Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:242
What:Hockessin Hash #242
When:Aug. 4, 1999
Where:Jennersville, PA
Dancing Fool
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Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH Hash Trash - Run #242 - 4 August 1999
Suburban Baltimore Hash
It was a long trip down the Baltimore Pike, almost within earshot of the Conowingo Dam and nearly at the edge of Baltimore's red light district. Finally, we got to Jennersville and the parking lot of the Feeble Bank of Oxford. We were 43 hounds in all. Waiting to gobble us up were our hares, Dancing Fool, DFG, and Crib Snatcher. Well, they dished out some tough shit on a trail that could give any hounds indigestion.
The weather on this Wednesday evening was beautiful---in the mid 70's and dry and no chance for some much needed rain in the midst of an awful drought. Allowing the live (debatable) hares a few minutes head start, the H4 hounds sniffed around erratically for flour spots, and after our usual confusion we started out with a false before getting on trail. Almost immediately, we were into a long stretch of deep shiggy---thorns, nettles, and heavy underbrush in the woods. In and out of open fields and then a mile through a major cornfield with stalks much higher than a Hasher's eye.
Back into deep shiggy for the H4 and a false trail through a culvert leading into a waist deep pool of stagnant water. Yuk!!! Then a tough climb through more thorns and brush up to the railroad tracks. About a half mile along the tracks brought us into a well needed beer stop. Soon, we were back on the tracks, into the shiggy again, through another fucking cornfield, more farmland, a bit of ass-fault here and there (more there than here) until, about an hour after we started, we ON-IN'd at the Feeble Bank of Oxford.
The Apres was held on the rear deck (far and away the best kind of deck for entry if you happen to be a typical H4 dick) of a nearby boarded-up crack house that had been abandoned by Amish drug dealers, Hiram "the snorter" Zook and Ebeneezer "Needle-dick" Hoffstader. It was the responsibility of the refined members of the Hash to serve as role models for the lewd and crude Amish hooligans. Don't forget to contribute generously to Himalaya's fund to support Amish parole violators.
Our Religious Advisor led us in foamy revenge against the hares, and we hit two visitors with adequate Down-Downs. They were Wingnuts (Summit H3) and Gorgeous (Philly H3). And we had a pair of cherries among us who have all the talent to become a formidable hashing couple, and they are: Beth and Dale Kretzing. We also had a naming for Carole Norris, but old sieve-brain here doesn't remember what Hash name we stuck on her. You'll have to ask Devil Woman, who will sing it out to you. (Editor's Note: Her name is either "Dumper" or "Takes A Dump" depending on who you ask, and I will NOT sing it for you - DW) The famished pack attacked a cold cuts buffet where we munched away until there was nothing left but empty beer bottles
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