Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:278
What:Hockessin Hash #278
When:April 1, 2000
Where:Newark, DE
Hares:Mad Hatter
Nothing here yet
Bumper Humper
Bunion Butt
Digital Dick
Dung Ho
Frequent Farter
Hot Lips
Hot Pants
Hot Pink Ho
Lick It Clean
Mad Hatter
Make Me an Offer
Mic Och Shoots Blanks
Screaming Pussy
Target Practice
Wet Nurse
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Saturday April 1, 2000
Run #278 - The Fool's Hash
A beautiful Spring day saw a mobilization of rabid hounds in a U. of Delaware parking lot, tantalizingly close to the Deer Park watering hole in Newark. At about 3:30, the mangy hares, Mad Hatter and Snack, unleashed the pack into the dank and eerie forests around us. The hounds who had the brains and/or moral rectitude to participate in this event (on a scale of 1 to 10, the average being -15) were: Hot Lips, Hot Pants, Bunionbutt, Wet Nurse, Bumper Humper, Sub Penus, Beeper, Gomez, Roadkill, Slutmaster, Rosebutt, CribSnatcher, Groper, Himalaya, Screaming Pussy, Make Me an Offer, Dung Ho, Woodpecker, Deadhead, WorldWideWeb, Lick it Clean, Digital Dick, and Hornblower.
The feckless (i.e., sex-starved) hounds careened wildly over soggy marshland and through trails amply laced with thorns and recycled land mines from the Franco-Prussian war. But that was nuttin'. The volcanoes and earthquakes on trail were nuttin'. We were not even distracted by the sight of a magical neon cross in the sky that brought three wiseguys from Toys R Us to a manger behind McDonalds where they were praying to (preying on??) a babe wrapped in swaddling toys and video games, who was Elian Gonzales. Nothing impressed us as much as two diabolical water crossings---one knee deep and the other ass deep--- through an icy cold river that was probably the Delaware, just south of the Del. Memorial Bridge.
Men's voices went up a couple of octaves as they experienced an anatomical reaction that went way beyond mere shrinkage. This water converted ordinary testicles into flash frozen peas. We knew the hares were going to pay for cruelty. And so, counting in a much needed beer stop, we suffered the normal indignities of Hashing for over an hour. The bombed-out buildings, reconstruction sites, checkbacks and falses spawned by evil and perverse minds, and all the nasty surprises that Mother Nature threw at us, were all deftly handled by the Hasher veterans until the ultimate shock of our running past the Deer Park en route to our Apres somewhere else. Our reward came a few blocks later when we gathered in the back yard of Snack's house for stacks of pizza and lotsa beer--- for which we had worked up a good appetite and thirst. We circled up for our religious ceremony led by our most reverend and righteous Advisor, and we proceeded to serenade the hares and a passel of Hashus Interrupti, notably: Mic Och Shoots Blanks, Target Practice, Hot Pink Ho, Kevin Cao, Frequent Farter, and Dave Acevedo.
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