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Hash Details
Hash Number:245
What:Hockessin Hash #245 - Do Me and Circle Jerk Engagement
When:Aug. 25, 1999
Where:New Castle, DE
Hares:Circle Jerk
Do Me On the Beach
Nothing here yet
Lick It Clean
Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - The Incredibly Annoying Hash Trash
For the week of August 25, 1999
Hash Number 245
Guest Editor: Buffy
Well, Boys and Girls, what I time we had. Forty-eight hashers turned up for the Do Me on the Beach and Circle Jerk Engagement Hash. Here's a thought: their kids will be named Jerk Me on the Beach and Do Me in a Circle.
Anyway, the hash took place in the pleasant surroundings of both old and new New Castle, scene of many a previous hash. The usual group of social deviates, fugitives, lamebrains, closet homosexuals, cross-dressers, and convicted felons showed up at the New Castle Middle School. Unfortunately they came for the peewee football game while the rest of us were there for the hash.
The hash started promptly and pushed on from the schoolyard to a path behind a shopping center that paralleled some railroad tracks. A checkpoint was soon spotted on top of an exposed drainage pipe in the middle of a stream. The FRB's being the geniuses they are, opted to go straight thus avoiding the possibility of an unpleasant drowning incident(s). Soon another checkpoint was discovered and the trail turned towards the river. The trail shadowed a fence line for a piece and then turned along the river to a beer check where ample refreshments were made available to the thirsty hounds.
After a brief respite where a curious brew was served from small green bottles, the trail continued through Old New Castle. It was later learned that the "mystery brew" was actually several cases of mislabeled urine samples from a local clinic. Grand Master Flash Hornblower was severely beaten for this miscue. He is recovering in an area hospital. I rushed to his aid because I wanted to save his life and still be able to stay at his beach house over Labor Day weekend.
The trail wound through Old New Castle, through a slippery alleyway, and down several streets to the beginning back at the school. All in all, an excellent trail performed flawlessly on a glorious evening.
Down downs were held in the school parking lot. Several cherries, violators, and hashus interupti were punished and one young lad (Dung Ho's boy Sam) was named: Mini-me.
The apres was held at Do Me's parents' house in Penn Acres. It was also a birthday party for Do Me's grandmother. Great food, loads of beer, and the highlight of the evening, Cribsnatcher's stirring speech, marked the occasion much like a dog marks his territory. Lick it Clean presented the happy couple with two gifts: a book entitled, 101 Quickies (all dogged-eared and highlighted) and a rubber breast to snap on a beer can (I don't believe that one myself). Emotions ran high but Do Me's parents were consoled by the thought that they weren't losing a daughter, they were losing a renter. Plans are to turn Do Me's room into a den and to burn her bed and linens because God only knows what went on in there!
(Fire Marshall) Buffy (the Vampire Slayer)
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