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Hash Details
Hash Number:256
What:Hockessin Hash #256 - The Hollow Weenie Hash
When:Oct. 30, 1999
Where:O'Friels Irish Pub, Wilmington, DE
Just Christine
Make Me an Offer
Nothing here yet
All You Can Eat
Bone Me
Bumper Humper
Bunion Butt
Country Sausage
Do Me On the Beach
Gives It Away
Hot Pants
Just Christine
Mad Hatter
Make Me an Offer
Mount Me
Queer Balls
Screaming Pussy
Snow Balls
Toxic Shock
Up the Rear
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Saturday October 30, 1999
Hash Trash Run # 256
The Hollow Weenie Hash
Sometime around 6 PM, about 30 ghouls and goblins of the world famous H4 met at O'Friels Irish Pub in downtown Thrillmington. The weather was beautiful Indian Summer (or, Native American Summer for you P.C. bastards). The actual account of the Hash is provided by Buffy, one of our hares, because your scribe, being a brainless idiot, locked his keys in his running car and had to wait for a locksmith rescue. Eventually, he appeared at the Apres wearing a totally embarrassing beach bimbo costume. Well, we're supposed to wear something scary, but this shameless and grotesque outfit could have scared the shit out of Dracula. Our other hares, Make Me An Offer,and Just Christine, had to deal with this situation that had insult being added to injury and compounded. Other costumes were great: assorted sluts, a doctor, Austin Powers, a hula dancer, vampires, witches, Conan the Barbarian, 3 Payne Stewart golfers, Batman , monsters, genies, hot little school girls, and you name it.
The party hounds were: TBA.
Anyway. the crowd left O'Friels and proceeded down 11th St. to the first check which yielded two false trails . The true trail took the pack toward Brandywine Park where a clever ruse by the lovely hares shot us up the stairs to the Washington St. Bridge only to find a large "F". Choice "F" words were used as the group moved across the park and up to the Monkey House. A flour "SM" and a hand and penis skillfully drawn by our hare ladies, indicated a "spank the monkey" stop, the first of its kind in hashing history. The trail continued over a narrow bridge and an exit from the park near the Art Museum. Another check steered the hounds toward Rockford Park and a beer stop at Mount Salem Cemetery (how fucking appropriate can it get ?)
After a round of fluid replenishment, the lady hares left Buffy as they took his car back to O'Friels. A mystery ensued as the car was found filled with condoms, beer cans, panties, jello, and whipped cream. Not that there's anything wrong with that ... By now the crowd was less enthused about hashing and more keen to quaff mega-brewskis from each other's undergarments. The uninspired run toward the ON IN cruised by the Logan House where a wayward clot of hashers (some in high heels, can you imagine?) was spotted and brought back into the fold. Finally, after about an hour and a half on course. the hounds came rolling into O'Friels and started to suck up the good Irish beer. Then a number of hungry hounds started eating food set out for another party. Did that faze us? No way ---it tided us over for our rightful buffalo wings, fried shrimp, mini-taco fixings, and veggie dip. O'Friels seemed like a good place for the Hung Hash to hang out until it was time to hit the "Loop." With wristbands attached, we merged with the giant costumed crowd moving like a super-sized amoeba through the downtown pedestrian mall. A band was on tap to provide the music and dancing in the street. Along about 10 PM, a pack of H4 puppies made their way to Murph's Irish Pub (No, not Murph's Pizza parlor!) on Marsh Road where our own Devil Woman and "Still Kick'n" were holding forth. It was a cool "Top o' the evening' to ya!" But once again your scribe demonstrated that his tasteless costume was complemented by a disordered personality. He locked his keys in the car. Again!! This unbelievably inept performance validates every suspicion people have about the basic sanity of Chemistry professors... Ah, well. Locksmith to the rescue again.
It was a raucous and jolly Halloween Hash. Our collective lack of scruples, maturity, cultural sensibility, and intelligence gave way to the H4's broad display of lewd and lascivious exhibitionism. Yay!!!
trash for 257 contains hasher list added below:
Hollow Weenie Hash are no longer TBA, they are here: Bone Me, Mad Hatter, Bunion Butt, Toxic Shock, Country Sausage, Buffy, Bumper Humper, Crib Snatcher, Screaming Pussy, Do Me...,Up the Rear, Karen Crossan, Flygirl, Roadkill, Gives It Away, Snow Balls, Dead Head, Queer Balls, Mount Me, Rosebutt, Gomez, Groper, Hot Pants, Hornblower, Wingnuts, All You Can Eat, Woodpecker, Himalaya, and Rubber.
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