Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:722
What:Hockessin Hash #722 - Red, White and Blue Hash
When:July 2, 2008
Where:4901 Chester Creek Road, Brookhaven, PA
What: "Well it's that time of year again for the Deadhead and Gomez RED WHITE & BLUE Hash (Hockessin Hash #722) -- we will never replace the original FANCY PANTS RWB** Hash, but we keep it going."
When: Wednesday, July 2, 2008 at 6:30pm
Where: "We got permission from the Hashing gods to leave NEWARK for a week and Hash in Brookhaven, PA. to be exact: 4901 Chester Creek Rd. Brookhaven Pa 19015. We will start in the parking lot directly across the street from Blast Fitness Center."
Who: Uncle Sam and his Yankee Doodle Deadhead
What Else: Bring a dry bag and lawn chair and .... your patriotic outfits (flag bikinis are perfectly patriotic for females ... males, you'll be desecrating the flag).
D’erections: From Delaware take I-95 north Take exit #5/Kerlin St. as you are cuming off the exit you will arrive at a traffic light this is Kirlin ST. turn left go 0.4 mi and turn left on Upland Ave (CITGO GAS STATION) go 0.2 mi turn right on 6th street, continue on this street it will change its name to Bridgewater RD you should be on this for about 1.2 mi at the second traffic light bear left on Bridgewater Rd for 0.1 mi then bear right on Chester Creek Rd 0.1 mi the parking lot will be on your left.
If you need you can call Gomez
Dancing Fool
Devil Woman
Dirty Wet Pussy
Thunder Thighs
Tinsel Tits
Toxic Shock
Toxic Waste
Up the Rear
White Trash
Yeast of Burden
Hash Trash
Hash Trash July 2
Where: Scenic Chester
When: Wednesday July 2nd, 6:30 PM
Why: Because we're stupid
Hares: Gomez and Dead Head
We gather in a parking lot somewhere in Chester. It's a beautiful evening, and great to be outside after a hard day's work. The only problem is "WE HAVE NO BEER!!!!". I'm sensing a theme.
One of the Hares, Gomez, is busy giving directions on a cell phone, while riding his bike around. Then he gives chalk talk, while wearing a retard helmet. It's all very un-hash like, but quite entertaining just the same.
Two virgins are brought into the circle, can't remember thier geek names, but one's a Black Guy and the other a hot Spanish Chick. Gomez made the Black guy cum (aggg!!!), and Groper made the Spanish chick cum (AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! !!!!!!).
The Pack is off before all the Hash can get into the parking lot and out of the cars, a common occurance when the Old Men are Hares.
We cross a stream about three times, the same stream. Some people collect ribbons, we have one beer stop, and then we get an On In mark about a half mile from the cars. The trail might have been (I said Might) a mile. I guess when you're an old man, you have to keep your activities short.
Back at the Parking Lot, we run into Thunder Things, who didn't wear any Red, White, or Blue, Toxic (2 legged Hasher), and Tinsel Tits. Here in time for the beer!
We circle back at Gomez's house. Thunder Things drinks for being unamerican, and for skipping trail. Toxic (2 legged Hasher) and Tinsel drink for skipping too. The Visitors from Blue Hen, Sporto, Toxic (3 legged Hasher), and Butthead drink for visiting. We sing Happy Birthday Fuck You to Up The Rear. Devil drinks for something, and won't show her titties. Dirty Wet Pussy drinks for being a Chevrolet Short Cutter. The Virgins and the Justs drink many times, as do the Hares (you fucking fucks).
We name one of the Virgins (Just Black Man) who dragged some of Dancing Fools trash under his car when leaving for the Apres. His new name, White Trash. We're all going to Hell. Do you think he'll be back?
We eat and we drink (Thank you Gomez for providing Veggie Burgers!).
Please be sure that you provide your d'erections and start locations to Hornblower and Devil Woman. He will send the information to the Hash via email, and she will post to the website. Email addresses for Devils is as follows: devilwoman@prodigy. net and hbgallagher@ yahoo.com.
See ya next week.
Yeast of Burden