Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1143
What:Hockessin Hash #1143 - the Annual Red, White, and Blue Hash
When:July 6, 2016
Where:Curtis Mill Park, Newark, DE
Hares:Perfect Woman
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
What:  Hockessin Hash #1143, the Annual Red, White, and Blue Hash
When:  Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 6:30 pm, HST 
Where:  Curtis Mill Park, Newark DE
Who Hare:  Perfect Woman and ???
Friendlies:  "Dogs will need a leach on trail" ... you know, for the blood letting part of the trail.
D'erections:  From I-95 North or South take Rt. 273 West to Newark. At the Newark Post office turn right onto Rt.2, then take the 1st left onto Cleveland Ave at the Second traffic light turn right onto Paper Mill Rd at the next traffic light turn left into Curtis Mill Park.  Park and Hash.
Bumpy Beaver
Bunion Butt
Closing Time
Cousin It
Devil Woman
Dirty Wet Pussy
Hare Today Cum Tomorrow
Jewel of Duh-Nile
Kum On Inn
Lost Penis
Magic Carpet Ride
Mary Fucking Poppins
Miss Pissylvania
Perfect Woman
Public Maceration
Rack Attack
The International House of Virgins
Trail Order Bride
Two Buck Fuck
Weird Al Spanks the Bitch
Wet Lay
Woody Woodpecker
Hash Trash
Trash for Hockessin Hash #1143
So the slobbering pack gathered up at the parking lot of the relatively young Curtis Mill Park, where the big smoke stack used to be, on the blustery, warm late afternoon of Wednesday, July the 6th, 2016 AD for the annual Red, White, and Blue Hash in honor of USA’s birthday.  With the parking lot being rather full again, not just from us, but from some other walking group, we had to jostle around again for spaces. 
Hashers I remember being present at some point: Cousin It, Miss Piss, Deathwish, Magic Carpet Ride, Lost Penis, Two Buck Fuck, Dirty Wet Pussy, Groper, Devil Woman, NecroFeelMeUp, PubeHeAteHer, Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck, Just Beth, Hare Today Cum Tomorrow, WishBoneHer, Just Niles, Just Ben, Kum On Inn, Trail Order Bride, Weird Al, Woody Bunion Butt, Wet Lay, Mary Fucking Poppins, Public Maceration, Asshopper, The International House of Virgins, Bumpy Beaver, Rack Attack, and many, many others. 
Our hare for the day, was as usual for this trail Perfect Woman, with Weird Al getting some of the credit, or blame, for agreeing to host the Apres later on. 
As usual we, chilled out, for lack of a better term, for a little while getting our sweat on and drinking some brews as we waited to go on trail. About 45 past 6, our RA for the day, Wishboneher attempts to get the thing started.  This time our most Notorious visitor and or interruptus, Death Wish, requests, and or demands to be given the sleeve of beer and his wish is granted.  He being one of the few who is capable of drinking the whole sleeve himself while on trail.
Eventually the chalk talk commenced.  We were to keep our eyes out for a check back or two, and as was expected, the red, white, and blue ribbons that were to be collected with a prize awarded to who-ever got the top three.  We were also blessed with the option of a walkers trail so we wouldn’t have to wait all day for the slow pokes. Our RA for the day, Wishboneher, led us in a prayer and then we were soon off in the direction that the arrow was pointing, sort of.
On! On!Trail went up Papermill Rd towards Cleveland Ave with PubeHeAteHer in front as always, snagging most of the ribbons, with Skidmarks snagging a few and trying to keep up while he could.  Trail was found across Cleveland Ave, past that lovely “Welcome to Newark” sign, before it stopped, but was found again going into Newark shopping center via the Pomeroy trail.  Supposedly there was a great deal of ribbons hanging from a sign around here, but either Pube snagged them all or none of us saw them.  Our FRB finds a check back 8 or 9 and back we go the way we came.
On! On!Trail is found going back the opposite direction on the Pomeroy trail and across Cleveland Ave, following the trail all the way towards North College Ave/ Creek Rd with a break in marks here or there.
On! On!The walkers and the runners have split up by this point, with the Eagle going around and down a trail that I don’t remember existing before in the part of White Clay Creek State park behind the dining hall, soon enough cumming back to Creek Rd. Eventually we go up that path where the power lines ride, and up the hill towards New London, until another check back 8 or 9 is found.  WishboneHer and Hare Today search for marks in the shiggy, while Pube assumed it would be found up the path to the ROTC training ground.  But no, its found going back the way we were going before on Creek Rd.
On! On! We run, walk, or stumble down Creek Rd. for a mile or so in the general direction of Pennsylvania. Eventually we come across a Beer Near mark, and there was the notorious Woody off on the side of the road with his new old red Saab waiting for us with the beer.  Apparently it wasn’t talking Woody into delivering the beer this time, because it got him out of a little tiny weenie water crossing.  One by one by two or three sweaty, sweaty hashers arrive for their refreshments.  While Wishboneher tries to be sneaky and grab some ribbons down the road whilst others are distracted.  We enjoy our brews for a few, while some of us puzzle over the car parked next to Woody’s that is missing its front bumper, wondering which local character it must belong to.
On! On!Trail continues further down Creek Rd towards Pennsylvania.  That is until another check back is discovered and its back again the way we came, as the clever Perfect Woman took the opportunity to put down a brand new flour arrow pointing that way.
On! On!Trail bangs a left and into the woods and to the Great, well its actually not that great, White Clay Creek, at the crossing which is known by locals as “The Dam” in reference to the concrete slab that was inserted there decades ago and the drainage control system on the other side. Here the water crossing was not even ankle deep, unless you are Cock A’ Doodle Don’t, but there were a few deep spots that a few hashers like Dirty Wet Pussy and Death Wish decided to cool off in. 
On! On!We get across the creek with no paddles and bang a left following the beaten path all the way back to point A, startling a few dog walkers and bird watchers on the way. Amazingly the pond on the other side of the park is not littered with goose shit. Perhaps those annoying birds decided to go back to Canada because its been too hot here lately.  One, by one, by two or three the hashers make it back to the parking lot. 
Circle is eventually commenced.  Penalties and awards are dished out.  Our hare Perfect Woman along with Weird Al who agreed to take part of the blame do their down downs, then Weird Al is immediately excused so he can get to getting the food ready.  Our RA Wishboneher is given many down-downs for trying to get a head start to grab more ribbons and because it was really hot outside among other things.  Our interruptus, Two Buck Fuck, who hasn’t made it to trail in about a year, and Public Maceration, who only makes it to trail this one time a year, are given their do attention.  As is our nominal visitor for the week Deathwish, who has hared more trails for Hockessin than half the regulars at this club have.  The “Justs” are all given their down downs, as are all the people who hadn’t gotten a down down.
Then proceeded a long unsuccessful attempt to name “Just Beth” who has showed up enough times by this point to get a name. A few ideas were passed around, most inspired by an incident she had at work that involved ... um, um ... never mind, use your imagination.  But no name got enough enthusiasm from the crowd. Thus Just Beth, gets to stay Just Beth for at least another week.  Announcements were made and circle concluded with Woody screwing up his line again and having to ask yours truly what he is supposed to say.  After circle we adjourned for the Apre’s to Weird Al’s abode where we were joined by the auto-hashing Bumpy Beaver and Rack Attack and where Al was busy grilling up burgers and dogs for us.  In addition we were offered some tasty macaroni salad, some fine patriotically decorated cake, and some tasty above par beer, at least for the hash, along with some fine home-made wine that Public Maceration was willing to share with us. We enjoyed our grub sitting at some picnic, as our RA was able to keep the rain away for the evening.
But All and All it was another shitty trail.
Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1144 this cumming Wednesday.On! On!