Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:273
What:Hockessin Hash #273
When:Feb. 26, 2000
Where:Park & Ride Rt. 896 and Rt. 4, Newark, DE
Hares:Dung Ho
Stumpy the Sex Dwarf
Nothing here yet
Bumper Humper
Dung Ho
Hot Pants
Lick It Clean
Pig Shit
Stumpy the Sex Dwarf
Wet Spot
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Saturday February 19, 2000
Polar Bear Plunge 2000
The Revenge of the Sex Dwarf
On a cool, overcast Saturday with the temperature around 40 degrees, about 25 hashers pulled into the Park 'n Go lot across from the "Bob" stadium on rte.896. How About Bob operated a bustling flea market where great bargains abounded for Brooks running gear, until the hares, Dung Ho, and Stumpy the Sex Dwarf (Stewart Dotts ---officially named at the Apres) got us rolling at 3:15. We got faked out with the old "put yer dry bags in the truck" scam, since the ON IN was right where we started.
We were introduced to a few cherries. two of them named Lisa (I think)---one brought by Make an Offer and the other by Caterina Merendino and a visitor from Bangor,ME, Pig Shit (Nate, a grad student at U. Del). I know there were more, but the old brain leaks badly. The H4 hounds were Beeper, Bumper Humper, Butthead, Crib Snatcher, Deadhead, Gomez, Groper, Himalaya, Hot Pants, Lick it Clean, Roadkill, Rosebutt, Slutmaster, and Wetspot.
The Hash provided us with two thrills---one was a trail oozing with sneaker-sucking mud, and the other was multiple chances to get run over by crossing busy highways. We started out by pounding some ass-fault near the stadium until we entered a park area that got us into the woods. It was tough going here. The melted snow made the leaf covering on the trails pretty slippery and it was amazing that nobody did the on-yer-ass trick. It was a pretty trail, replete with minor water crossings and a dark underpass until we came forth from the wilderness unto a sacred beer stop. After the pause that refreshes, we tootled on to the ON IN where we began our eco-barbarianism.
Then it was a short drive to The Deer Park watering hole for our Apres. We punished our assorted violators, cherries, and visitors with DOWN-DOWNS and then enjoyed a lovely time with good beer and mountains of nachos. It's always so refreshing to see sweaty, stinky intellectuals schmoozing in a saloon.
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