Hockessin Hash House Harriers History

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Hash Details
Hash Number:1368
What:Hockessin Hash #1368 - Covid-19-28 - Water World
When:Sept. 26, 2020
Where:190 Baybourne Dr, Arnold, MD
Hares:Spit Bucket
What: Hockessin Hash # 1368 -- Covid-19-28 -- Water World
When: Saturday, September 26, 2020, at 3:00pm HST, prelube starts at 1pm.
Where: 190 Baybourne Dr, Arnold, MD 21012
Who Hare: Spit Bucket
What Else: Like Kevin Costner’s 1995 bomb, this will be a post-apocalyptic hash involving lots of water (i.e., The Chesapeake Bay). While it’s a little bit of a hike for most yous to get to this hash -- it will be a fun day, with drinking, swimming, floating, drinking, hashing, social distancing, and drinking. IF YOU HAVE ANY WATER TOYS (KAYAK, SUP, CANOE, TUBES, ETC), PLEASE BRING!!! We have stuff here as well if you don’t. For Wetter the Better, those silly toys won't be needed. The wearing of Tiki shirts welcomed.
What Else Too: The Prelube/Hash/Apres will all be OUTSIDE AND IN/ON WATER WITH PLENTY OF DISTANCE BETWEEN EVERYONE. So don’t worry your little COVID heads off.
Hash Cash: Bring your own beer. We will provide Tiki drinks. I will have some food, but feel free to bring your own as well.
H4 Circle: Socially-distant circle after the hash. Next Zoom circle/square is 10-17-20.
Friendlies: No. Just no.
D'erections: From the Newark/Pike Creek area, use 95S/895S to 97S. Stay right for MD-100E Gibson Island and take Exit 14A on left. Exit right for MD-10S/MD-2/Severna Park. Turn left onto MD-2. Go 5 mi and turn left onto College Pkwy and then turn left onto Pendragon Way/Peninsula Farm Rd. Go @ 1 mile and you’ll hit a T (or crooked Y if you want to be specific). Driveway is on left. Park, look for markings to the prelube or start, grab your mask for beer stop/moments when getting close to stinky hashers/civilians, and hash.
From Wilmington area (or from the Newark area if you want a more serene drive**), go 95S to Rt 1 S then exit after bridge to 301S. Take Exit 27B for MD-2/Ritchie Hwy, go 3 mi, and turn right onto College Pkwy. Turn left onto Pendragon Way/Peninsula Farm Rd. Go @ 1 mile and you’ll hit a T (or crooked Y if you want to be specific). Driveway is on left. Park, look for markings to the prelube or start, grab your mask for beer stop/moments when getting close to stinky hashers/civilians, and hash.
**If you haven't yet taken the new Rt. 301 south around Middletown, it is a much easier and quicker drive than before.. No toll on the Bay Bridge heading westbound, BTW.
Clark Cunt
Dancing Fool
Pickle Dick
Spit Bucket
Tinsel Tits
Hash Trash
Trash for Hockessin Hash #1368
So the slobbering pack gathered at the Tiki Estate in the beautiful Twin Harbors community, near Severna Park, MD on a damp, cloudy, but warm and mostly rain-free, early autumnal afternoon of Saturday, September 26th, of this most unusual year of 2020 AD.
Hashers brave/stupid enough to make the hour trip, from our usual haunts of northern Delaware, included an eclectic mix of members of the H4 and Dewey hashers such as Groper, Tinsel Tits, Pickle Dick, Clark Kunt, Dancing Fool, Subpoenis, Hornblower, Just Kona, Tiki Tim, and not many, many others. And we had one virgin, Just Kelly.
Our hare and bartender for the day was Spit Bucket. Pre-lubers enjoyed beer and tiki drinks and island tunes at the Tiki Tim's tiki bar on the Magothy River ... as others gathered various types of flotation devices -- as the hare advertised that part of the trail would be on the water.
At HST, our hare began the chalk talk and introduced our virgin. He asked us if we wanted a beer stop or shot stop -- a shot stop it would be. Then he hopped on a kayak and paddled away, saying he'd be back in 45 minutes as he had to lay trail ... so we spent some more time sipping our drinks and chilling by the waterside.
And the hare did return within his ETA. He told us not to expect any falses or checks, but there was a 360 (??? -- probably a new mark the hare made up for a screw up) ... and oh yeah, all the true trail arrows were from his direction -- running the trail backwards and so we'd have all backward arrows on trail (an obvious violation for the hare in circle). Soon enough, we were all, eventually, off.
On! On!
Trail started from the tiki bar, past the house, and onto the loop of Mill Harbor Drive for the only real gratuitous lengthening of the trail ... as we were soon back on Peninsula Farm Road. As the name indicates, we started on a peninsula, so it was easy to guess that we were going back towards the main road, College Parkway.
On! On!
Trail took us through Severn River Middle School's grounds and into the backside of a neighborhood ... and our pack was still in sight of each other. And it was here that the pack split -- there was a backwards arrow suggesting trail in one directions but with marks going in two directions -- our "360". Pickle Dick and Clark Kunt went right on the "360" and Groper, Subpoenis, Hornblower, Just Kona, Just Kelly, and Tinsel Tits going left. And Dancing Fool was doing his Dancing Fool thing, wandering a bit, but always managing to find trail.
On! On!
Those that went left on the 360 took the shorter trail and were now FRBs. We soon lost Tinsel and no others were in sight as we were on a pretty straightforward trail taking us down Mago Vista Road. Hey, look at that, another violation for the hare as one of the arrows was actually oriented forward and not backwards. And hey, it takes us into a park, and there's the SN. The FRBs found the shot stop and poured out Spit Bucket's signature tiki drink -- a Golden Shower -- into the fancy shot glasses.
On! On!
Just Kona, and the rest of the FRBs, waited impatiently for the rest of the pack, as we partook in Golden Showers ... and we could see the rest of pack still on the road ...
On! On!
We shouted several times, to no avail ... as thanks to the extended pre-lube, they were much more focused on using the port-a-potty in the park than finding trail ... and then they started going the wrong way. After Hornblower finally got their attention by running over to them, shots were slammed, and the pack was all together (including Dancing Fool!) and back on trail.
On! On!
Out of the backside of the park we went, onto Mill Creek Road where we encountered the hare and his sidekick, Tiki Tim, who had paddled over and enjoyed some libations at the Point Crab House while waiting for the hash.
On! On!
It was time for the ~200 yard water crossing. Tiki Tim in a kayak towed a couple of tubers, Subpoenis and Hornblower and Just Kona on a paddle board, and the rest in a canoe where Spit Bucket played gondolier, standing up and paddling them back to the community beach at Twin Harbors. Alas, it was probably fortuitous that Wetter the Better did not make it today, as swimming was not advisable with the water having with the occasional 12-inch sea nettle that had cum with the tides into local waters in last week or so.
On! In!
For some, trail was 100 yards on land back to the Tiki Tim's tiki bar, and others, 100 yards by water ... all arriving about the same time.
While we waited for the circle to start, some sipped their beverage of choice while others took Hornblower and Subpoenis' SUP for a spin. After he heard talk of yoga on a SUP, Hornblower decided to show off how stable the board was and his balance by trying to do a tree pose, and promptly fell into the sea nettle-infested waters. And fell again, twice, after getting up on the wrong end of the board. So after this comic relief, it was time for circle.
Religious Adviser, for the day, was appropriated by Spit Bucket (Hornblower volunteered). Circle was actually a safely-distant square on the dock. Spit Bucket decided he wanted to relive his old Jesus/Satan nickname/persona (for his long hair and beard) by standing on water (aka a SUP) while administrating his religious duties.
Circle was opened up with the RA on the water. The hare drank for his backward ass, sea-nettle infested trail. Our lone virgin, Just Kelly, drank. Our visitor, Tiki Tim and Just Kona (i.e., stunt double Hornblower) drank. Subpoenis, Hornblower, and Clark Kunt drank for hashus interruptus. The hare drank for laying backward and forward arrows on trail. First-in (Just Kelly) and DFL (Tinsel) drank. A friend of Tiki Tim's, Just Maria, joined us towards the end of circle, and as she had hashed with White House H3 and did a Red Dress Run many moons ago, she drank. After accusations were over, announcements were made. And then the hash went in peace.
After circle, more drinks were had. And the hare, provided, as promised, some food, including some Dominoes pizza. There was more hanging out while listening to island tunes and there was even a safely-distant yoga session on the dock, in the dark, led by Groper. And a fine time was had. Safely-distant, all outside, I will point out.
Stay tuned for Hockessin Hash #1369, (An Unlucky Double-Lickin') -- Covid 19-29 -- Depression Era Hash.
On! On!