Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:270
What:Hockessin Hash #270
When:Feb. 5, 2000
Where:Fair Hill, MD
Hares:Digital Dick
Nothing here yet
Bunion Butt
Circle Jerk
Devil Woman
Digital Dick
Do Me On the Beach
Dung Ho
Lick It Clean
Mad Hatter
Wet Spot
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Saturday February 12, 2000
Hash Trash Run #270
On a gray and very cold afternoon about 20 hounds of the world famous H4 met at the Appleton Rd. entrance to Fair Hill Park in the wild state of Maryland. We challenged a landscape of crusty snow and frozen mud with each step. Legs crunched through the glazed surface and the snow almost reached the knees. And so we slogged on, unable to do much in the way of running. Our principal hare, Rosebutt, aided by Digital Dick, had marked out an artistic course with pink flour that he used to draw pictorial clues linked to little bits of shitty rhymes, like: no. 7 " Panties were red and bra was black Pointed uptrail, She was laid on her back"
The courageous pack of hounds included: Gomez, Roadkill, Devil Woman, Bunyonbutt, Do Me on the Beach, Groper, Beeper, Himalaya, Circle Jerk, Dung Ho, Slutmaster, Lick it Clean, Mad Hatter, Deadhead, and Wet Spot. It was tough going over the entire course. Where we didn't break through the hard surface, we had chances to perform double Lutzes, triple Salkows,toe loops, and Hashflops in our impromptu ice skating competition. A few Flying Camels and a Michelle Kwan Down-Down brought us to clue no. 12: "Nipples to the east and butts to the west, He needed to decide which to caress."
We were treated to a couple of water-crossings---like we needed to train for the Polar Bear Plunge by risking baptism in ice cubes. There was a fallen tree over the water at one spot that could be negotiated with good balance. Most of us did it. Crib Snatcher, however, took the low road and sank crotch deep in the water. A high pitched squeal identified a man who was in danger of being renamed, "Numbnuts". Barely in time to avoid genital frostbite, our noble (i.e., brainless) hounds slithered into the parking area as promised by clue no. 16: "Finally, she was wet within, Pulled him close and screamed, ON IN!"
A motorized convoy took us to Rosebutt's house for the Apres. We collected in the garage for Down-downs of the hare variety and, of course, we had to punish Flaming Asshole who delighted us with a surprise visit. Inside, we finally started to thaw out as we enjoy
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