Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1159
What:Hockessin Hash #1159 - Groper's XX Birthday Hash
When:Oct. 22, 2016
Where:26 Pancoast Rd., Hancock's Bridge, NJ
Hares:Butt Lite
Digital Dick
What:  Hockessin Hash #1159, Groper's XX Birthday Hash
When:  Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 3pm, HST 
Where:  GPS, Meadowview Farm/Preserve, 26 Pancoast Rd., Hancocks Bridge, NJ  08038
Who Hare:  Groper & Butt Lite
What Else:  We're in Zoo Jersey, so you might want insect spray, long pants, hazmat suit, etc.  Apres is inside and outside (bonfire!) at Joe's shack (100 Poplar Street Hancock's Bridge, NJ  08039), H4 has held crab hashes here.  White buckets will be used to mark the entrance to the driveway.  Bring a dry bag with warm clothes and an appetite.
Friendlies:  Trail, no, Apres, yes.
D'erections:  Take the Delaware Memorial Bridge into Zoo Jersey.  Take the first exit on right towards Pennsville, Rt. 49 East.  Continue on Rt 49E 8.4 miles to Salem.  Go through downtown Salem and continue for approximately 4 miles to traffic light at the intersection of Yorke St/Rt. 658 South.  Make a right onto Yorke St/Rt. 658 South towards Hope Creek Generating Station (Sunoco Gas Station at Corner).  Go 4.5 miles on Route 658 South to traffic light at Alloway Creek Neck Rd.  Turn right onto Alloway Creek Neck Rd.  Go 0.6 miles to "Meadowview Farm/Preserve Sign and make a left onto Pancoast Rd.  Attached are 3 pics of the intersection of the turn onto Pancoast Road that leads to the start of the Hash.  Take the dirt road that says "Unimproved Rd. Travel at Own Risk".  This is a private road, but we have permission to use it.  Keep going on the winding dirt road, past the metal gate, until you see a house, park, and hash.  Confused and lost? Call Groper or Butt Lite. VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE for returning home from Apres.  When leaving the Apres, DO NOT go to the bridge and turn left onto Route 658 (NO LEFT TURN  is POSTED/the POLICE love to give tickets for an illegal left turn onto Route 658).  INSTEAD when leaving the Apres, turn right at the first stop sign, then turn left, and left again to get back onto Rt. 658.
Bunion Butt
Butt Lite
Closing Time
Cousin It
Digital Dick
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Nasty Gash
Pickle Dick
Rack Attack
The Wetter the Better
Tinsel Tits
Wet Lay
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Trash for Hockessin Hash #1159 
So the slobbering pack gathered up at the Meadowview Farm Hunting Preserve in Salem County Zoo Jersey for Gropers b-day hash on the windy fall afternoon of Saturday October 22nd, 2016 AD.
Hashers present at some point include: Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Skidmarks, Lost Penis, Nasty Gash, Mary Fucking Poppins, Cousin It, Asshopper, Wetter the Better, Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck, Closing Time, Dirty Wet Pussy, Rack Attack, Raid-R, Dummy, Pickle Dick, Tinsel Tits, Do Me on the Beach, Woody, NecroFeelMeUp, PubeHeAteHer, and many, many others.
So our hares of the day were the birthday girl, Groper, with help from Butt-lite and Digital Dick though it occurred to many of us while attempting to follow this trail that they could have used a lot more help than that.  And several of the pack could have used some help with following the directions to the start- which comparatively were pretty accurate as more than several showed up late getting lost trying to find that long dirt road or whatever.  And thus motivated us to wait a little later than usual to start.  And so those of us who made it there on time had time pour down two or three in the wind before having to get going.
A little bit past 3:30, our RA for the day, Skidmarks circled us up for the chalk talk as our hares attempted to explain their rather complicated system of marks laid out for us.  There were to be some flour dots and arrows.  And mostly pink and orange ribbons, some of which looked kind of pink in the sun.  One orange ribbon meaning check, two orange ribbons meaning false, one pink ribbon meaning true, or something like that, though where the two orange ribbons were often seemed to be where the trail was actually supposed to go.  And anyway ...
On! On! We ran up the dirt road for a little bit with Skidmarks hauling ass being the FRB.  A check of some sort was found then a false, then maybe a true.  Then, I, we or some of us got confused.  And our hare runs forward telling us the right way to go.
On! On!We come to a check.  We see a false going straight, going left, and going right.  So our hare decides the false going straight is actually a false false, and gets lost on her own trail for a while.  Though we hear Skids or somebody calling On! On! from the right after we go straight, and that's the way we go.
On! On!We run through some trees and some funny looking tee-pee like arrangements with recently harvested vegetation of some sort.  We come to a check, then see the pink ribbon that is suppose to signify true trail to the left. We hear Groper telling us that's the wrong way, but we go that way anyway, and find more marks that we believe are true.
On! On! We go past some trees, and hear the beer near call being made by those in the front.  We come out to the clearing where the marsh begins, and we find Digital Dick and his white pickup with some beer for the beer near.  And so we enjoy our brews, with the wind still blowing on the edge of a marsh and check out some boats that we understand are for the purpose of duck hunting.  Though we were lucky there was no hunting going on where we were.  Here we were joined by Do Me on the Beach who auto hashed up to that point in Digital Dicks truck and we were also joined by Woody who somehow actually found us by following marks.  We waited a little while to see if the belatedly arriving Pickle Dick and Tinsel Tits would be joining us, but with the weather not being warm the pack quickly ran out of patience.  And soon we got back on trail.
On! On!We go down a path, and through a marsh, getting our feet wet for a little bit.  We then come out to another cross path where we get confused with checks and trues and falses again, thus giving enough time for the late cumming Pickle Dick and Tinsel Tits to finally join us.  We go into the woods again, then come out to find Digital Dick for a second beer near.  And this time, he provided us with some tasty hot cider, that was unfortunately non-alchoholic, but fortunately we still had with us that old bottle of Malibu left over from the summer, that mixed rather well with it.  As the sun had briefly come out, we felt a little warmer, so hung a little longer enjoying our brews before attempting to get back on trail.
On! On!We found no marks other than the marks we followed to get there.  We also found no other direction we could go in, without a boat that is, other than the direction following the marks that had previously led us in the opposite direction.  And so we decided that was the way to go.
On! On!We ran past those funny tee-pee arrangements again, and some of us stopped for a picture.  Somebody actually found a mark, which led to another, which led to another, which led us back to the On! In! at point A.
Lost Penis managed to make it first in and nobody seemed to recall who was last, so Wet Lay took the fall for that again.  And so everybody except whoever we forgot about made it back.  F-5 then broke out a few bottles of his tasty home brew. And the hares and the RA and everyone else who had an opinion debated for a while whether we should circle there or at the apres’.  But we ended up circling there, at least after the meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was concluded.
Skidmarks opened the circle. Awards and Penalties were dished out.  The hares drank many, many times.  So did the auto-hashers.  So did a couple other people.  Our visitor Nasty Gash from the Everyday Is Wednesday Hash in D.C. sang us a song.  After announcements were made Woody got the hash getting a piece backwards again, and then the hash went in peace.
And so for the apres’ we adjourned to the river shack of the Joes, where we ended a few crab hashes in the past, and where you can’t flush the toilet during high tide.  There we were joined by our GM and Joint Master, Pube and Necro, and there we enjoyed some mighty tasty eggplant parm, a tasty baked ham, some lemon meringue thingy, some of Cousin It’s Tasty home brew, and a bonfire in middle of the gravel driveway.  Later we also got some mighty tasty birthday cake after serenading the birthday girl and a few laughs and a fine time were had.
All in All it was another shitty trail.Stay Tuned for Hockessin Hash # 1160, the Flyers hash, this Saturday.
On! On!