Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:268
What:Hockessin Hash #268
When:Jan. 22, 2000
Where:Christiana Hilton, Newark, DE
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Bunion Butt
Devil Woman
Lick It Clean
Make Me an Offer
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Saturday January 22, 2000
Hash Trash Run #268
Hornyblower's Frozen Nuts Hash
This was the kind of frigid day between snowstorms that separated the real hashers from the chicken-hearted. Even though on testosterone overload, testicles made clinking sounds. The curved surfaces of the hormone-deprived women became like ass-fault speed bumps, and both genders sported frozen snot icicles. Altogether, about 20 fearless fools of the trespassing H4 showed up at a parking lot near the Christiana Hilton around 3 PM, awaiting the signal from our hare, Hornblower, and his MUCH better looking accomplice, Subpenis.
If my memory doesn't fail me (which it usually does), the frozen hounds were: Wing Nuts, Groper, Roadkill, Lick it Clean, Make an Offer, Crib Snatcher, Slutmaster, WWWeb, Himalaya, Devil Woman, Bunyon Butt, Rosebutt, Dead Head, and Gomez. Sometime around 3:20 we started our ON-ON thing and quickly found ourselves ass-deep in snow in the nearby woods. We made slow traffic going up and down and slip slidin' away through the Churchman's marsh area. We were on trail, more or less, for about an hour. The hare's choice of using white flour to mark a trail through snow rates a down-down with cod liver oil. Brilliant!!
Anyway, we rejected help from the rescue squad of the Delaware Disaster Mission, and by criss-crossing routes 4, 57, and 7, as we went from shiggy to woods through deep snow, we finally made it back to our cars for a quick circle-up and Down-Downs for our hare and a visitor by the name of Dana, who has immigrated from Dover, New Hamster. Then we moved across the highway to Mc Laren's Saloon for the Apres.. We enjoyed a fine spread of chips and dips along with pizza. We also discovered a fine new brew on tap called Sierra Nevada, served up by a pleasant bartender. It was a smallish crowd in a relaxed atmosphere, and it was nice to get warm and dry.
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