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Hash Details
Hash Number:1381
What:Hockessin Hash #1381 - Covid 19-41 - Day of Goodwill Hash
When:Dec. 26, 2020
Where:21 Blue Hen Drive, Newark, DE
Butt Weight There's More
The Wetter the Better
What: Hockessin Hash #1381 -- Covid 19-41, Day of Goodwill Hash
When: Saturday, December 26, 2020. Trail will be ready for hashers anytime after 11 AM.
Where: 21 Blue Hen Drive, Newark, DE, 19713 (Parking lot on the right after Eastern Marine)
Who Hare: Asshopper, The Wetter The Better, & Just Lisa
Why: DAY OF GOODWILL HASH -- In South Africa, the day after Christmas Day, 26 December, is designated the Day of Goodwill. It is set aside so that South Africans may continue the spirit of Christmas to all the people in the country. It is a day South Africans will head to the beaches to sensually apply sunblock to each other, get shitfaced, enjoy leisurely long BBQ's, spend time with family and friends and generally just relax, get high and enjoy time off since they all work like dogs. Unfortunately because of Covid none of these fun things will happen this year as the government has closed ALL of the beaches... boohoo....
What Else: Park your car, bundle up, and hash! The standard H4 marks will be used. BN will have beers, mulled wine, South African Springbokkie shooters, X-mas cookies, hand sanitizer and social distancing. PLEASE bring your face mask on trail as you might need it at the BN! Guys, it's gonna rain on Thursday so we expect there will be lots of mud/wet grass so please bring dry shoes if you don't want your toes to freeze off afterwards. THERE WILL BE NO APRES!
Hash Cash: Free.
Friendlies: Dogs are discouraged but may be ok on leash.
D'erections: here.
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