Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:132
What:Hockessin Hash #132
When:Jan. 1, 1900
Where:Elkton, MD
Hares:Mic Och Shoots Blanks
Target Practice
Nothing here yet
Hash Trash
H4H132: The Blow Me Hash
Location: Elkton, Maryland
Number of hashers: 30 +/-
Total time: 52.2 min.
Trail rating: wet
Hares: Target Practice with My Cock Shoots Blanks
Weather: 100 % humidity
After the challenging and envigorating NV500th, it was nice to be back to H4 and an easy woods crawl. The location of this hash was a rednecked bar someplace west of Elkton and east of Rising Scum. Finding this place was easy but dangerous. First you had to head through the secondary headquarters of the local KKK and Neo-Nazis: Elkton. This is where the rejects from the Rising Scum Chapters go. Apparently being within sight of an institution of higher learning disqualifies one from full membership in these depositories of Amerikan Kulture. Something about the liberalism wearing off and contaminating the pure Aryan Blood. Well anyway, it was easy to find due to the rows of good and upright Amerikans forming an escort for us breeds to the ON ON.
The hash started in a light rain with the normal directions to head in some general direction. Rosebutt and Beetle Dick started off at full trot and were followed by the rest of the hash. We dove into a wooded area and followed winding trail through the wetness. A series of wet checks, falses and checkbacks led us through the deepening gloom. Eventually, after the FRBs continually changed and the usual crowd was totally confused, we came to a beer stop on a stretch of gravel in a future site of American suburbia. From here it was an easy 500 yards before trail disappeared and the hare started to be as confused as the rest of us. The the decomposing hare went "live" to lead us through the confused second growth to the site of the original beer stop and the only real running of the evening.
Once we hit road again it was an easy trot to the ON IN. Kung Fuc and Beetle Dick were in a drag race (blue dresses, matching red panties and bras, yellow nylons and shiny black racing flats), while the heterosexual Rosebutt and Doggie Style were keeping each other company. Gomez and others were not far behind. Eventually, Kung Fuc pulled in front and Beetle Dick had to cum in from behind him. Rosebutt meanwhile, prefering to be the aggressor eventually took Doggie Style by a couple of curly hairs and nothing else. She's really learning to run and may eventually displace the male FRBs. So much for another Citadel of maleness.
Down Downs were performed for the assembled after a feast of pasta on mayo, potatoes on mayo and steamed weinies. Not much more than a drowning of hares, shirt violation and fifth runs composed this ceremony. Then it was on to some more white mayo based foods and what appeared to be beer, but could have been Coors Light.
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