Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:719
What:Hockessin Hash #719
When:June 11, 2008
Where:Pennsville, NJ
What: Hockessin Hash #719
When: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 6:30pm
Where: Pennsville, Zoo Jersey
Who: Roadkill and Gomez
What to Bring: Dry bag, lawn chair, bug spray - remember you are in Zoo Jersey.
D’erections: Get yourself to New Jersey - for most of you that will involve going over the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Take the first exit, Rt. 49 East, and go a couple miles. Go past the 4th traffic light ~1/4 mi. There's a shopping center on the right, park on the south end. By the auction and get ready to hash ....
Itchy and Scratchy
Night Deposit
Pickle Dick
Principal Fuckup
Sir Jacks A Lot
Sly Fox
Yeast of Burden
Hash Trash
Here we go again. So sorry that I've been amiss in my Hash Trash duties (Thank you Hornblower for filling in (you fuckin fuck). As soon as my ass shows up, all I hear is whining little babies crying "where's the Hash Trash Yeast? Where's my precious little Hash Trash?"
YOU WANT YOUR FUCKING HASH TRASH? HUH BITCHES????? !!!!!!!! Well, I'm going to give it to you just the way you like it - Straight up the poop shooter!!!
So the trail starts off before everyone is even in the fricken parking lot. Nice job Hares. Will it fuckin kill you to wait a mere half hour to start your little tiny trail? It's not like it was anywhere near 3 miles. People couldn't even finish getting properly high for god's sake!
So we're off, and running through a neighborhood. Nice hood it was. So running, running, a few checks, more houses, really interesting I tell you. Can you tell how interesting this particular trail was? I wish I could say more about it, but really, it was just a road and some houses. Good times. On On.
Oh, forgot to mention a few things, Groper fell, and Night Deposit pussied out of trail due to an incredibly tiny patch of poison ivy that she could have jumped over. We all had one beer at the Beer check, and some of the later arrivals didn't even get that. Hey Beer Meister, can you be more stingy with the Beer please? Really, none of us go to the Hash for Beer. I swear it.
So, back at circle. Groper does a Down Down for falling, and gets massively groped by Skid (Good one Skid). Visitors Radar, Principal Fuck Up, and Sly Fox do multiple down downs for multiple made up reasons. Thanks for cumming (AGGGGGGGHHHHHHH) visitors, please Cum (AGGGHGGHGHHHH! !!) again!
Pickle Dick does a Down Down for having a Yodleling Pickle in his pocket (LOVED IT Pickle!). Deathwish, do you think you can find one of those?
And the Birthday Boy (Happy Birthday Fuck You!) gets a song and a down down. Gomez joins him because when one Sucky Hare drinks, both Sucky Hare's drink.
We Have Namings, We Have Namings... Welcome to Mouthful, Sir Jacks A Lot, and Itchy and Scratchy to the Cult, oops - um, I mean Hash. You are now named, and can never leave. Don't try, we will find you.
Of course I must mention the incredible amount of abuse that Itchy and Scratchy took from Skidmarks during her naming. Skid was fuckin crazed. Will someone please give Skid sex? Really, he's under a lot of stress, and he's going through a dry spell. No woman is safe until he can shoot his cum (AGGGGGG) into someone's hole (and probably any hole will do). So, if you are female, and breathing, please look Skid up so the rest of us can rest easy in circle.
On On to the Apres. Wishboner locked her keys into her car, and half the Hash had to help retrieve them (Wish, maybe you should have done trail instead). The Hash ate 200 chicken wings in 5 minutes. We also polished off about 10 pizzas, and 2 large sheet cakes. These fucks can eat!!! Collectively, the Hash also sabatoged Quiz nite at AJays.
Overall, shitty Hash shitty Hash, but there's no place I would have rathered been. Love you guys, and it's great to be Hashing again.
On On