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Hash Details
Hash Number:261
What:Hockessin Hash #261
When:Dec. 4, 1999
Hares:Do Me On the Beach
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Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Saturday December 4, 1999
Hash Trash Run # 261
The Four Boobs Hash
The short term memory is fading, but your hapless scribe will try to recall a few tidbits from a few weeks ago. We met somewhere in Delaware (How's that for pinpoint location?!!) The weather was decent (as I sort of remember) and we had about 25 hounds for what we thought might be a la-di-da, namby-pamby non-macho, feminine waltz through the park since our hares for the day were DoMe on the Beach,and Groper ---that's four boobs...count 'em. Ohhhhhh, did we learn a lesson!!! We were out on that brutal trail for an hour and a half and it was a ball-buster! It was about as much shiggy and ass-fault as we could handle and we did indeed work up a good thirst and appetite for the Apres. The Apres was held at a smoke-filled saloon that had all the ambiance of a shelter for the homeless in Calcutta. But our two pair of boobs provided us with a nice spread featuring meatball subs, salad, and brownies. A gooood Hash!
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