Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1377
What:Hockessin Hash #1377 - Covid 19-37
When:Nov. 28, 2020
Where:18 Salem Village Sq., Newark, DE
Hares:Dirty Wet Pussy
The International House of Virgins
What: Hockessin Hash #1377 -- Covid 19-37
When: Saturday, November 28, 2020, at 2:30pm, pack off promptly. Bring a head lamp or other light, just in case we're out a little past dark.
Where: Hutch’s Pub, 18 Salem Village Square, Newark, DE 19713. Next to Christiana High School.
Who Hare: Dirty Wet Pussy and Mystery Hare
Why: Because we all need more trail these days. You can work off all the turkey and stuffing you had on Thanksgiving. And you can overachieve and pull a double header ... however you define it.
What Else: Weather dependent, there will be a fire pit at DWP’s and, as always, munchies. Pack the standard dry bag, and head lamp. Don’t plan on a difficult trail, and as always bring what’s needed for safe distance between hashers and others that might be out and about.
Hash Cash: Free, you can always BYOB, but there will be something out on trail as a treat for you Wankers.
Friendlies: Should be ok for dogs.
D'erections: From I-95 S, take exit 3 for DE-273 E towards Dover, make a sharp right onto Chapman road, and then a right onto Salem Church Road. Shopping Center will be on right. From I-95 N, take exit 3 for DE-273 Dover and follow previous directions Park, grab your mask, maybe a beer, and hash.
7th Hole
Beulah Ball-Breaker
Bumpy Beaver
Circle Jerk
Dirty Wet Pussy
Do Me On the Beach
Fast Eddie
I can feel 3 inches cumming in my face tonight ... Oh Lord!
Mary Fucking Poppins
Mount Me
Queen Pissayana
Spunk Monkey
The International House of Virgins
Toxic Waste
Triple A-hole
Troma Queen
Two Buck Fuck
Up the Rear
Hash Trash
Blue Hen Hash #5 of 2020 /Hockessin Hash #1377
So the slobbering pack departed between 1:45 and 2:30 pm from the Salem Village shopping strip on the fine post Thanksgiving Saturday afternoon of November 28th, 2020.
Hashers I remember being present at some point included: Two Buck Fuck, Triple A-Hole, Just Brian, Wishboneher, Beulah Ball-Breaker, Queen P, Spunk Monkey, Butthead, Circle Jerk w/Fast Eddie, Do Me on the Beach, Bumpy Beaver, Groper, 7th Hole, Mary Fucking Poppins, PubeHeAteHer, NecroFeelMeUp,Mount Me, Up the Rear, Toxic Waste, Troma Queen, Just Karen, and maybe a few others.
Our Hares of the day were Dirty Wet Pussy and International House of Virgins, who we haven’t seen in these parts often lately.
Our hares left the the chalk talk marks towards the edge of the parking lot. Those that bothered to ask were informed that there would be no one particular beer stop, but to look out for the Turkey mark, where a beverage or two were left to be recovered.
On! On!
A turkey-eagle split was immediately chummed upon. Turkey trail went straight, whilst the eagle went right. At first at least. Trail went through and around the apartments until it appeared to come to an abrupt end at a dumpster. After searching for a while the eagles eventually found trail on the other side of a not impassable water crossing.
On! On!
Trail went in and out of the Dartmouth Woods neighborhood and took us to a drainage where someone had long since grabbed the beer and shots set there. Eventually the eagles caught up to a big pack of Turkeys back out on Salem Church Rd. Trail went left into several neighborhoods including Gender Woods, Marydale Village ,and a few more and also included some woods and a few water crossings, where Groper hash crashed a few times and so did just Brian.
On! On!
Several more beers and shots were recovered along the way into the Salem Village apartments where trail took us around a mighty big drainage where beers were left way out in the middle of it. Thus before going back into the shiggy and out again and back onto Salem Church road where we took a left and went past The Little Sisters of the Poor and the On! In!
One by one by two hashers got back, and some headed to the On After on DWP’s back patio.
Eventually, our long-serving, fair-weather RA Wishboneher opened up circle. Awards and Penalties were dished out. Songs were sung. Down Downs were done. The hares drank a few times. As our first in and last in may not have been present, Pube took the penalty for first and I think Mount Me took the penalty for last. The interruptus drank. The people with birthdays drank. And since who knows when we might have circle again, Just Brian was brought in for his naming.
He admitted to crashing in 3 inches of water and admitted to being a Genesis fan. After some debate, it was decided he would get a really long Blue Hen-style name, styled after the first verse of a well-known Genesis song, which he also performed for us. And so he shall now be known as “I can feel 3 inches cumming in my face tonight ... Oh Lord!” Somebody else can work on an abbreviation for that.
After announcements were made, circle was closed. And some of us stuck around to enjoy a fire pit with a few brews and some fine turkey chili made by Kitchen Bitch.
Damn I’m rusty too. Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1378 this cumming Saturday.
On! On!