Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Number:252
What:Hockessin Hash #252 - The DC Red Dress Hash
When:Oct. 2, 1999
Where:Washington, DC
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Hockessin HHH - The Hash Trash
For Saturday October 2, 1999
Hash Number 251 - The D.C. Red Dress Hash
On this beautiful Saturday of 2 October 1999, about 30 hounds from the infamous H4 piled into a chartered bus at the I-95 rest stop. At around noon time, we set out for the environs of the lovely city of Washington and the center of universal righteousness, known as Lulu's Saloon.
Our jolly bus driver unloaded us at the door where an army of big-ass bouncers greeted our busload of tarts and transvestites. I.D.'s were demanded at the door (even of Slutmaster and Himalaya---an event which made their day), and "goody" bags were distributed which contained fancy name tags on lanyards, lacy garters, T-shirts, and lubricated red condoms. About 800 of the world's intellectually challenged absorbed the excellent Red Hook Lager until it was time to move out. The masses did indeed move out of Lulu's, causing traffic grid-lock and accidents by the "gapers".
A short jaunt from Lulu's brought us to a large open field where we circled up for song as we basked in the sunshine. Then it was ON-ON through the streets of the holy city, freaking out tourists all over, streaking past the infamous Watergate complex and on to the Capitol Mall. We looped (being "loopey", we're very good at this) around the Monument just before a big hangin' out at a well-placed beer stop.
ON. ON...up and down and around the Mall until the screeching mob funneled into the D.C. underground metro system. A lot of song and a lot of noise. The transit system may never fully recover even though our ride was a short one that brought us back to a stop near Lulu's, the site of our Apres. Long lines were unavoidable, but the food was good---roasted half chickens, salads, and more good beer (like we didn't get enough on our bus!). The religious ceremony made you feel like sardines in a can, but it went off with good humor. And the music cut loose for the dancing and revelry. The D.C. Red Dress Hash was indeed the blast we expected it to be. We kind of envied the members of our kennel who were able to spend the whole weekend in D.C.
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