Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1153
What:Hockessin Hash #1153 - Month Of Skidmarks /Crab Hash
When:Sept. 10, 2016
Where:645 Mckinneytown Road, Elkton, MD
Hares:Dirty Wet Pussy
Gives It Away
Tick Twat Hoe
Two Buck Fuck
It's that time again! For Crabs, Beer, trail, bonfire, camping, games and more beer. Lots of food for all not just crabs! And yes our herbivores will also be taken care of.
What Else: Camping Space is Available!! For all those who don’t want to worry about driving home.
Bring a Tent! Just let us know your staying.
Note: There in no hangover trail on Sunday.
645 Mckinneytown Road, Elkton, MD 21921 (use your favorite mapping program or cell phone to find us!)
Backdoor Deposit
Brag a Deer General
Bunion Butt
Cause for Blindness
Chasez Boyz
Circle Jerk
Closing Time
Dead End
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Doggie Erectus
Genuinely Queer
Gilligan the Skipper Too
Gives It Away
Hare Today Cum Tomorrow
Jewel of Duh-Nile
Kitchen Bitch
Knickers Please
Lick Stick
Lost Penis
Mary Fucking Poppins
Nocturnal Emissions
Phi Eta Pi
Sandy Penis Beach
Seaman on the Poop Deck
Spunk Monkey
Stiff on Toe Poke Her
The International House of Virgins
Tick Twat Hoe
Tits of Steel
Tour DePuke
Two Buck Fuck
Under the Siege
Webelo Scout
Wet Lay
Hash Trash
Trash for Hockessin Hash #1153So the slobbering pack gathered up in the property of Two Buck Fuck and Gives It Away for the twenty-first annual Hockessin Crab Hash on the rather warm and rather early afternoon of Saturday September the 10th, 2016 AD.
Hashers present I believe included: Cause For Blindness, Dirty Wet Pussy, The International House of Virgins, NecroFeelMeUp, Nocturnal Mission, RaidR, Spunk Monkey, Back Door Deposit, Brag a Deer General, Bunion Butt, Chasez Boyz, Circle Jerk, Closing Time, Cribsnatcher, Dark Roast Beast, Dead End, Do Me on the Beach, Doggie Erectus, Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck, Genuinely Queer, Gilligan the Skipper Too, Groper, Hare Today Cum Tomorrow, Jewel of Denial, Knickers Please! Lick Stick, Lost Penis, Mary Fucking Poppins, Mowgli, PubeHeAteHer, Semen on The Poopdeck, Stiff On Toe Poke Her, Tits of Steel, Tour DePuke, Trashed, Under the Siege, Webelo Scout, Wet Lay, Wishboneher, Phi Eta Pi, and a few others like Sandy Penis Beach and Just Tony I think.
Those officially accredited or blamed for being hares that day included Skidmarks, who was doing his number two for the month of Skidmarks, Two Buck Fuck, who was hosting the party, onlong with his partner in crime Gives It Away, along with one of their many adopted daughters Tick Twat Ho, who brought with her a virgin Just Tony who also supposedly helped set shit up. Along with DWP, Dark Roast Beast, Wet Lay, and myself who contributed to the food in one way or another.
And so the party officially began at Noon, though for some people it started the night before. One by one the traveling hashers arrived setting up their tents and what not and filling up the front yard with their cars.  One of the last being Rug Burn and Sandy Penis Beach taking the last available square footage with that winnabago of theirs.  An inflatable cold tub was set up, along with a mighty large and impressive inflatable water slide, that many hashers took advantage of as hot as it was. The beer fountain, which has become a staple at this thing was set up again, and the revelers who arrived several hours before trail was to begin, had much to amuse themselves with.
About quarter past 3pm our RA’s Wishboneher and Skidmarks, who was also a hare, attempted for a few minutes to wrangle up the very distracted crowd and commenced chalk talk.  So there was to be a check back or two, along with a shot-stop, a beer stop and several J-stops along with a song check, a tit check and a dick check.  The marks explained to our virgin Just Tony, who did his best to absorb this overwhelming amount of information. 
And so Skidmarks directed us to the general direction that trail was to go in, but not before Jewel of Denial was tasked with carrying the hash-shit, and one of the visitors Mowgli was awarded the sleeve of beer to carry.  And so we were off.
On! On!Trail began to the the right down Mckinneytown Rd and went for awhile, that is until NecroFeelMeUp found the check back 3.  And this slowed us down quite a bit, as the hares forgot how to count.  Us mostly drunk hashers stood around the road trying to avoid being hit by cars until Two Buck Fuck who was sweeping, hinted where trail was to be found off the roads and into the woods.  It was actually a check back 5-1/2 .
On! On!Into the woods we went.  Finding shiggy, but not an overwhelming amount of it.  Eventually the song check was discovered.  And Tour DePuke led us in a mighty long version of the song “There Are No Real Hashers in ... Fill in the blank” this gave those dragging ass plenty of time to catch up.  Those of us who felt that 15 minutes was too long to go without a drink were helped out by Brag A Deer General who brought with him on his handy utility belt 4 squirt bottles of some pretty strong spirits.  After all the slow pokes finally caught up. The FRB’s went off again find about 5 marks going in the wrong way before Two Buck Fuck again suggested the right way to go.
On! On!We run down many dried up stream beds, though it turned out the warning earlier about a water crossing at some point was not without reason.  In the woods we stayed for a while, a while being about 8 or 9 minutes before we came across the shot stop.  And so discovered we a bottle of tasty Malibu Coconut Rum, a chilled bottle of water, and a not chilled bottle of water that had a vodka label on it, as Jewel of Denial found to his great chagrin.  We enjoyed our shots for about a minute and a half before we were off again.
On! On!Through the woods we keep going. Finally we cross some stream beds that were not dried up for a change, and gave off that wonderful smell that reminded me a little bit of a DWP birthday hash.  Then into a drainage tunnel under a road to find Skidmarks and a cooler for the beer near.  We enjoyed our brews down in that tunnel, whilst standing in some brown water and wondering why it was warmer down there than it was up above.  But wonder for very long we did not.
On! On!Trail went out onto the road for a while, for the rest of it in fact.  As we enjoyed the nice dry asphalt encountering one of the those “Be Very Careful” marks that most visitors are not familiar with.  One by one the J-stops were discovered.  The first one by PubeHeAteHer, the second by NecroFeelMeUp, and the third by yours truly, MFP, who was all the way back to the start and those mischievous hares decided to put the final two shots right in front of the mail box.  And all of these J-stops as far as I am aware had to be shared with Cause For Blindness, who possibly or probably stayed in the back for that exact reason.  Stiff Toe On The Poke Her, slowed down enough near the end to avoid the J-stop and get the dishonor of being first in.
One by one by two by three by four the hashers straggled back to point A and amused themselves with the amusements while circle was waiting to be commenced. 
Our fair weather RA for the day WishBoneHer, in her Wonderwoman outfit, opened up circle.  Awards and penalties were dished out.  Songs were sung.  Bare asses were exposed to the blocks of ice set up that were melting rapidly under the sun.  We had to wait a while to give the hares a down-down, as they were out getting the food.  The first and last in drank, the visitors drank but not all at once.  The interrupteses drank, as did those with lost property, and that included a pair of underos left there from the year before.  The hares drank again and again, as did our virgin Just Tony for the first time, in a circle that is.  And just when we thought circle was to be done, RA #2 Skidmarks calls in Mike the Dark Roast Beast for an official naming, since the name that he has been going by was never officialized in circle that is.  After much false debate, for this decision had been made months ago, Mike the DRB will officially be known as “Kitchen Bitch” because, well thats pretty much what he is to the slobbering pack here for the many, many times he has prepared tasty grub for us while we and his wife were out on trail. And so after that I think, the hash got a piece, even in the absence of Woody.  And so the food was brought out.  And so we enjoyed some tasty crabs for hours and hours and very warm and tasty they were.  And to go along with this some tasty chicken, coleslaw and potato salad prepared by Mike the ... I mean the Kitchen Bitch, along with yours truly, MFP’s famous deviled eggs, and some special brownies provided by WetLay and some not as special but tasty cakes provided by somebody.  And a good time was had and the beer stayed cold and flowing, even as the old folks had to go home so they didn’t miss their bedtime.
After trail shenanigans included more half clothed and non-clothed hashers riding the water slide, a mighty big campfire set up by Two Buck Fuck, acoustic guitar playing by Brag A Deer General and Chasez Boyz, a battle-shots game, a five-way Beer Pong game, and a very drunk, very distraught, and very naked Cause For Blindness running amok and making a damn fool of herself almost getting injured many times. 
All and All it was another shitty trail. Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1154 this Saturday.On! On!