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Hash Details
Hash Number:1162
What:Hockessin Hash #1162 - The Full Beaver Moon Hash
When:Nov. 12, 2016
Where:735 Ferry Cut Off Street, Old New Castle, DE
Hares:Bunion Butt
Wet Lay
What:  Hockessin Hash #1162, The Full Beaver Moon Hash
When:  Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 3pm, HST 
Where:  Famous Pat's Tavern, nearabouts 735 Ferry Cut Off Street, Old New Castle, DE 19720
Who Hare:  Bunion Butt & Wet Lay
What Else:   Come hash under the  largest Super Full Moon of our lives! Wetter the Better has designed and executed an awesome long-sleeve tie-day shirt for you, $15.00. 
D'erections:  From I-95 take the Rt. 141 exit Southbound.  Stay on Rt 141 SB (E. Basin Road) toward New Castle for about 2 miles, then turn left at a traffic light onto Frenchtown Road (aka Rt 273 & Rt 9).  Continue on Frenchtown Road and bear left at traffic light.  Famous Pat's Tavern is on right.
Or search 735 Ferry Cut Off Street, Old New Castle, DE 19720 
Friendlies:  Furry friends and young-uns welcome on trail, not at the pub
Bunion Butt
Butt Lite
Cousin It
Do Me On the Beach
It Still May Cum
Jewel of Duh-Nile
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Miss Pissylvania
Mount Me
Rack Attack
Rubbed Nipple
The Wetter the Better
Wet Lay
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Trash for Hockessin Hash #1162 
So the slobbering pack gathered up in the rather crowded parking lot of the Famous Pat’s/ Subway in Ye’ Ole NewCastle on the afternoon of November the 12th, 2016 AD for the third attempt at a Full Moon Beaver Hash.
Hashers I remember being present at some point: Mount Me, Lost Penis, Skidmarks, Miss Piss, Butt Lite, Groper, Jewel of Denial, Rubbed Nipple, Mary Fucking Poppins, Asshopper, Wetter the Better, NecroFeelMeUp, Pube He Ate Her, Porta’Ho, Cousin It, Do Me On The Beach, Woody, Rack Attack, Butthead, It Still May Cum, Just Dave, and many, many others.
Our Hares for the day were once again Wet Lay and Bunion Butt. Who, I recall, have attempted a full moon hash several times before. Though the sky never seemed to cooperate. Wet Lay broke out her big wooden beaver that was to be posed with for several pictures that day.  Beaver, I get, is a metaphor for vagina, but what the beaver and the vagina has to do with the full moon is a joke I still am not getting.  And there being a full moon never seems to help me get any .........Jokes ... that ... is ... Yeah, that’s what I meant.
Wet Lay and Bunion also had with them a box of wonderful shirts designed by Wetter the Better and succeeded in moving many of those.  Though I’m sure there are some left for anybody who would still like one. 
And so we hung out for a while sipping beers and spiked cider past half past three as cars had to be moved around and double parked to fit everybody in including non-hashing customers. 
After that, our hares did the chalk talk, explaining the marks would be in bluish flour and blue tape and explaining that the super moon was expected to rise at 3:54pm at 81 degrees east of True North, when they expected us to be at the first beer stop.  And there were 3 of those in store for us.  There was an arrow laid that pointed more or less to True North, and we were soon off.
On! On!Marks were found going down Washington street.  Then we found a check at an intersection, and found true trail soon after that.  Staying on the asphalt for a while then ending up in some grass.  Trail went across a drainage ditch and Jewel of Denial made a spectacular hash crash while getting his shoe stuck in the mud. 
On! On!After the drainage ditch we followed a path through some tall reeds and found a “Beer Near” mark near the parking lot of some currently unused marina along the Delaware river.  And so the FRB’s milled about for a while looking for the beer or where the beer was expected to arrive.  About the time that those dragging behind finally made it there-there, came the beer being transported in the auto of Just Dave and It Still May Cum.  So we enjoyed our brews and waited impatiently for the Super Moon to rise as Bunion Butt had promised.  He used the blocking tree line as an excuse for why it wasn’t there yet. And hashers were cold and moaning and wanting to piss, so off we went before the moon finally rose.
On! On!We went down some cobble stone road and sidewalk in Old New Castle, taking lefts and rights.  And momentarily we were at the second beer stop, along another not used dock along the same Delaware River.  Again, the beer had not quite arrived exactly before the FRB’s did, but since half of us were still drinking our beers from the first stop, we were less grumpy about it.  There was still no moon to be seen, well not at first.  But the beers did at least arrive and we sipped on those in view of many bewildered civilians who decided for some reason to still take their dog or their children for a walk that cold, windy day.  And ah, there was a portable Mens/ Ladies room on the other side of a fence we were not supposed to go through.  But that didn’t stop Porta’Ho or Miss Piss who lived up to their names.  And just about when everybody was done drinking/pissing, the moon finally appeared from behind a cloud just as we were ready to go back on trail.
On! On!Trail went through or by Battery Park.  And there was a swing set.  And there Necro, Pube and Jewel decided to go a swinging.  Trail ran down a street and back on a path and back to another parking lot and a park along that same river for the third beer near where the beer still wasn’t there before we were.
The moon was finally out, though it was not 100 percent full, as advertised.  But very visible it was and hashers entertained themselves by making howling noises.  And we soon got our beers and enjoyed watching the moon and the unusual effect it seemed to be having on the river.  Which then seemed at that point to be flowing backwards.  Our visiting hasher from the U.K., Rubbed Nipple, got a history lesson from Butthead, about how this place once had a fort or a battery from which large pieces of metal were lobbed at his country men who were attempting to collect taxes from us back in 17 something.  After we finished our brews, we were off again.
On! On!Trail went into some shiggy, which everybody had previously just used as a restroom during the beer stop.  We followed the blue ribbons while attempting to avoid the yellow puddles.  Trail then came out onto the street, that our sweeping hare knew could be reached simply by walking around the shiggy.
On! On!From this point trail lead us on a lovely tour of Old New Castle.  Going by important spots, like the statue of William Penn in the City Center, Jessop’s Tavern, The Old Arsenal- now a bar, and the Old Library built in 18-something.  Soon enough trail came back out to Famous Pat’s which was now fortunately open.
Our RA for the day, Skidmarks circled us up in the parking lot of the used car dealership next store that had kicked a few hashers out earlier.
Awards and Penalties were dished out.  Songs were sung.  The hares drank for haring, and for the moon not being full as advertised.  Pube drank for first in as usual.  Wet Lay drank for last even though she was a hare and she wasn’t last.  Jewel of Denial drank for hash crash and for interruptus along with Porta’Ho, Miss Piss, and Rack Attack.  Our visitor Rubbed Nipple who hails from the U.K. but hashes in China, did his visitor down-down.
Many other people drank for many other things.  Then announcements were made before Woody screwed up his closing circle duties, yet again.
After circle we adjourned back to Famous Pats where we were joined by the auto-hashing Cousin It.  And where enjoyed some fine pasta with sausage provided by the hares, along with some cookies, siracha sauce, and salad dressing.  But no salad because the hares forgot to bring it with them.
And so we enjoyed ourselves watching college ball on the TV, while having interesting conversations with our visiting hasher, and trying to recruit a virgin or two who were hanging out at the bar wondering what this thing we were doing was about.  And a good time was had.
But all and all it was another shitty trail.
Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1163: The Band ‘A Pooloza hash, This Saturday.On! On!