Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:146
What:Hockessin Hash #146
When:Jan. 1, 1900
Where:The Jewish Community Center at 101 Garden of Eden Rd, Wilmington, DE
Kung Fuc
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Hash Trash
H4H146: Brandywine Blues
Location: Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Talleyville
Number of hashers: 25 - 30
Total time: 90 minutes
Hares: virgins hares Anti-Christ and Dina "The Ripper" Sa, with technical advice from Kung Fuc
Weather: cool
First In: Rosebutt took the Down Down for Roadkill
The day dawned wet with more wet coming. Naturally this was the weekend. So what else is new? (Definately not this opening.) Starting at the JCC was a great idea. There were toilets there we could actually use before starting into the bushes. After everyone flushed their pasts down the toilet and into the big sewer of Wilmington, we got started with the usual signs, symbols, portents and prophecies. None of which profitted us. Right off the bat, (bats are faster than e-mail and not as costly), I feel that anyone who really knows an area, should be disqualified from either running that hash or writing about it. Being shown the direction we were to start in, the rest was simple logic. Go either right or left at the top of the fire road and keep bearing generally towards where Rocky Run and the Brandywine River meet. So, at the top of the fire road, the trail went to the right and then kept going in the general direction of those poisonous cesspools of American cuisine along Rt. 202 and Rocky Run Parkway. Once here, we crossed the results from the septic tanks of several sub-divisions and the Concord Mall's Food Court. Over a field and down a slippery slope of confusion, going right, then dodging left. We passed through the Boy Scout camping area, sans Boy Scouts in need of education in the intimate arts (in fact there were no Boy Scouts at all) to the bottom of the hill and where Roadkill and I blew trail, making a REALLY bad guess about trail direction. From here on it is surmized that the trail made a quick attempt at climbing the fire road before giving up the effort, heading to a beer stop at Thompson's Bridge. I heard several people made the beer stop twice, liking the loop so much. Eventually, the trail climbed to the ON IN with everyone joining Roadkill and myself back at the vehicles.
This was a nice hash. Many a day I spent breaking through trees bowed over with ice or slipping down the icy trail while the water flowed up to my knees. Who can forget the wistful memories of chasing hot little does while avoiding the big bucks. Those were the days and this hash brought back many a fond memory of the trees I watered and places I dumped. (It helps to know the leaves in this situation.) Many a blissful sigh was recalled along with all the wonderful grunts and groans. So much for the warm memories.
Getting to the hare's home was an exercise of hashing expertise. The map wasn't bad, as long as you knew where you were going. Only about half the hash made the Apres. The rest are still probably wandering about trying to figure where they are and where they are going. Chili, bread and salad were washed down with copius amounts of beer and then Down Downs were performed. One of which entailed Dina getting locked in the bedroom while attempting a quick change of beer soaked togs.
This place of bachelorhood showed the literary side of our hare. In his library were masterpeices of literature: The Book of Guys, The Book of Infants, The Book of Toddlers, The Book of Boys, The Book of Pubescent Males, The Book of Men and The Complete Book of How to Have and Enjoy Them All, by Dave Barry. I assume all this reading material is Dina's and was accidently left out. The really disturbing books were: The Complete Four Minute Miler, The Complete Book of Running, Running For Speed, The Complete Competitor and 101 Ways Sexual Abstinence Improves the Dedicated Racer.
The December 6 hash will be the start of three weekends of collecting for TOYS FOR TOTS. We have used a lot of Marine Corps gear (and a lot of Marines) over the years. This is a small and legal way of saying "Thank You". Therefore, please bring one unwrapped toy to any of the three December pre-Christmas hashes, December 6, 13 or 20 and feel like you have done your good Boy (Girl) Scout deed for the year. Remember, this is "Toys For Tots", not "Toys for Oversexed Adults". That comes at our Christmas party.
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