Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1125
What:Hockessin Hash #1125 - the almost Springtime Hash
When:March 5, 2016
Where:109 Brennen Drive, Newark, DE
Hares:Backdoor Deposit
Mary Fucking Poppins
Smells Like Hash Spirit
What:  Hockessin Hash #1125, the almost Springtime Hash.  When:  Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 3:00 pm, HST Where:  109 Brennen Drive, Newark, DE 19713 Who Hare:  Smells Like Hash Spirit with da help of Mary Fucking Poppins, Back Door Deposit, and who knows who else? Friendlies:  Dogs, Kids and Dunces bring only at your own risk. 
 What Else:  Dry bag recommended. And leave allergies at home if possible.  
D'erections:   From points south: Take I-95 to Harvey Road exit, turn right on Harvey Road, turn left into the parking lot.  From points north: Take I-95 to I-495 to exit 5 US-13/Phila Pike/Claymont (Right). Turn Right into the shopping center with the Arby's.  If you miss it, turn right on Harvey road and turn right into the parking lot.
Backdoor Deposit
Bunion Butt
Cousin It
Dead End
Devil Woman
Dick Fingers
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Famous Jack
Hare Today Cum Tomorrow
Kum On Inn
Lost Penis
Magic Carpet Ride
Mary Fucking Poppins
Smells Like Hash Spirit
Two Buck Fuck
Wet Lay
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Hash Trash for Hockessin Hash 1125
So, the slobbering pack met at the abode of Smells Like Hash Spirit and Dick Fingers on Brennen Drive in Newark, DE for the “almost springtime hash” on an almost springy, mid 40-ish degree afternoon of March 5, 2016 AD.  Hashers I remember being present included: Wet Lay, Bunion Butt, Do Me On the Beach, Skidmarks, Lost Penis, NecroPheelMeUp, PubeHeAteHer, Cousin It with Famous Jack, Groper, RaidR, Kum-On-Inn, Devil Woman, Schporto, Woody, Butthead, Wishboneher, Hare Today Gone Tomorrow, Magic Carpet Ride, Dirty Wet Pussy, Dead End, Smells Like Hash Spirit, Dick Fingers, Two Buck Fuck, Mary Fucking Poppins, Back Door Deposit and ...?
Our hares for the day were Smells Like Hash Spirit with the help of Mary Fucking Poppins and Back Door Deposit who were there to ensure that trail went further than just around Hash Spirit’s block.  MFP had laid some familiar-looking marks in the driveway, so we all rejoiced in the fact that we wouldn’t have to pay attention much during chalk talk (not that anyone ever does).  As our newly returned RA, Wishboneher called us to order, MFP enthusiastically explained that there would be some checks, a Beer Near and some regular marks for us to follow if we felt like it.  If not?  Well, there were plenty of coolers full of shit beer at the house.  “Is that it?” we all wondered.  “Oh, and there may be some shiggy and/or adventure along the way,” MFP added to conjure up some anticipation for what may or may not await us.  So, when the talk of mystery and wonder at last ran out and no one could think of a way to stall any longer, we were off.            
Off we charged, plodded or strolled down Brennen Drive, winding our way to a straight-away down Kenmark Road until we came to a check that led us to the right, except for Pube who was guessing wrong on most checks today.  We eventually came to the “shiggy and/or adventure” section where we would be spending a significant amount of time experiencing both.  Woody, of course managed to take the high road rather than trekking through the muddy tunnel and precariously crossing a stream, which was nearly impossible to do without getting at least one foot wet (unless you had hidden long-jumping or pole-vaulting skills).  We continued to follow some semblance of a trail along this stream with marks leading to a fence along a steep embankment that required one to hold onto the fence for dear life while traversing the ledge, or surely tumble ass-first into the watery depths below.  Turns out, we could’ve just walked on the other side of the fence to get through, but what’s the adventure in that?      
Trail eventually had us crawling out of the woods to a check that allowed several hashers to choose their own adventure and run a little further.  True trail went to the right, then crossed the street into a parking lot with some garages before leading us back into MORE shiggy and/or adventure.  Marks were apparent on trees, but not to Pube who had to wait for Woody to point one out that was right next to him.  Through the mud and thorns we clawed with those wearing shorts perhaps experiencing the most adventure (“Ow…fuck!”).  Some of the pack became disoriented at this point, wondering where the hell the beer was, but eventually we all staggered out of the woods, checked to the right (or left for a while, then right) and at long last the “Beer Near” appeared in all its PBR glory.
Dead End and MFP greeted us with coolers of the shitty swill that we all mistook for liquid gold as various factions of the slobbering pack drifted in, including the late-cumming Skidmarks and the on-time-by-her-own-watch Kum-On Inn.  Our sweeper, Back Door Deposit somehow drifted in with Bunion Butt and Wet Lay prior to the arrival of most of the rest of the wankers, apparently having chosen an adventure of their own.  At last the fragmented pack was reunited, pounding beers and sharing stories of their personal adventures on trail while the sun and body temperatures were slowly dropping in the almost spring-like conditions.  Alas, it was high time for the sloths to crush their cans and mosey back toward the water tower, the only landmark that kept several of the pack from wandering off on a never-ending adventure.
Fortunately, for the tired and/or lazy, trail was nearly through and we had only to make our way back to Chestnut Hill Road and straight on down until the Outlandish Food Truck came into our periphery.  Apparently the wankers were in no hurry, so we all stood around and imbibed some more as we waited for the herd to wander home and Wishboneher to get circle rolling.
Accusations were thrown around and songs were sung.  Skids drank for being first in and Wet Lay for embracing the DFL with gusto.  Back Door Deposit drank for being a visitor to the trail she co-hared along with Hare Today Gone Tomorrow who both told us some shitty jokes and thus drank some more.  There were some interuptuses, including Schporto, Dead End and our own RA, Wishboneher who really can put her right leg over your shoulder from a standing position.  Skidmarks drank again for leaving his lost property biohazard undergarments at Pube and Necro’s house.  The hares drank for their shitty, adventurous trail and at last the hash got a piece.   
Following circle, we all took a few paces forward into Hash Spirit and Dick Fingers’ house and enjoyed Hash Spirit’s tasty Outlandish leftovers of rice, turkey/cheese soup/sauce, broccoli, seaweed salad, hummus and pita and plenty more beer.  All in all, it was another shitty trail.  Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1126 this Saturday.
On! On!