty Calves
4) Hot Pants
5) Circle Jerk
6) Wickwacker
7) Skidmarks
8) Pedalphile (Made it to the closing circle)
So, the slobbering pack gathered at the Park and Ride on Rt.4 and 896 to start the "trail". Special thanks to Circle Jerk, who braved the slush to pick up the hare, as his neighborhood had not been plowed at that point. Anyways, the hare was quick to rename the trail, as the voluminous amounts of snow on the ground was proof-positive that global "warming" is, in fact, real!
The trail was "on-hare" throughout, possibly a first on H4 history? The hash set off, rounded corner, and found an open pub, which the co-hare skillfully and instinctually inscribed "BN" ....just in case any of the "Grumpy old men" of H4 were to show up late. Along this 0.2 miles, there were at least two hash crashes, -- not bad considering the ungodly length of that leg of the trail. After a round of beers, there was much guessing as to where the trail would proceed, but the hare would not give away the closely-guarded secret.
The trail continued along some of the same ground as before, until Circle Jerk decided to head into the deep stuff, about 20 feet from the first leg of the trail. But, before he did, Hot Pants managed to convince an innocent passer-by, who might've been hasher material due to his non-conformist attitude to the DE travel ban, to take the attached photo. The trail proceeded through the waist-deep snow, there was one more hash crash, and much story-telling of winters gone-by.
The trail was put out of its misery at the same place it started. Circle commenced as usual, BUT instead of beer, down-downs were done with sparkling wine and RUM...most unusual! And, even MORE unusual, for the FIRST ... and probably LAST time, Dead End did the down-down for being first-in! And if HE'S first in, you can bet your bottom-dollar that it was yet another SHITTY TRAIL!