Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1145
What:Hockessin Hash #1145 - NecroPheelMeUp's Birthday Hash
When:July 20, 2016
Where:1020 Arc Corner Road, Landenberg, PA
What:  Hockessin Hash #1145, NecroPheelMeUp's Birthday Hash
When:  Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 6:30 pm, HST 
Where:  End of Arc Corner Road, use 1020 Arc Corner Road, Landenberg, PA 19350 and drive to the end of the road parking lot.  **You may park in the Superfresh Lot (405 New London Road, Newark DE 19711) and carpool**
Who Hare:  PubeHeAteHer and NecroPheelMeUp
Friendlies:  Dog friendly trail and apres/on after -- not inside, there is a fenced in backyard; Kid friendly (Um ... It’s a Hash).  
D'erections:  From I-95, take exit 3 (273 W) toward Newark.  Go approximately 4 miles and turn right onto Capital Trail/Rt.2.  Take the 1st left onto E Cleveland Ave.  Go 2 miles and turn right onto New London Rd. (896 N).  Turn left at the light onto Country Club Dr.  Turn right into the Super Fresh parking lot and park here if carpooling.  If not, keep on Rt. 896 into PA and take a right onto Chambers Rock Rd. and then another right onto Arc Corner Rd.
All You Can Eat
Bunion Butt
Closing Time
Cock a Doodle Don't
Cousin It
Dead End
Dirty Wet Pussy
Hare Today Cum Tomorrow
Jewel of Duh-Nile
Kum On Inn
Lost Penis
Magic Carpet Ride
Mary Fucking Poppins
Miss Pissylvania
Mount Me
Perfect Woman
The International House of Virgins
The Wetter the Better
Trail Order Bride
Wet Lay
Yeast Infection
Hash Trash
Trash for Hockessin Hash #1145
So the slobbering pack gathered up in the wee little parking lot at the end of the Arc Corner gravel driveway at the bottom of the hill in Landenburg, PA near the Delaware border, on the balmy late afternoon of July the 20th, 2016 AD.
Hashers I remember being present at some point: Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Cock A’ Doodle Don’t, Dirty Wet Pussy, Dead End, WishBoneHer, Hare Today Cum Tomorrow, Cum On Inn, Trail Order Bride, Asshopper, Wetter the Better, Groper, All You Can Eat, Miss Piss, Just Casey, Cousin It, Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck, Closing Time, Skidmarks, Lost Penis, Mary Fucking Poppins, Jewel of Denial, Magic Carpet Ride, Mount Me, Perfect Woman, Yeast Infection, The International House of Virgins, and many, many others.  
Our hares of the day were our current GM and Joint Master PubeHeAteHer and NecroFeelMeUp.  Who thus decided to pick this out of the way lot instead of the SuperFresh lot across the street from the Apre’s location, perhaps because that territory had been gone over several times in the past month.  A few but not much more than that actually looked at the directions closely and followed the Arc Corner gravel path down to the end instead of paying a visit to the homeowner of the pad which was the closest Google/ GPS locatable point.  His name was Greg and he was okay from what I heard.  And even fewer heeded the carpooling suggestion though Perfect Woman was sensible enough to bring his motor-bike.  And so we had just enough room for everybody, at least with us double parking each other in.  Thank goodness there were no civilians taking up any of the spots. 
And so we enjoyed our brews for a little while, until our summer RA WishBoneHer called for circle to start.  One of our hares PubeHeAteHer led a brief chalk talk, and explained in addition to a beer and shot stop, there would be several J-checks along the way.  Also another warning which is rarely heeded, not to take the Eagle Trail unless one felt like actually running.  And our other hare mentioned to a few people that they had laid the trail last night, but things had changed the plan a bit since then.  Including some sections of the trail being blocked off by park maintenance for some mysterious reason.
Miss Piss got handed the sleeve of beer, which included a Guinness this time, and Hare Today Cum Tomorrow got to carry the cursed Hash-Shit for describing one of our RA’s as “Being Thick” or so I heard.
Anyway, we were off .........
On! On!We ran into the woods.  Well pretty much any direction we could have gone would have included woods.  This direction however was to take us into the historically hasher un-friendly Carpenter section of White Clay Creek State Park which few have dared to hare a trail through in a long, long time and for good reason.
On! On!Hills, hills, and hills were abundant on this day.  With Kum On Inn being the FRB this time, we find a few checks, and she finds the J-stop, and not for the first time.  We go across a bridge or two and find a section of laid trail that someone who worked at the park for some reason decided to block off.  We reach the PA/Delaware stone marker and a few people decide to do foul things with it, but clean up after themselves.
On! On!We head into Delaware ... The feared Turkey/ Eagle split is reached, and as usual a few people that should have taken the Turkey do not.  And so the Eagles ran about a mile more of hills than the Turkey to the beer stop, though from what I heard, the Turkeys were thus accosted by a concerned ranger wondering what the hell this was all about.
On! On!Cock A’ Doodle Don’t in the front of the Eagles at this point, blows past a J-Stop and Asshopper has to jump on the grenade.  We run up another hill, then down another hill, one of them being known as “Suicide Hill” during my days of training with the Newark High cross country team.  We come out to an empty campground and then reach a clearing, and a parking lot.  A clearing with a parking lot, a lot of people, a lot of cars, a band playing and a Beer Near.  For we had arrived at the famous Carpenter recreation center during a night of the famous summer concert series.  Apparently, in recent years, the ban on Alcohol in Carpenter has been lifted during the summer concert series, otherwise not very many people would be able to sit through it.  Those of us who were near the front of the pack got to enjoy 3 or 4 songs by a blues band while sipping our brews.  Though those in the back, unfortunately didn’t get there until after the band went on a break. 
The whole time we are hanging out we are being stared at by the concerned Ranger, who in my opinion should have been more concerned about those silly Pokemon Go players who are walking into trees or the several toddlers running around un-supervised.  But eventually we are off.
On! On!We leave the recreation area and begin down another hill, for a while we are followed by the ranger, but his fat ass couldn’t keep up with us.  A check here and there, and then Yours Truly finds a J-stop at the bottom of a hill, which sets me behind a few miles, as I had to run back to Wet Lay who was bringing up the rear.  The shots being, those shots of actual hard liquor and not the sweet girly stuff, that was left over from the Death Wish hash the week before.  Trying not to hurl I continued on.
On! On!We reach another Turkey/ Eagle split, with the eagles getting the opportunity to give themselves an extra mile by running around in a circle.  The Turkey Trail eventually makes it down a hill to the road/ gravel Parkway that is known as Creek Rd and N. College avenue.  We begin traveling back into Pennsylvania and run into another one of those Pesky Pokemon, though this one happened to be a well endowed young woman showing a lot of cleavage.  Kum On Inn finds the final J-Stop and has to make it back to ... presumably Wet Lay, I think.
On! On!A little while after getting back to Pennsylvania we take a back into the woods, go up another hill, and find a shot stop, that some folks in the front had been at for quite a while.  Our choices, this time were Tequila, and Fireball cinnamon Whisky.  Some folks partook while others abstained as we watched the sun go rapidly down.
On! On!We follow the marks along the path and make it back to the end of Arc Corner Rd, where Dead End had been waiting for us the whole time, and whether he felt like it or not because his car was blocked in. One by two, by three the hashers stumble in and taking their time to, thus giving several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Herbal Life committee time to have a meeting.  
After a long wait and a longer debate it is decided that we would circle up there.  And circle up we did and for not the first time.
Awards and Penalties were dished out.  Songs were sung.  The hares drank many times.  Miss Piss drank for losing a beer on trail.  Many other people did many other down-downs for many other reasons, until thus we were interrupted by a concerned citizen.  Actually I’m not sure if they were concerned citizens, since we were in PA, and their plate was from Delaware, I think.  Supposedly concerned non-citizens had misplaced one of their children and decided it was our fault somehow for hanging out in a parking lot and drinking beer.
And so circle was halted, the pack quickly exited, and then circle was re-opened this time in Delaware, at the Apre’s location, the home of the hares on New London Rd.  Where we were joined by the auto-hashing Mount Me.
Awards and Penalties were dished out some more.  Songs were sung.  Anyone who got at J-Stop got to drink.  And the hares drank some more, as did interruptus, and as did the auto hashers as did somebody who left their property at the hares house and in the hares car.  Groper got called out for a few things but missed her down-downs as she was busy getting all clean.  Eventually announcements were made and circle was closed.  With this time no Woody to close circle for us.
After circle we enjoyed a fine spread of soft tacos with our choice of chicken, pork or black beans and all the fixings for that, including chips and salsa and some mighty tasty chocolate chip cookies.  This we enjoyed with some more brews and a fine time was had.
But all and all it was another shitty trail. Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1146 this Wednesday.
On! On!MFP