Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:138
What:Hockessin Hash #138
When:Jan. 1, 1900
Where:Newark, DE
Hares:Dung Ho
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Hash Trash
H4H138: Marv Albert's Support Group or Dead Legs II
Location: Newark, Delaware
Number of hashers: 25 +/-
Total time: one hour twentyfive minutes
Trail rating: unique
Hares: Dung ho, Tom and Long Lost Dina
Weather: hot and humid
First In: "Handful ..." took the DOWN DOWN
The last time Dung Ho and Splat laid trail, the weather was comparable, but we were in danger of being overwhelmed by darkness. This day, we had four hours before dark and Splat was not with us. The hash started just south of a hot air fest at the University of Delaware. (The fest was about three days late.) We were told to enjoy ourselves and anyone not enjoying the hash was to do an immediate DOWN DOWN upon uttering a complaint. A lot of beer was used througout the hash. The hash started out following at least two long falses, before finding trail east and then north through the fields of the UDder's farms, after following another false almost immediately when on true trail. Finally we were on trail headed to the northeast through the fields and over to Rt. 72. Over, across, down and under we went. Through a tunnel 2 feet high and three miles long we squatted to deep shiggy. We traversed a small suburban stream, about the size expected if Spand Ox, Do Me, Beeper, Groper and Roadkill were to pee in unison. Travelling through poison ivy and stinging nettle, over or under the Amtrak tracks the pack came to the first beer stop. By this time several problems became evident with today's stroll: 1) the far ranging FRBs (FRFRBs) had dead legs and were acting more like Brittany Spaniels than German Short Haired Pointers, 2) the humidity/heat index was nearly offscale and 3) no one could figure out the checks. Two of the three problems resolved themselves within another fifteen minutes. From the beer stop, some heavy scouting was done and eventually trail was discovered to the north and then to the north again, sans one nasty checkback. Eventually we dumped out, after following another series of nasty checks and falses, onto Main Street and then Newark's Scarangello district/cemetary for a quick beer check with a short dash to the
ON IN at the Deer Park. The only time the FRBs showed any life was now, when beer was
scented near Main Street, causing them to work harder on trail, searching for the day's
Bra and Grill to settle into.
At the Deer Park, we consumed a wide range of yellow and brown beverages and the largest plates of nachos I've ever seen. DOWN DOWNs were performed for various reasons and then the hash broke up.
Once back at the vehicles, it was seen that Toxic Shock was all alone and in desperate need of male companionship. Being the chivalrous bastard I am, I decided to keep her company and see what would happen. Therefore we bundled together in a blanket on her car's hood waiting for something exciting to happen. Or at least Toxic was waiting for something exciting to happen. (I was already somewhat excited from the day's trail and being able to spend time with an intelligent woman. I know, "intelligent woman" is an oxymoron, but I can dream.) Over the course of our time in conversation, she kept having outbursts of yelling "Get it up! Get it up!" I tried. However, after a couple beers, it's hard for me to get anything up. Later, I found out that she was referring to a hot air balloon, which was supposed to inflate and show pretty colors throughout the night. Eventually a balloon did inflate, promptly lost heart and deflated, kind of like something else that night.
We had a meeting Wednesday night. Only two things were decided. The first being that there will be a 150th Hash on December 13th. The last being that the hares are responsible for the beer. The hash will reimburse them for up to @$80.
One thing I want to see is our hash begin to take on a distinct identity. Pittsburgh H3 is known for its Bummy's camping trip, Reading H3 for the Mud Fest, Tidewater H3 for its anything goes personality, etc... I would like to see us develop a personality and culture of our own. Having two large events a year and then another smaller couple events, in addition to our normal hashes would give us a framework to work from. This is going to require work and committment, but we are capable.
We need to stop hammering on the runners within the group. We have collectively the fastest set of FRBs I know of. There are no other hashes I have run with which have a front pack with the depth and speed we do. So stop complaining about us. We enjoy running and the schizoid way we are looked at is tiring. Let us run. It is the hares' responsibility to know the shortcuts and how to keep the front and rear packs in touch.
I am planning to head to the Reading H3's Santa Hash. Anyone interested, please see me. I've already asked for floor space that evening, if anyone else wants to stay over. Cost is $20 cash.
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