Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:297
What:Hockessin Hash #297 - Zoo Jersey Washout Hash
When:July 26, 2000
Where:Fort Mott State Park, Pennsville, NJ
Hares:Hot Pants
Just Sean
Long Ranger
Mount Me
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Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Wednesday July 22, 2000
Hash Trash Run #297
Zoo Jersey Washout Hash
What, rain again! Another Wednesday evening and another weather front peeing on us! There is some concern that the Hash Hymnals will soon age enough for entry into historical archives before the weather lets us haul them out again.
Anyway, despite the shitty conditions, we had about 25 imbeciles who love the rain and mud enough to show up for a Hash and be transformed into mosquito-bitten mudballs. Our hares, Long Ranger, Hot Pants, Mount Me, and Just Sean, greeted us at the Fort Mott Park in Penisville, Zoo Jersey, and we were on our way before 7 PM.
A short jaunt down the road and we were into heavy shiggy and lots of muck churned up by the rain. We did have a few water crossings that were actually a welcomed means of washing the mud out of our sneakers. We came out of the woods, where we had to deal with lots of low-hanging branches, genital-grabbing thorns, and a terrain strewn with forest debris. Then it was onto a long stretch of ass-fault that finally turned us back into the shiggy for a beer stop.
After that it was almost shiggy all the way back to the ON IN where we were parked. We oozed our muddy, bitten, scratched, and soggy asses into a circle-up for the Down-Down thing. So, we punished our hares for the whole shitty expedition, bewildered a few cherries, and nailed Edna Hayes for being first in.
Packing it up, we headed down the pike to A.J.’s saloon near the Underwear Memorial Bridge. It was an excellent spot for the Apres. We had a private room replete with our pitchers of beer and a fine buffet of Buffalo wings, salad, and roast beef sandwiches.
Don’t Forget!!
Hash #300 cumin’ up 19 August 2000
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