Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:294
What:Hockessin Hash #294
When:July 12, 2000
Where:Bancroft Parkway, Wilmington, DE
Hares:Country Sausage
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Hash Trash
Hockessin HHH - Hash Trash
For Wednesday July 12, 2000
Hash Trash Run #294
Festival of San Fermin Hash
On a beautiful July evening, about 40 brilliant Hashers were freed by the Spanish Inquisition to participate in the world famous "Running of the Bulls" (alternately known as the "Shoveling of the Bullshit") in the sinister streets of downtown Thrillmington. At just about 7 PM our bullslinging hares, Horneyblower and Country Sausage, got the show on the road from our starting place at the Cathedral de Los Toros on Bancroft Parkway in the redneck area of Little Madrid.
A lot of us were decked out in white with red headbands or kerchiefs to honor (dishonor?) the feast of San Fermin---a bullshit artist from way back who concocted a medieval run that gaveHashers a chance to get a bull's horn up the ass. This, of course, wasway before modern Hashing switched from red capes and Matadors to sadistic hares and barbed wire fences.
For a long time, we charged up and down the ass-fault, a stretch along the railroad tracks, a dilly-dally through a patch of woodland trail, and back onto the ass-fault until we hit the beer stop in a lovely part of the city near Rockford Park. It was here that our hares came out in costume---Country Sausage as a bull who looked like an advertisement for Gateway Computers and Hornyblower as a sorry ass matador. All the hounds were supplied with newspaper sections and instructed to fashion bullwhips by tearing and rolling the paper. So, from our departure from the beer stop until our arrival at Comegy's Bar for the Apres, it was our job to torment the Gateway Computer guy by swatting him with our bullwhips while he tried to gore us.
Comegy's is a hole in the wall saloon that is famous for its sports photos. We were packed in like sardines in a can, but the draught Yuenglings were good. We gathered round for our religious ceremony which included the usual disparagement of the hares, hitting five cherries with the terror of the Spanish Inquisition, and finally burning a couple of heretical Hashus Interrupti at the stake. the hares supplied bags of corn chips so we could scoop up the varieties of Spanish Fly dishes to maintain the festival of San Vermin flavor of the event.
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