Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:250
What:Hockessin Hash #250 - Crab Hash
When:Sept. 18, 1999
Where:Salem, NJ
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Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - The Hash Trash
For Saturday September 18, 1999
Hash Number 250 - The Crab Hash
Finally! Your pathetic scribe sits his fat ass down before the computer to pass the gas about the 250th Hash of the clueless members of the H4. Nobody got knocked-up, but we all got crabs. A lot of people pitched in to contribute to the confusion and general mismanagement, but the primary hares were Groper and Crib Snatcher---so now we know who to blame for gettin' crabs. (Wait a second while I scratch...OK). Anyway about 40 odd (very odd) hashers met near Salem, NJ, a distance from Penisville described in metric "hung"units as the length of 1 turgid head, a hard shaft, and 2.25 pubic hairs). It was a day more beautiful than we deserved, but nobody was bitchin'. We were off by truck to mosquito heaven and then it was ON-ON!! Nuttin' spectacular. Woods, sand (in Jersey??!!) open fields, a little shiggy, and a lot of confusion where an alligator must have eaten the flour spots, until we made it back to our transport.
For the Apres, our hares and accomplices performed with spectacular incompetence by having tables set up in view of the Delaware River marshlands. Wooden mallets were provided for our attack on the crabs---after we pounded the hares. And attack we did! A grisly scene of crustacean carnage ensued. Smashing, crunching, munching as we consumed the yummy crabbies and sloshed them down with beer. Great T-shirts (see logo above) were provided and Down-Downs were meted out. A trio of visitors regaled us with a tune selected from Billy Graham's own hymnal. Oh, we are so righteous!!!
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