Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:717
What:Hockessin Hash #717
When:May 28, 2008
Where:White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church
Hares:Perfect Woman
Pickle Dick
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
What: Hockessin Hash #717
When: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 6:30pm
Where: Eastern suburbs of Newark, DE
Who: Weird Al, Pickle Di*k, Perfect Woman
D'erections: From I-95, take the Rt. 273 West exit towards Newark. Go approx 3.5
mile turn right on Rt 2 East (Kirkwood Hwy) and follow 1.5 miles. Turn
left at the Red Mill Shops onto Polly Drummond Hill Road, go about 100
yards on the left is a parking lot. Look for hashers.
(Above are the hares' directions. They are leading us to the parking lot for the White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church, website has map and directions ... The website directions from the church are correct except the Amoco is now a BP and Lyons hardware is no more. The website says to exit Redmill Rd from 273 then left on Redmill Rd. This is shorter than going all the way down 273 to kirkwood hwy.Pickle D)
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