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Hash Details
Hash Number:721
What:Hockessin Hash #721 - Dirty Wet 3rd Analversary!
When:June 25, 2008
Where:Christiana Pub, Newark, DE
Hares:Dirty Wet Pussy
What: Hockessin Hash #721, Dirty Wet 3rd Analversary!
Where: Christiana, Delaware
When: Wednesday, June 25, 2008, at 6:30PM
Who: Dirty Wet Pussy
Whaddya Wanna Do About It: Yeah, we’re back in Newark after only one a long week at work, but not crossing old trail ... unless your short cutting or you really want to go back throughout the same swampy mess of last week. ... It's your choice.
D’erections: From Wilmington/Phila., I-95 S to Exit 3 toward US-40 Dover. Merge onto Rt. 273 East, at the third light turn left (old Baltimore pike is right, this is also old rt 7, go like your going to the mall ... go a little less than1/2 mile turn at the sign for Lafayette building 1 & 2, look for Hashers and Park, you will be in the parking lot kind of behind the Christiana Pub (10 West Main St., Christiana DE ... here is the address for those using GPS) if you go to the first light (after turning off Rt. 273) turn Left and the left again into Peddlers Village, go to the back lot behind the main buildings ... Park and Hash.
Bring a dry bag and a chair for the Apres.
(PS, make sure to violate DWP for endless typos (which I fixed) including one I missed in my previous post, giving an address for a GPS of 10 west Maine Street)
Bare Assed Her
Crash Test Dummy
Crusty Calves
Dancing Fool
Devil Woman
Dirty Wet Pussy
Doggie Erectus
Hot Pants
Lost Boy
Mount Me
Prom Queen
Thunder Thighs
Up the Rear
Yeast of Burden
Hash Trash
Dirty Wet's Third Analversary and Birthday Hash
Wednesday June 25, 2008 6:30 P.M.
Hared by: Dirty Wet Pussy and Jerkules
That was one of the best Hashes I've ever been on, and the first one that I ever had to swim. So much Shiggy, thorns, Poison Ivy, and deep water - Hell Yah Mutha Fuckas!!!! I'll have oozing Poison Ivy all over my body for the next six months, but it was damn worth it.
Hasher's began to gather to find a parking lot of other Hashers - and NO FUCKING BEER!!!! Thank God Deathwish had some Captain Ahab that I could drink. Cum (AGGGGGGGGGG!!!!) on BeerMeister, what the hell? Can you get there before 6:30? It's not like we're not cumming (AGGGGGGGGGG!!!) out for beer.
We see some faces that have been absent for some time: Crusty Calves, Bare Ass Her, Wish Bone Her, Bitchard, Thunder Things, Jerkules, Delinquent, Prom Queen, and Up The Rear (and so sorry if I've missed other Fucks). Mount Me and Gay Blade are able to cum (AGGGGGGGG!!!!) out for the trail this week. HotPants shows up for two consecutive H4 Hashes - Holy Crap!!! Welcome back from being out of town STD, Grand M-Ass-ter Butthead, and Devil Woman (Hey - were you all out of town together? What's going on with that?). Dancing Fool shows up wearing a pair of extremely tight blue velvet womens low riding pants (Fucking HOT I say). Himalaya cums (AGGGGGGGGGG!!!) out to take the Hash Flash (missed ya last week). Thanks for Cumming (AGGGGGGG!!!) all you Fuckin Fucks! Welcome back to the Fucking Hash!
Circle Up!! And the call for virgins goes out. Just Tina goes into circle, although she just hashed the week before at the Blue Hen Hash on 6.20. Amazing what Hashers will do to try to get out of paying Five Bucks. She should fit right in. Hey Ped, maybe you can give her some tips going forward on how to rip off the Hash (thanks again Ped for paying from last week, you know I'm just fucking with you).
And we get off, um, I mean We're Off! The Pack is almost immediately plunged into the land of Poison Ivy through the woods, across a Marsh, and across a creek. Deathwish once again mistakes Skidmarks for a woman, because he looks so much like a pretty girl from behind, and tackles Skid into the creek as he's crossing. A little humping action ensues, and then he lets Skid up after he finishes. Deathwish is such a gentleman, and Skid seemed like he truly enjoyed it. Ahhh, Hash love....
We're out of the creek, and up through a hillside full of Burn Hazel and Poison Ivy. We gather under a Bridge with On On spelled out in rocks. Nice Touch Hares! Although it's not a Beer stop at this time, Fuckin Fucks Dead Head and Gomez find the hidden beer and drag it out for the pack. Way to Fuck the Hares! Please note that Dead Head and Gomez NEVER WENT ON TRAIL the entire Hash. They actually ended up on last week's trail, which was WAAAAYYYY OUT OF THE WAYYYYYY!!!
Deathwish and Toby play in the water while other Hashers watch and feel good because so far, they've stayed pretty dry (except for Skid). We all should have known better. After all, it is a Dirty Wet Pussy Trail.
On On through very tall Poison Ivy and Burn Hazel. Yeah, this time next week, anyone who has a tendency to get Poison Ivy, will have it. And it will be BAD.
We cum (AGGGGGGG) to another creek, and jump in to cross - GOD DAMN this shit is kind of deep. Looks pretty narrow to be that deep. On On we go following flour, and wait a minute, the trail just ends at the water. We don't see any marks at the other side either. Here cums (AGGGGGG!!!) Dirty Wet Pussy, and directs us where to go. When she laid the trail, water wasn't there. IT'S FUCKING TITAL YOU FUCKING HARES!!!! So into the water we go, looking for the Flour marks showing under the water. Skid yells CHECK! That's right Hashers, you CAN see the marks under the water. We actually do have clean water in DE!!!
So out of the water we go, and through another set of woods, thorns, and yes, more Poison Ivy. This trail fucking sucks! There's not even a trail to follow, the flour is thrown on nasty patches of PI and thorn bushes. Don't worry, the cuts in our skin will allow the Poison Ivy to get into our blood stream much more effectively.
We cum (AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG - that one was for Wick Wacker) to another water crossing, and this time it's a FUCKING LAKE!!! Hot Pants is the first to jump in, and he cannot touch bottom. The Pack literally swims across. In order to pull yourself up the muddy bank, you must grab onto the Poison Ivy branches and hoist yourself up. Nice trail Hares, you Fucking Fucks.
On On back over a creek we already crossed and back under the bridge. At this point, we see the Hare Jerkules (you Fuck!) under the bridge. We can either go back through massive PI, or run down the road back to the start. But first, if you take the road, you must squeeze through a miniscule Hole through a fence (Lost Boy, you are Agile. Family Jewels is a might lucky gal).
Hot Pants, Lost Boy, and myself stop to help a young woman in distress and push her car off of 273 and into the Comfort Inn. Where were the rest of you selfish Fucks? Oh, that's right, you were RUNNING PAST US BACK TO THE BEER!!!! Bastards.
Trail ends and we circle up. The Hares drink for having a really shitty trail. Dead Head and Gomez drink for Fucking Up the Beer stop, and then they drink some more for not following trail, oh, and First In too. We sing Happy Birthday Fuck You! to Dirty Wet Pussy. She drinks along with Jerkules, because when one Fucking Fuck Hare drinks, all Fucking Fuck Hares drink! Skid drinks for a massive contusion on his knee - if you're going to Hash Crash, it's better to go all out with that shit.
On In to the apres at Dirty Wet Pussy's house where incredible Mexican Food was served, and Beer and Wine was consumed. Although I have to point out that we had to eat our food without ANY BEER because the BeerMeister underestimated the needed amount, and had to go get more for the Apres. Furthermore, he GOT LOST while getting beer!! Doggie, shouldn't you know that area by now? Oh, and I have to mention, that somehow, Port A Ho was able to get a beer. She had to be very very protective of that lone beautiful little beer. Not sure how you got out of there alive Sista.
Beer arrives, and we drink, and we eat, and we attempt to be Merry Hashers. Wish-Bone-Her brings in some Jello Shots, and all is well in the land of H4 Hashers.
All in all, a great time was had. Shitty Hash, Shitty Hash, Shitty Hash!!!
Yeast of Burden