Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:293
What:Hockessin Hash #293 - The Red, White, and Blue Hash
When:July 5, 2000
Where:Christiana River boat ramp on Churchmans Road
Hares:Circle Jerk
Do Me On the Beach
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Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Wednesday July 5, 2000
For the health and welfare of the H4
Hash Trash Run #293
The Red, White, and Blue Hash
On a beautiful day, following a glorious 4th of July weekend, about 25 magnificent hounds of the H4 met at the Christiana River boat ramp on Churchmen's Road in the cute, little, itty-bitty state of Delaware.This was in spite of the usual fucked-up Hash de-erections on our website that had us going in the wrong direction off of I-95. Perhaps microsoft should automatically include their "Fatal error... Illegal operation...shut down" flag under our de-erections paragraph.
Anyway, we all made it before hares Do Me on the Beach, and Circle Jerk signaled a pre 7 PM launch into the thrills and spills of the Hash. Still in dire need of a Hash Horn, our drag-ass crowd of party animals managed a few pitiful wails of "On, On!" as we charged out upon the great expanse of ass-fault. And we did indeed have to traverse a lot of ass-fault until we finally got into the woods. The trail was longish and we were out for over an hour, but the physical challenge was something to scoff at---no mean hills, no thorn-laden shiggy, no dank culverts, and no cyclone fences to climb over. We did, however, have enough mud patches and water crossings to mess up our sneakers.
After a welcomed beer stop, we were back into sequential blocks of ass-fault, shiggy, and open fields that gave us a chance to do what we do best---trespass on private property. Eventually, we came to a fork in the trail marked with an "E" or a "T" with arrows that pointed one way for "Eagles" (nitwits who like to run a longer trail) and the other way for "Turkeys" (culturally advanced bail-out experts and natural SCB's).
Those of us who chose the "E" fork really did get forked. Shiggy galore capped off with a CB (or was it an F indicating that we were indeed getting "Forked"?) that suggests a seriously warped sense of humor shared by our soon to be married hares. But we did make it back to the On-In at the boat launch area where we circled-up for announcements, songs, and Down-Downs before driving a few miles to Do Me's home for the Apres. In keeping with the holiday spirit, our opening song was sparked by a recording of Kate Smith at a Flyers hockey game singing her famous rendition of "God bless my underpants...". At the Apres, it was lovely indeed to take a cooling dip in the pool and scuzz it up with beer and chips before attacking tasty pots of pasta and meatballs.
Upcumming Shit
Sangria Sunday July 16th Chadds Ford Winery about 2PM
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Lowe's Lakeview Campgrounds, Laurel, DE
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