Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1165
What:Hockessin Hash #1165
When:Dec. 3, 2016
Where:8 Polly Drummond Shopping Center, Newark, DE
Hares:Pickle Dick
Tinsel Tits
What:  Hockessin Hash #1165
When:  Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 3pm, HST 
Where:  McGlynns Pub parking lot - Polly Drummond Hill Road
Who Hare:  Tinsel Tits and Pickle Dick
Friendlies:  Trail is dog/kid friendly, apres is a probably.  
D'erections:  From I-95, take exit 3/Rt 273 East towards Dover.  Turn right toward Newark. Follow to Red Mill Road and turn right. A quick left will put you on Red Mill Road going north. Take Red Mill Road across (Kirkwood Highway) Rt. 2. At this point you will be on Polly Drommond Hill Road. Follow up to shopping center on the right.  Park at the far end by Dunkin' Donuts.
Bunion Butt
Butt Lite
Chasez Boyz
Cousin It
Devil Woman
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Famous Jack
I am 17 Cumming on 18
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Miss Pissylvania
Pickle Dick
Spit Bucket
Spunk Monkey
Tinsel Tits
Wet Lay
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Trash for Hockessin Hash #1165 
So, the slobbering pack met (loitered) in the parking lot of McGlynn’s Pub (with no need for their beer) on an cool, cloudy, bare-ly 50-ish degree afternoon of December 3, 2016 AD.  Hashers I remember encountering at some point or other included:  Do Me On the Beach, Miss Piss, Spunk Monkey, I am 17 Cumming On 18, PubeHeAteHer, NecroPheelMeUp, Skidmarks, Lost Penis, Butt Lite, Groper, Chasez Boyz, Devil Woman, Pickle Dick, Tinsel Tits, Dirty Wet Pussy, Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Mary Fucking Poppins, Spit Bucket, Butthead, Hornblower, Subpoenis, Woody, STD, Cousin It with Famous Jack and ...?
Our hares for the day were the dynamic duo of Pickle Dick and Tinsel Tits who had us guessing what would be in store because we weren’t starting from their house this time.  We continued to loiter and brace ourselves from the wind as we sipped on the finest hash champagne brought to us by Bunion Butt and Wet Lay while waiting impatiently for all the wankers to roll in.  Eventually, Tinsel Tits announced chalk talk by saying, “You know ... they’re the usual marks.”  Not trusting what “usual marks” might mean to Tinsel, the pack insisted that she throw some flour down and explain herself ... in slow, 1-syllable words so that all the slobs could understand.  She did explain that there were to be many checks, a check-back (which was never to be seen), some tennis ball-shaped marks, a Jolly-J check (in which the FRB was to share a shooter with the DFL, or be a dick and drink both of them him/herself), a shot near (yay!) and a beer near (yay!), and that pretty much summed-up the “usual marks.”  And so, Pickle announced that we should invade the once peaceful neighborhood across the street by following the true-trail arrow, so ... 
We quickly found some ball marks (tennis) leading us up White Clay Crescent where indeed many checks were discovered. Spit Bucket, Skidmarks and PubeHeAteHer seemed to be the ones to follow today as they were guessing most of the checks correctly, while a few of us including Hornblower and MFP managed to find all the loooong Falses (going beyond the standard 3 marks to be “on-on”) and a few unnecessary hills along the way.  Turns out, all we really had to do was follow Pickle Dick who for some reason was serving as sweeper in the front of the pack.  After chasing our asses back through one particular Fuck-you, we finally realized that maybe we should be paying attention to the hare who was trying to not-so-subtly lead us to the edge of a woodsy area where a tasty bottle of Pie Hole whiskey awaited us at the Shot Near.  This spirit certainly bolstered our spirits and put us in the spirit to seek more spirited trail spiritedly, so ...
While Pube took a longer way around a field, the rest of us followed Skids into a shiggified forest adjacent to Pike Creek where we would embrace many thorns and attempt to avoid falling down some precarious embankments.  Some of us followed Hornblower out to the road while Skids and Pube remained on actual trail and came upon a J-stop.  Though he searched high and low for the shooters, Pube eventually gave up on finding them and Chasez Boyz got the prize later with seemingly little difficulty.  Some of us scrambled back up the shiggy hill to return to true trail, while Spunk Monkey along with those hashing smarter remained on the road, but fortunately all roads led to the Beer Near which was our ultimate quest.  Here we were joined by the late-cumming Cousin It who found himself some snacks on trail that some kids had left behind which again proves that hashers pretty much have no standards when it cums to food.  And so, as the cold and the evening began to set in, we decided it was high-time to Get-Off the side of the road and Head home, so ...
Trail led us into the abandoned golf course where a few civilians asked if we were looking for somebody. (Yes, always.) Soon we found ourselves staring at the creek after losing trail for a bit and wondering if we should venture across, but fortunately, marks were spotted which saved our feet from getting wet and we were led across Upper Pike Creek Road into more shiggy for a while.  That is, some of us while others simply said “Fuck it,” and took New Linden Hill Road back.  We chased our asses through the parking lot of some town houses on some checks and Fuck-you’s, but eventually found trail leading us out through the neighborhood and back toward McGlynn’s where we joined those who had cut trail and wondered what had taken us so long.  On In!
And so, we fled the area and circled-up in Pickle Dick and Tinsel Tits’ garage where the barrage of insults, accusations and songs began.  Pickle and Tinsel drank for not having enough checks, Fuck-you’s, shiggy, etc. on their shitty trail.  Pube drank for not locating the J-stop at his feet, while Chasez Boyz drank for having simply looked down at his feet and picking it up.  17 Cumming on 18 drank for being a visitor, even though we consider her one of us and serenaded us with a Broadway show tune-type song.  About half the circle drank for interruptus and many drank for hash-crashing and blood on trail thanks to the many tripping hazards and thorns.  Butthead drank for being pissed that he could not interrupt circle to take a piss.  Then, after accusations were closed,  Tinsel insisted that they reopen so she could accuse her co-hare of sweeping from the front of the pack, but as we know when one hare drinks, all hares drink, so she really just accused herself.  Finally, Woody was asked to announce his signature line, but modified it a little by saying “May Butthead take a piss!”  And as far as I know, he did. 
Following circle, we feasted upon a lovely spread of pumpkin soups, rice, eggplant, Caesar salad, roasted pumpkin seeds, shortbread cookies and peppermint Jo-Jo’s provided by our generous hares.  We shoved the rest of the Pie Hole into our pie holes and some shooters were passed around as well, a few of which ended up down 17’s shirt and all in all it was another shitty trail.  Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1166 this Saturday, the anal H4 Christmas Hash.