Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Number:254
What:Hockessin Hash #254 - The Post Nuptial Hash
When:Oct. 17, 1999
Where:Newark Shopping Center, Newark, DE
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Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - The Hash Trash
For Saturday October 17, 1999
Hash Trash Run # 254
The Post Nuptial Hash
Right on the heels of a great wedding event involving our own Slutmaster and Edna, about 30 hungover hounds gathered at the Newark Shopping Center on a cool and gray Sunday afternoon to heap scorn and ridicule on the institution of marriage. Hot Lips and Butthead hared the binge that featured hounds making statements via the symbolic sporting of nooses, ball and chains, lacy garters, and we even had the veil and wedding bouquet.
Flour marks were on the stingy side, so our hounds rampaged in all directions over the ass-fault until a steep climb up to the railroad tracks. We loped along the tracks until we came to an "MT" flour mark. Ed. note: this particular part of the trail actually came AFTER the first beer stop. But hey, who's really paying attention anyway? - DW. The letters were explained and the mystery revealed (as were our collective asses) when our hares, with incredibly good luck in timing, instructed us to Moon the Train. Our beer soaked brains finally grasped the connection and we did indeed moon the Orient Express, and we did it in grand style with a highly cultured performance. Ed note: our deed was aptly noted by the train's engineer who gave us a rousing wave of the single-digit salute - DW
A little more pitiful display of running a trail brought us to the first beer stop---an elegant tailgate affair. (That was about all the tail anybody was gonna get.) Soon, it was ON ON again without much relief from the ass-fault until we careened into the Deer Park Saloonery on Main street. A delightful pause that refreshed as we took over the outdoor patio. It was a long and lovely beer stop, but eventually, we hit the trail again until we found our way to Butthead's house for the Apres. Ed. note: More like POUNDING PAVEMENT for 2 miles straight to Butthead's house! - DW
Appropriate DOWN-DOWNS were administered to those who deserved punishment, and then we enjoyed a good cold cuts buffet with a tasty pasta salad. Our beer selection was ample and varied---a mix of good shit and some awful shit like Maarten's Piss from Belgium, Rolling Cock from Latwatprobe, PA, and a pathetic excuse for beer which is known as Coor's Blight. Anyway it was nice to hang out until the rains came and sogged us out.
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