Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:800
What:Hockessin Hash #800
When:Jan. 2, 2010
Where:Stahl Post American Legion, New Castle, DE
Perfect Woman
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
H4 800th
Who: Hares- Perfect Woman and Weird Al Spanks a Bitch & Mystery Hare
What: Run # 800 for Hockessin
When: Saturday, January 2, 2010 at 3pm. (I don't think DWP's time of "Thursday December 31. at 3:00AM" is correct, hey, but I could be wrong)
Where: Stahl Post American Legion, 3 E. Jackson Ave. New Castle, DE 19720
Hash Cash: $45. for day of hashers, T-shirts on first cum first serve while they last. for those who registered by Dec 15, -T-shirts are reserved.
Why: we still have beer!!! and we have only done it 799 times before.
Directions: From Philadelphia, New Jersey, get onto I-95 S, Merge onto I-295 N via the exit on the LEFT toward NEW CASTLE/DEL. MEM. BR. 1.7mi Merge onto N DUPONT HWY/US-301 S/US-13 S/US-40 W toward NEW CASTLE AIRPORT/DOVER. 1.3mi Make a U-TURN at LINCOLN AVE onto N DUPONT HWY/US-301 N/US-13 N/US-40 E. .1mi Turn RIGHT onto JACKSON AVE (looks like you are turning into the dry cleaners)
From Newark: Take 273 E, turn Left on US 13 N/ Rt 40 E .6mi , Turn right on Jackson Ave right after you pass Wilmington College (pedestrian Cross walk)
All those who don't trust directions from Dirty Wet Pussy use your mapquest or tom tom.
Amber Alert
Big Tackle
Bunion Butt
Circle Jerk
Crusty Calves
Cums and Runs
Dancing Fool
Devil Woman
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Doggie Erectus
Family Jules
Fish Stick
Hot Pants
Lick Stick
Lost Boy
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Mount Me
Perfect Woman
Pickle Dick
Prom Queen
Rug Burn
Senior Sex Toy
Sister Maria
Target Practice
Up the Rear
Veggie Trail
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
Wet Lay
Hash Trash
800th Hash Trash
Good Time Had By All
So we had ourselves a hash on Saturday January the 2nd 2010, in honor of the 800th time we were dumb enough to go running for beer together.
The slobbering pack met up at a parking lot behind the American legion at 3 Jackson Street New Castle, De. Not to be confused with the rest of Jackson Street, which is way over on the other side of Rt 13. Many hashers showed up late with a variety of interesting excuses but none was brave or honest enough to say, "Damn! Its minus 20 outside, I thought it would be all right just to show up for the food." But you peoples know whom you are. Those of us who braved the parking lot for 5-20 minutes enjoyed champagne and Yagermeister to go with our cold brews.
Hashers Present, I think:
Lost Penis, Dirty Wet Pussy, Groper, Rug burn, Wet Lay, Bunion Butt, Skid marks, Lost Boy, Family Jewels, Butthead, Devil Woman, Just Beth, Just Kyle, Slutmaster, Senior Sex Toy, Himalaya, Mount Me, Sister Maria (H5), Fuzzbuster (H5), Amber Alert, Crusty Calves, Hot Pants, Pickle Dick, Cums and Runs, Veggie Trail, Lost Boy's Mom, Circle Jerk, Do Me on the Beach, Mouthful, Wickwacker, Doggie Erectus, LickStick, Up the Rear, Big Tackle, Beeper, Fish Dick, Just Victor, Prom Queen, Roadkill, Cribsnatcher, Dancing Fool, Target, Mary Fucking Poppins, and many, many others.
Perfect Woman, Gayblade, and Weird Al, I think were the hares.
So thus we stood around for a few minutes past 3:pm Hash time, waiting in vain for a few late running souls to show up and join us, before the wind-chill got to everybody, and
On! On!
The first mark pointed in the direction of Wilmington College. Ran into a field we did, than we ran back, for Weird Al, more or less live hared a few convenient arrows for us when trail seemed to not make a lot of sense.
On! On!
Out onto a pedestrian bridge we went that went across Route 13, there the FRB’s encountered Dancing Fool, in his classic Nissan Maxima, coming out from the real Jackson Street, probably still wondering where trail was to begin. We then encounter a check back. And have to run back across the bridge where we started.
On! On!
So true trail basically goes in the direction that we were going before, when we mistakenly/ but really unmistakably, thought it might go in that direction. We run south of Rt 13 for a minute and back through Wilmington College and through some neighborhood that was back there for a little while. Nobody dares cough, sneeze, or spit, for in this weather it would certainly be flung back in the form of an icicle in one’s face.
On! On!
We go through the woods for a bit and then cross a creek, which remains amazingly not frozen. Trail bangs a right on that dirt bike trail that we’ve hashed on a million times before. That goes roughly from the New Castle/ Wilmington Border, all the way to the Delaware River. Shortly after we encounter an "SS" that in this case stands for "Shot Stop", and after about 10 minutes of looking around Fish Stick picks up a black trash bag that, luckily for us, contained 2 bottles of YagerMeister and some Dixie cups instead of a severed head and torso, which is what one would normally expect to find in a black trash bag around that place. The rest of the pack eventually, and amazingly caught up and we enjoyed our YagerMeister, and another fine breeze that blew down at us from the river.
On! On!
Trail went further down the path, until there was yet another check back, and then trail went passed where trail went passed before, for a while in the direction of Wilmington. Amber Alert and MFP run in the front for a while, until they find the "BN" and a cooler that was much easier to find than the beverage at the last stop, behind a concrete barricade. Several Hashers find this barricade to be a successful windbreaker, and more than several hashers skip by the beer stop cause they can no longer feel their extremities.
On! On!
We go up a slippery hill, and out onto a field of some elementary school than back into a neighborhood until we find an On! In! marker, pointing in the general direction of B. So hashers come in one by one, and even though we have half of the American Legion Hall, a heated building mind you, rented out for this occasion, for a variety of reasons, we still had to circle out side! Yep that makes a lot of sense.
So penalties and awards are dished out. Somebody at some point tries to pull down Crusty Calves Trousers, so she spends the rest of the circle trying to pull down the RA, and several other peoples trousers.
We oprey at the Legion hall right by us and enjoy some roast chicken and meatballs, along with some cake and cookies. So, it takes the hash a whole 35 minutes to kill the keg in the back, and then we drink from bottles as we watch highlights from past hashes on the TV, including the documentary of the first hash and the party of the 700th run. Which I, am not at liberty to say if it was more fun than this one. – Cuz I wadn’t dare.
But what I do have the liberty to say is:
All and all it was another shitty trail! But the mini-pub crawl the next day was kind of nice.
Stay tuned for the next hash next week.
On! On!