Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:260
What:Hockessin Hash #260
When:Nov. 27, 1999
Where:Pencader Plaza
Hares:Country Sausage
Nothing here yet
Country Sausage
Devil Woman
Do Me On the Beach
Lick It Clean
Mount Me
Queer Balls
Screaming Pussy
Swamp Bitch
What About Bob
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Saturday November 27, 1999
Hash Trash Run # 260
Post Traumatic Turkey Syndrome Hash
On this seasonably cool Saturday afternoon, about 30 hashers of the internationally acclaimed H4 collected at the Pencader Plaza parking lot off of Rt. 72 in the Holy Land of Delaware. What About Bob set up shop to sell warm-up outfits and tights as a charity raising operation while our "live" (Yeah! Baaaaaby!!!) hares, Country Sausage and Hornblower zoomed ahead to lay trail. The hounds in attendance were: Cupcakes, Butthead, Crib Snatcher, Slutmaster, Swamp Bitch, Dead Head, Flygirl, Devil Woman, Roadkill, Rose Butt, Screaming Pussy, Gomez, Queer Balls, Hornblower, Do Me on the Beach, Groper, Beeper, Himalaya, What About Bob, Lick it Clean, Woodpecker, Mount Me, Jennifer, and Bryce.
After a short bit of ass-fault, we were into an unusual wooded terrain that had us going up and down short, but very steep, hills. (Ed. note: We were running in a WWII ammo dump that Crib used to play in as a child! - DW) There was a lot of grabbing (trees, shrubs, ass) in an effort not to slip-slide and fall---which we did a lot of anyway. There were many wimpy little water crossings resulting in a bunch of us getting at least one soggy sneaker out of it. There were enough "Falses" and checkpoints to keep the pack pretty much together. We were on trail for nearly an hour so that all of us got to the Pencader ON IN while we still had daylight. The shiggy area was challenging and very pretty in contrast to an anti-climactic (C'mon now. We always try to reach a climax!!) two mile straight stretch of ass-fault at the end.
For the Apres, we drove to Hornblower's pad a couple of miles away. As darkness was creeping up on us, we circled up outside for our sacred religious ceremony. The nefarious inquisitor, Beeper, forced Down-downs upon the unrepentant hares, two cherries who were Dan Dugan and Pete Storm, a visitor, Looney, from White House H3, and Bryce Tappan who was baptized Fluffer. (Ed. note: Actually, Bryce was named a few beers later in the evening, following a heated discussion about fluffing - DW) Then we moved inside to enjoy some good food and party for a while. (Ed. note: Jennifer was also named - Sub-penis - DW)
Receding Hareline
RUN #262 - 11 December 99 2 PM Interhash with Reading H3's 500th Hash Celebration.
At Meadowbrook Country Club ~ 1 mi. off Rte 183 just north of the Reading Airport.
RUN #263 - 18 December 99 2 PM Christmas Hash at Smedley Park Run
Take I-95 to Blue Route (I-476). Off at exit #2 from Blue Rte. Turn right ~ 0.2 mi to Park on left.
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