Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:132
What:Hockessin Hash #132
When:Jan. 1, 1900
Where:New Castle, DE
Likes It Long
Nothing here yet
Hash Trash
H4H132: The Birthday Hash
Location: War Memorial, Nude Castile
Number of hashers: 20 +/-
Total time: 45.3 min.
Trail rating: great
Hares: Likes It Long, Gomez, Cribsnatcher and a cast of dozens
Weather: bright and sunny - great for most activities, but horrible for hashing, too nice
This hash started with the usual laying of signs and then a surprize, instead of finding a false and then true trail, Beetle Dick found a false and then found another one. Usually, we find just one false and then true trail. The trail went east along I-95 towards the Delaware Memorial Bridge until it hit railroad tracks. Here a CB12 sent us down the tracks towards Nude Castile. Hit pavement and then we went into the shiggy alongside the tracks, still heading towards the town of nubile nymphs. Once in the wilds, trail went all over the place through grasslands and woodlands, meadows and forests. Eventually we came out on pavement for a little while with Rosebutt carrying an antlered skull. Here we dipped around a field with Doggie Style and Lt. (Knock 'em Out) Dan on point and Beetle Dick with Rosie (still carrying the skull) in line. Most everyone else shortcutted. The beer stop was swiftly located and destroyed. Directions were given for those into excessive athleticism to go back to the last check and start looking. The turkeys were advised to wait around a couple minutes for additional instructions.
The eagles took off and encountered the most exciting event of the day. In the middle of a field was a piece of black hose lying around. Well, it wasn't black hose, but a 6-8 foot long black snake. To make things more exciting, Rosie almost stepped on it and sent it flying into Material Girl, who promptly sent it off towards another person, etc... All this at full hash pace. It was kind of amazing that a snake was able to keep pace with us. From here we went around a pond and then into some shiggy and to a check leading to a drowned false. Unfortunately, the black snake was more interested in refreshments than running and had bailed out by this time, headed back to the beer. When it was determined that the difference between low and high tides had drowned part of the trail, we headed back to the check and George found true trail headed south. A little shortcutting and then a quick jog east sent us around several industrial sites to a nasty check. Running parallel to a fence, we caught the turkey trotters at a railroad crossing and then headed for a while on the ties that bind. Skirted another industrial park and slipping into some private areas did a little grassing. We came to the ON IN at a ballfield and the site of the Apres.
The more athletically inclined, including the delicious Cupcakes, Material Girl, Fungi and Rosebutt, decided to run back for the vehicles before partaking of the excellent repast. Along the way, it was discovered that not only does Cupcakes have a wonderful pair of Cs, but can run when she puts her mind to it.
The repast was a potluck barbeque with great food, especially the shrimp and shish kebab. Salsa abounded and beer was everywhere. Down Downs were performed for a variety of reasons, including the hares, First In, birthdays and virgins. Beers were chugged straight from the cans with a second hole expertly punched in every can by Village Idiot. Likes It Long introduced her brother (looked more like her father), Tom. It's amazing what hashing can do for keeping people young. Here we had several people in the same age range, 39-42 years old and the non-hasher was the only one who looked it. It was hard to believe that Likes It Long and her brother were only 3 years apart in age and not twenty. There's hope. Being his first hash, he left the Apres looking six months younger than when he arrived. If he can find a hash where he lives, he may actually youthen to the point of looking as gorgeous as the rest of us.
The White Clay Trail Club held its Sunday run from McGlynn's Tavern. The tastefully attired Material Girl spent the run in a menage a trois with Fungi in front and Rosebutt in from behind.
I hope she enjoyed herself. I did. Most Sundays at 9:00 a.m. we meet near McGlynn's Tavern on Red Mill Road. Talk with Kung Fuc or Swamp Bitch for details.
The 150th Hash will be December 20th. The general consensus is even though this is a great number, the timing is awkard for a real inter-hash blowout. Therefore, we will do something smaller and reserve the blowout for the 169th which will occur sometime in April.
Events I want to see happen:
Banged Up get a Hard On or Hard On Banged Up. My Cock Shoots Blanks take Target Practice. Flygirl get a Wet Spot while playing with a Woodpecker. Rosebutt have a Groper Do Me On the Beach. Likes It Long Lick It Clean. Cupcakes Wet Nurse Slimey Tongue. Love Traingle get over a Yeast Infection. Screaming Pussy becoming Dr. Climax. Artful Dodger not being Roadkill. Queer Balls playing with a Gay Blade. Lt. Dan going Doggie Style and not ending up with A Handful of Cum. Kung Fuc Swamp Bitch.
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