Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:723
What:Hockessin Hash #723
When:July 9, 2008
Where:1117 Kelly Drive, Newark, DE
Hares:Circle Jerk
Do Me On the Beach
What: Hockessin Hash #723
When: Wednesday, July 9, at 6:30PM
Where: Do Me and Circle Jerk's place 1117 Kelly Dr, Newark DE
Who: Circle Jerk and Do Me on the Beach
D'erections: From intersection of Rt 7 (Limestone Rd) and Kirkwood Highway:
Northwest on Limestone Rd. 4.3 miles. Turn Left on Little Baltimore Rd. Straight thru first 4-way stop. Left at second 4-way stop (Doe Run Rd) 0.7 miles. Right on Yeatmans Mill Rd. First right on Kelly. Last house on Kelly. Park and hash. If lost call
Other information -- PI factor = low (not much PI on asphalt). Deer fly factor = high. Bring lawn chairs.
Circle Jerk
Do Me On the Beach
Pickle Dick
Poo Fucker
Woody Woodpecker
Yeast of Burden
Hash Trash
Hash Trash - Do Me in the Circle Jerk Wednesday July 9th
Hares: Do Me and Circle Jerk
Where: Straddling the crack of PA and DE
When: Sometime after 6:30 PM
So, we're sitting around waiting for the fucking Beermeister (I'm really starting to resent that guy), and the most beautiful Hare in the world, Do Me On the Beach, offers all the very thirsty Hashers her own personal beer. Iced down perfect wonderful beer. What a beautiful person she is. I love her dearly.
We circle up, once the fucking fuck Beermeister finally shows up, and yes, Poo Phucker has brought a Virgin. Lovely lovely virgins. The spawn of Wet Lay has becum (AGGGGG!!!) a good upstanding Hasher.
A little after 7:00 PM, the pack is off and walking through the woods. Flour marks are few and far between due to the massive rain showers, but we are "On Hare". Through the woods we go, and out to the road, and then straight up. Lots and lots and lots of hills, and much pavement. Finally, we are on some soft trail back in the woods, and we cum (agggggggg!! ) across a Turkey / Eagle split.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this type of trail, for future reference, always remember that the Turkey is a Tough trail, and the Eagle is typically easy. Just remember T for Tough, and E for Easy.
Through some water we went, so refreshing. Here I have to pause since a phenomenal occurrence took place on Wednesday. Woody, the driest Hasher to ever live, FELL OFF OF A LOG INTO THE FUCKING WATER!!!!!!! I have lived for this day!!!! I never ever thought that I would see Woody wet. I mourn the fact that it did not happen on my own trail, but I must say "BRAVO" to Circle Jerk for finally ending Woody's reign of dryness. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! You are the Hare Extraordinaire!
After running for about 15 extremely dry miles, we finally cum (AGGGGGG!!!) to a Beer stop. We see Pickle Dick pumping a teeny tiny keg of Heiney into eensey weensey tiny cups. The whole scene is just so cute! He must have shaken that little baby keg pretty good, BECAUSE WE"RE ONLY GETTING FUCKING HEAD OUT OF THIS STUPID KEG OF BEER!!!!!!
On On Bitches. We walk another half mile to the On - In. I have to say this is the first Hash where the Beer Stop is at the end of the trail. Very interesting.
Back at the Do Me in the Circle Jerk Homestead, we see that Delinkwent and STD have cum (AGGGGGGGG!! !) on out to the Hash. They are both made of Sugar, and didn't want to melt in the rain, so they came (AGGGGGGG!!! !) late.
Circle Up you Fuckin Fucks!!! Our wonderful Religious Adviser decided to go to a Baseball game instead of cumming (AGGGGGGG!!! ) to the Hash, so Butthead fills the hole. Please make Skidmarks drink for ditching the Hash for fucking Baseball. Please?
The Hares drink for having a shitty trail, Chevrolet Shortcutters drink for not doing the trail, the Virgin drinks, and all traveling Hashers who went to Reading for the 4th drink. Down downs for all! On inside for food. Yummy yummy yummy food! Meatballs and cheesy potatoes for everyone!!!! Do Me breaks out some wine, and everyone has a fine fucking time. Great Hashpitality you Fucking Fucks!
Thanks for welcoming the Hash into your home and for Haring.
On On till Next Week you Fuckin Fucks. You're next version of Hash Trash will be written by by the beautiful, talented, and well endowed STD.
On On
Yeast of Burden