Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:809
What:Hockessin Hash #809 - Bumpy Beavers Birthday!!!!
When:March 6, 2010
Where:708 Terminal Way, Kennett Square, PA
Hares:Bumpy Beaver
Deep Fried Dick
What: Hockessin Hash #809, Bumpy Beavers Birthday!!!!
Where: 708 Terminal Way, Kennett Square, Pa 19348
When: Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 3pm
Who: Bumpy Beaver and Deep Fried Dick
From Newark, get yourself to Limestone Road/Rt. 7 N. Follow Limestone Rd (Crossing into Pennsylvania) . Limestone Rd turns into Kaolin Rd, keep going past and follow Kaolin Road which requires left turn. Kaolin Rd. becomes S Union Street. Take a right in front of the school onto E South St/Rt. 82. Take left onto Church Alley. Right onto BirchSt. Right onto Terminal Way.
From Wilmington/I- 95, take Rt. 52 out to Route 1, take left on Route 1 (South), go past Walmart and take Kennett exit on right. Follow ~1 mile past YMCA and at light just past Library and Post Office (on left) take a left onto South Broad street. Then left onto Birch St. Right onto Terminal Way.
Bumpy Beaver
Bunion Butt
Bunion's Bitch
Dead End
Deep Fried Dick
Devil Woman
Do Me On the Beach
Fish Stick
Happy Ending
Larry the Unstable Guy
Lick It Clean
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Mount Me
Pickle Dick
Toby's Bitch
Toxic Shock
Up the Rear
Wet Lay
Hash Trash
So we had a hash, we had a hash, we had a hash, hash, hash,
Sometime around March the 6th, 2010 AD. The slobbering pack met up in an industrial park located on some drive called Terminal Way, in Kennett Square, PA. Hashers took care to park their cars in and around piles of various industrial material.
Hashers I remember being present:
Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Dead End, Skidmarks, WickWacker, Mouthfull, Toby’s Bitch, Fish Dick, Larry the Unstable Guy, Pickle Dick, Beeper, Licks it Clean, Mary Fucking Poppins, Mount Me, Gay Blade, Up the Rear, Portaho, Cribsnatcher, Bunions Bitch, Do me on the Beach, Toxic Shock, Happy Ending, Gomez, Devil Woman, Butthead, Lost Penis, Just Matthew, Just Paul, Just Tammy, and many, many others.
Deep Fried Dick and Bumpy Beaver were the hares, and in honor of Bumpy Beavers birthday, this trail was laid, so I heard.
So the hares pointed us in a general direction for marks, and off we went.
On! On!
One of the first marks we come across is a boob check, several others, including myself, kind of sort of tried to get past that while feigning ignorance. I never really know what I’m gonna see on these things these days.
On! On!
True trail goes into town and up a hill and into the center of Kennett Square. Here trail mysteriously disappears for a little while residents of this supposedly, normally, quiet community are, as usual, baffled by all the commotion.
On! On!
True trail is found and goes down a hill and into some shiggy behind a park. True trail goes down a steep hill with a lot of snow still on it, with a water crossing and a bunch of shiggy. Most of the slobbering pack has the wisdom to bypass this.
On! On!
Trail comes out of the shiggy and up a hill and into a park. Here we encounter our first Beer Near, nearby a bunch of playground equipment. We also encounter all of the day’s auto hashers. Just Tammy who missed the beginning of the hash, Dead End, Gay Blade, and, in other words, more than enough people willing and able to move the beer coolers back to point A. Lost Penis is doubled over with stomach cramps but manages to move 1 heavy cooler into a car. A bunch of people start having another snowball fight, Devil Woman poses for the camera on a playground slide and ...
On! On!
We are back on our way. Down a snow covered hill we go and back into some shiggy. True trail passes through another industrial park, than down another hill to our next Beer Stop, at the only location Kennett Square is known for; Giordano's Sports Bar. We order pitcher after pitcher of Yuengling Regular, and I think, Yuengling Black and Tan. We in fact order 2 or 3 more pitchers than needed if you can imagine that.
On! On!
We are back on our way. Down another hill, and through another industrial Park we go. Trail takes a right at some railroad tracks eventually leading to point A. MFP and Just Matthew, from the something hash in Myanmar, are the first in, but MFP has to be the one who drinks for it. And circle goes on an on as it usually does.
We oprey at the world famous Kennett Square Steak and Mushroom house, located next to some 5 star motel. Somehow the hares convince the establishment to let them bring some of there own food in, and a shitty great time we had. We enjoyed Beef barely soup, Caesar salad, and about 10 different types of bar snacks. And we had yet another cake, in honor of yet another birthday, the fourth in a row, I think, after yet another Shitty Trail!!!
Stay tuned for the next hash this weekend.
On! On!