Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1156
What:Hockessin Hash #1156 - Tits of Steel's Hash for Wayward Boys + Girls aka "Reform School Hash"
When:Oct. 1, 2016
Where:100 Darley Road, Claymont, DE
Hares:The International House of Virgins
Tits of Steel
What:  Hockessin Hash #1156, Tits of Steel's Hash for Wayward Boys + Girls aka "Reform School Hash"
When:  Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 3pm, HST 
Where:  Woodshaven Kruse Park, 100 Darley Road, Claymont, DE 19703.  Parking is sometimes limited at the park.  Overflow parking at Claymont Library - park and walk over - just cross Darley Road and walk up the entryway (400 Lenape Way, Claymont, DE 19703, right across the street from the park)
Who Hare:  Tits of Steel + Mystery Hare
Why:  It's field trip time at Headmistress Tits's Hash for Wayward Boys and Girls. Come on out to the old reform school at Woodshaven Kruse Park and run wild and free with your favorite pack of hooligans thru the streets and woods and wetlands of Claymont, DE. You may see fairly mafic, medium to coarse-grained charnockite, xenoliths as well gabbro with display charnockite veins; the usual assortment of late summer and early fall shiggy; woodland creatures; old ruins/industrial features and alcohol.
Friendlies:  Dog Friendly: Should be ok for most dogs.  Kid Friendly: might be a couple tough spots for kids to get thru unless they are experienced hashers
What Else:  Bring a dry bag or dry shoes/socks just in case!  If the weather holds we will apres at the park, so you may want to bring a chair - otherwise alternate arrangements will be made.  Bonus points for those who dress up like their fave head (who said head?) master, headmistress, schoolgirl, schoolboy or bad girl or bad boy.  After trail we will feast on delicious gruel and mush.
D'erections:  From Up North (Pennsylvania):  Take 95 South to 495, then take the 2nd exit - Phila. Pike/Rt 13.  After turning right off the ramp, turn right onto Darley Road right by the stop sign and Darley House.  After you pass the Darley Green houses and apts. on the left you'll go over a small bridge and then the park will be on your right.
From Down South (Delaware and Below):  Take 95 North thru Wilmington and then get on 495 North at the split.  Take 495 North to Exit 5, US 13 South, Philadelphia Pike.  Stay left at the exit ramp and turn left onto Phila. Pike/Rt 13.  Turn Right at the stop light onto Darley Road right by Darley House.  After you pass the Darley Green houses and apts. on the left you'll go over a small bridge and then the park will be on your right.
From Out West:  Find your way to Naaman's Road/92 and then turn right onto Darley Road.  Follow that for a while past the Claymont Little League on your left.  Just past the Claymont Little League, look for a park on your left - turn left into the park.  If you pass the Claymont Library on your right or hit Phila. Pike - you went too far.  Turn around in the gas station or apt complex and follow directions from Darley Road.
From NJ:  Find your way to your favorite bridge.  Cross the bridge.  If you're coming from Commodore Barry, follow directions from Up North.  If you're coming from Delaware Memorial, follow directions from Down South
Backdoor Deposit
Bunion Butt
Circle Jerk
Dead End
Do Me On the Beach
Hare Today Cum Tomorrow
Lost Penis
Lot Lizard the Truck Stop Whore
Mary Fucking Poppins
Miss Pissylvania
The International House of Virgins
Tits of Steel
Wet Lay
Hash Trash
Hash Trash for Hockessin Hash #1156
So the slobbering pack gathered up in the parking lot of Woodshaven Kruse Park in Claymonster, Delaware on the slightly drizzly afternoon of Saturday October the 1st, 2016 AD for the first ever juvenile delinquents themed hash.
Hashers I remember being present at some point included: PubeHeAteHer, NecroFeelMeUp, Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Dead End, Circle Jerk, Do Me on the Beach, Mary Fucking Poppins- with his big ass umbrella, Lot Lizard the Truck Stop Whore w/dog, Wishbonerher, Hare Today Cum Tomorrow, Back Door Deposit, Skidmarks, Lost Penis, Miss Piss, Ass Hopper, and many, many others.
Our hare of the day was Tits of Steel with the not very Mysterious Mystery hare The International House of Virgins who chose the spot because it was once the site of an old home for wayward girls.  A few hashers like Pube and Necro donned their bad school girl outfits, though most of us donned our “Wow it ain’t summer any more” attire, as the rain intermittently came down upon us all except yours truly MFP who is per missed for life to bring his big ass umbrella on trail.  So anyway, we carefully and then not as carefully, enjoyed some brews courtesy of Bunion Butt, and some Hi-C and vodka shots- courtesy of the hares as we waited impatiently for the County Mounty to depart the park parking lot.  Then about half past 3 our formerly fair weather RA, Wishboneher- who lately has been willing to brave the foul weather- wrangled up the pack for the chalk talk.
And so the hares informed us that trail was to be marked many, many different ways like white flower, pink chalk, pink ribbon, orange ribbon, red chalk, etc, etc in case some marks washed away as heavy rain was being forecasted.  Also there would be a song check or two, a beer stop, a shot stop, 3 Jolly J stops and a few water crossings.  And soon enough we were off.
On! On!We found a mark or two going out of the park, I think.  But true trail went into the woods and across the first of many water crossings.  Actually, I think trail was supposed to go in the creek for a while and not across the creek, but the majority of pack decided it should go otherwise not wanting to get their little booties wet and cold.  And because not many stayed on trail, an unusual pair ended up sharing the first jolly jay stop, Wishboneher found the shots, and yours truly, MFP, happened to be in the back.  And so we did a toast, with she being not fond of vodka, and I not being fond of tequila.  And so we attempted to do this without hurling, and succeeded more or less.
On! On!Trail went out into the small shopping center with the Boston Market and the dollar store on Philadelphia Pike, PubeHeAteHer, in his dirty school girl outfit, runs off always on a false, and manages not to get raped.  Trail goes back into the woods for a minute and we find ourselves on the great pedestrian bridge straddling I-495.  Here we find a song check and do us the El-Camino song, led by Wishboneher, the only one of us who knows more then the one verse to that.  And while we waited, several of our pack decided to flash or moon the passing traffic.
On! On!Trail goes back into the woods and along a creek, where we find the shot stop.  And so for shots, we enjoyed more of that orange HI-C and vodka thing, along with some tasty strawberry Boonesfarm, and some sweet Chardonaye, the best that can be found in a screw cap bottle. 
On! On!Trail went across the creek and through the woods and back through the creek for awhile. BackDoor Deposit found the second J-Stop which included a bottle of tasty coconut rum, though whoever was in the back refused to share it with her.  We ran under a major bridge and drainage channel before coming to the next song stop.  And those of us in the front, waited and waited and waited.  Lucky for us, PubeHeAteHer had a small bottle of fireball stuffed in his bra, and BackDoor Deposit got back to us with the unused coconut rum which helped us pass the time.  And soon as the DFL’s in the back finally caught up, we did a quick rendition of the “And ... Drink!!” song and then we were off again.
On! On!Trail went through the woods then out to an office complex off of Naamans Rd, where we were stumped by a check for a while.  True trail took a left into the neighborhood, then a right, then ... Oh no marks, there is us blindly following Necro and Pube again ... Ha!  We turn around and find the sweeping hare, Tits of Steel, going back into the woods and so there we go.  Trail comes out to another hood, and another false trail into another creek.
On! On!Trail goes on the railroad tracks for a while, and a while, before we finally come under a bridge and find the International House of Virgins with some beer for the much over do Beer Near.  Now going up the underside of that bridge, which one had to do in order to get to the beer, was a bit of a challenge for some of us as it was most steep and slippery. Especially if you are wearing you’re hash shoes which tend not to have much traction on them.  All of us, just about made it up there though.  Except Do Me On The Beach, who decided not to risk it, so we had to roll a beer down the hill in her direction.  PubeHeAteHer, who had gotten himself completely off trail, came suddenly crashing through the trees on the other side of the tracks, but managed to keep that blonde wig of his intact.  And so we enjoyed our brews for a while and the entertainment our fellow hashers were able to bring us.
On! On!Trail goes out over the bridge and on the road.  NecroFeelMeUp ended up with the final J-Stop and shared it with somebody.  Trail winds around and gets back onto Darley Rd that soon takes us back to point A at the park.  With BackDoor Deposit getting the dishonor of being first in.  And there we are joined by the auto-hashing Miss Piss and later on by the auto hashing Skidmarks and Lost Penis.
Eventually circle is commenced after we share somebody’s for a while.  Our RA, Wishboneher, opens up the circle, awards and penalties are dished out.  Songs are song.  The hares drink many times, and after awhile, IHOV needed a stunt liver. Circle Jerk and yours truly, MFP drank for using the ports-potty during circle.  BackDoor Deposit got to do her first interruptus down-down as a non-visitor, and Lot Lizard did a visitor down-down, though he claims he’s not a visitor anymore.  Many other people drank for many other things.  And just after circle was closed, the auto-hashing Skidmarks and Lost Penis arrived, and there forth it was decided that circle was to be re-opened.  Because other than auto-hashing Skid had to drink for losing a calendar where he was Miss September or October or something.
Anyway after circle was closed.  We adjourned to Famous Joes off of Marsh road where we enjoyed some Tits of Steel’s fine cooking and a shuffleboard game or two.
But all and all it was another shitty trail.
Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1157 this cumming Saturday.On! On!