Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:267
What:Hockessin Hash #267
When:Jan. 15, 2000
Where:Astro Plaza, Newark, DE
Dung Ho
Toxic Shock
Nothing here yet
Bunion Butt
Circle Jerk
Devil Woman
Do Me On the Beach
Dung Ho
Hot Pants
Mad Hatter
Stun Gun
Toxic Shock
Wet Nurse
Wet Spot
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Saturday January 15, 2000
Hash Trash Run # 267
The Freeze Yer Ass Off Hash
On a frigid, but blessedly calm Saturday afternoon, about 25 hashers of the H4 collected at the Astro Plaza---just past the Meadowood Shopping strip on Kirkwood Hwy. The hares, Toxic Shock, Dung Ho, and Cribsnatcher, got us moving at about 3:10. The slobbering pack, including the likes (or dislikes) of Buffy, Beeper, Butt Head, Bunyon Butt, Circle Jerk, Deadhead, Devil Woman, Do Me on the Beach, Gomez, Groper, Himalaya, Hot Pants, Mad Hatter, Roadkill, Slutmaster, Stun Gun, Wet Spot, Wet Nurse and more, snaked out of the parking lot via a ladder up a short hill to launch our customary trespassing activity. A short stretch of ass-fault got us into the forest trails of Meadowood Park. The well-marked trail twisted and turned over a lot of little hills and through patches of thorny shiggy. The sub-freezing temperature spared us a bunch of muddy spots and puddles.
Eventually, we straggled into the beer stop and had no trouble finding a nice cold brew to help us refuel and put an icy glaze on our tonsils.
ON, ON to the worst part! Crossing Kirkwood, the trail took us to a 6 ft. cyclone fence with no way to short cut it. Even with our legendary trespassing skills, this was a bitch. Once over the fence, we faced very heavy shiggy with a long and very rocky traipse along a creek and under a bridge until we came out to big open fields leading to the YMCA across the road from our cars. We were on trail for over an hour, getting hungry and thirsty, and feeling our sweaty T-shirts beginning to turn to ice. We know what fun is!
Respite came to this rag-tag bunch of icicles as soon as we moved a bit down the road to Slip Mahoney's Bar. We clustered around a long table in what appeared to be a pretty nice joint. Supplied with pitchers of Yeungling lager and heaping plates of nachos, we proceeded to scarf it down as soon as our frozen fingers were able to hold anything. The only downside of our Apres was that we didn't have a private room for our religious ceremony. We didn't think the management had a policy of allowing various cults and religious organizations occupying the dance floor for hymn singing, and it was too cold to circle up outside. So, our hares and a few other deserving folk were never serenaded and hit with Down-Downs. Well, you can't win 'em all. We'll get 'em next time. Pencil in your own dumb-ass cliché here:__________________________________________.
In any case, we must not tolerate repetition of this minor disaster. If we are not able to ceremoniously degrade and insult our Hash brethren and sistren with our patented crude behavior, we are failing to preserve the very amoral fabric of our kennel. We become a disgrace to the universal hashing movement. True hashers, facing the possibility of becuming decent, law abiding citizens, cringe in fear.
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