Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:149
What:Hockessin Hash #149 - Christmas Hash
When:Jan. 1, 1900
Where:Dickinson High School, Wilmington, DE
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Hash Trash
H4H149: Christmas Hash 1997 or Trail by Committeee
Location: Dickinson High School
Number of hashers: 40-60
Total time: 70 minutes
Hares: a cast of thousands
Weather: cool for July, warm for December
First In: What About Bob?
The day dawned bright and clear: what a change from most of the fall when we were drowning on trail more often than not. This day was our Christmas Hash, so the bodies were piling up at the start of the day's endeavors. We started with the now perfunctory laying of signs, kind of like sex on the Spice Channel, interesting the first few times, but there's only so many ways to repeat the moves. Anyway, we started out ramming through a most outstanding site of America's bloodlust. Then we hedged our bets and returned through the red-stained field of broken dreams and bodies. A couple of us shortcutted around and found a "4" totally unrelated from any obvious part of the trail. Apparently a great piece of committee work was operating here. From this point on, the direction was pretty obvious, head towards the Apres and hope trail coincided with the direction you're headed.
We crossed fences and creeks, went under and over and eventually skirted Delcastle Recreation Area. From here on in, it was to the ON IN. On the way, though, there were a few interesting events of note. First and most important was the was the beer/cognac/pickled herring stop, nicely done with the flavors of Copenhagen. This was especially nice considering it followed an important stop in Scotland: Arundel. The second and least important event was watching Stun Gun pick up bows. Finally, as a finale, our Lotta Fagina crossed a creek and promptly tried setting her Womanhood on my Manhood, but missed, settling for the cold hard ground. Then it was through the part of trail obviously set by Rubber to the ON IN.
So much for the early part of the evening. The next event, besides guzzling liquid tree bark, was a quick series of DOWN DOWNS. The evening was still young, so it was time to do the gift exchange, following an extremely complicated formula devised by Village Idiot. Basically, it involved the passing around a case of beer, several bottles of wine and a couple of porno videos. The gifts were eventually disposed of, along with a bottle of Champagne into Lotta Fagina, and then it was on to some serious ass kissing. Somehow, we all were corralled onto a bus and herded down to Red Lion.* The highlights of the trip were a rousing version of "The Twelve Days of Hashmas" and the excitement generated by the bets taken on when Lotta Fagina was going to lose the 12 Jello Shooters, 11 Golden Molsons, 10 Cognac shots, ... she consumed before boarding the bus. It seems she got recently Flamed and was trying to obliterate the brain cells which caused this incredible case of poor judgment.
Once down at Red Lion, several people decided to water the scenery while waiting for the procession to the suits and uniforms. Eventually, someone knocked out our lights and then a strange bearded fellow in a red suit hashed across a rooftop. We promptly started forward, with bells on, toward this spectacle, hoping to be part of it. Once there, we dropped our toys and proceeded to confuse the inhabitants of the house before proceeding back to the bus (where we rewatered the scenery.) A short while later, we were back at Dickinson High School. From here, some proceded back to the Apres to finish the food. Others simply went home. A few rousing Christmas carols were followed by me leaving for home and having no idea of what followed.
A couple of thoughts of note: the light spectacle was wonderful, and the chance to see it great. However, I would much rather have spent my time kissing asses which had been covered in panties, not wearing fatigues or suits. What we did was good and fun, but on the way down, we lost a lot of people and then afterwards, a lot more scattered to other places. Having everyone together another hour or so would have been nice, but bus trips tend to scatter people when they're done.
Of special note was the excellent quality of the food and the pretty Christmas tree. Unusually notable was the excellent trail by committee, proving that the normal perverseness of hashers destroyed the cliche "Death by Committee".
* This was our way of dropping off our Toys for Tots, a legal and moral way of thanking the Marines for their physical support in times past.
Sooner than we think, our 169th will be here. The word from our GM is that, "WE WILL GO FULL OUT, NO HOLDS BARRED", for this event. I look at this as a chance to push our creativity to the very edges and put together an event to remember. A meeting to organize this will be held in early January.
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